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Sunday, August 27, 2006

Some videos to share...

This 11 year old girl's voice is amazing...

This is so funny.. It's a gameshow and they trying to make the guest participants laugh...

Kungfu Baby Lol

1:36 AM

Had Peer Helper meeting this morning in school... think this will probably be the most interesting lesson for the semester.. lol.. it's quite relaxed and we get a certificate of counselling after we grad somemore.. anyone need counselling?? Hee

Went out with Baby, his mummy and bro after the meeting.. we had lunch then brought his mum to select her birthday (belated) present (Diamond bracelet.. Wah!).. after that his mum said she was interested to watch Snakes on the Plane so we went to buy tix to watch lor.. Scary sia.. really vv scary.. i mean like the snakes appear at the weirdest times and attack the weirdest places... Baby's mummy kept covering her eyes and there were parts where baby had to cover mine too cos he know i sure freak out.. haa..

after which we da bao dinner and ate at his place lor.. then play a little winning eleven then i come home le..

first week of school just pass.. but i feel quite suffocated leh.. the coursework abit xiong.. first week oni got assignment.. then i got dilemna abt my modules somemore.. sigh.. headache.. anyway.. i better get back to my assignment questions ba..

btw.. check out our new wishlist Lol...

12:17 AM

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

school has started for 2 days oredi... first lesson on monday was quite boring.. lol cos i din have to listen.. i was just there to kinda show face.. today had 2 x IS lessons.. very sian man.. i see the course outlines (so many projects..) i wana faint liaoz.. imagine oni 2 modules i feel jialat le.. thurs got 2 more and fri 1 more module.. hopefully they won't be too bad too...

went to watch my super ex-girlfriend with baby today.. it was ok la.. kinda lame comedy but haa.. sill watchable.. wanted to watch click cos heard many pple say it was good but then the timings din fit.. 4 plus show and 9 plus show.. so we switched to my super ex-girlfriend lor..

finally i can get to sleep in tomorrow cos it's my free day.. but then aiyah.. free also no use cos soon i'll have to meet for projects oredi.. =P

K la.. can slp in also cannot slp so late.. hee.. nitey...

1:41 AM

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Happy 6 yrs 1 mth anniversary baby....


11:51 PM

this will be a rather looonnngg post... had a great weekend with baby =)

Ok.. let's start from Friday... mmm.. after work went to baby's house and we had plans for the night but last minute had to have some changes... hmm.. so we din wat we planned but i stayed over his place lor.. played game till abt 3am then woke up next day about 1230pm.. haha... piggies...

Saturday... it's baby's mummy's birthday.. HAPPY BIRTHDAY AUNTIE!! we were out during the late afternoon.. we met this uncle who dropped his contact lens on the pavement by the road and he asked us to help him look for them cos he couldn't see without them.. baby went on his knees to help him look on the pavement.. but couldn't find it and the uncle like v kan cheong cos he cannot see.. so he went and like swept his hands on the pavement to find.. but still cannot.. then he even went to search through the grass.. my baby so kind hor.. I was just walking around trying to find lor cos i wearing skirt... anyway the uncle quite poor thing la.. he was on his way to tan tock seng cos his son fainted a yr ago then become vegetable then everyday he go see his son.. we tried helping him to look for it for about 1/2 hr till his daughter came in a cab then we stopped lor.. hope he can find it la.. but then i think chances are cannot find le.. aft that we went PS 2 town to collect something then we walked down to orchard hoping 2 find the hk mango dessert shop.. Xu Liu Shan but we were disappointed lor.. We had dinner @ Fish & Co @ Wheelock then came home where baby watched his Aston Villa match and i helped dad to reformat his laptop... We slept about 230am ba.. Baby played roller coaster 2 whiles waiting for me.. Haha.. he is HOOKED on it.. now he knows why i like to play it so much.. hehe

Today... i woke up @ 8am to get my hair rebonded.. my sweet sweet sister went all the way to Tampines to get the rebonding cream from her friend.. yes thank you xiaomei.. i will do ur blogskin for u... when i free... =) After i finished which was about 12 plus le.. i ironed the big mountain of clothes.. haha and baby went home to bathe... we then met about 3pm to go and watch a soccer match @ bishan stadium.. not any normal soccer match.. it's a charity match between Sun Hei HK Celebrities and SG Celebrities... Not very crowded... Got erm.. Alan Tham, Eric Tseung and this other comical guy.. Chen Bai Xiang... the rest i dunno who haa.. For SG team got like gurmit singh, christopher lee some other small time celebrities also... the match was v comical la.. alot pple falling down.. missing goals haa.. some play 10 mins cannot make it have to sub another player in.. the end result was 2-2... maybe abit kelong ba.. haa dun let those guests go back empty handed ma.. anyway they prepared 2 cups man.. abit fishy right? pple normally expect oni 1 winner buy they made 2 cups??

baby and i then had dinner @ junction 8.. we planned to have Fodue @ Hagen Daz which we have been talking about since we saw pple eating @ century square... hee.. but then.. the guy working @ junction 8's hagen daz said.. "Sorry, Fondue is sold out."... Awww... so disappointed..
But then... Baby starting wrecking his brains on other branches of HD and we went to Raffles City for it.. Hehe.. It was good... but a little too much after finishing it.. think baby and i will be swearing off chocolate for a long time haa...

After which we went to Marks and Spencer and got a packet of blue cheese and smoked bacon chips.. it's limited edition and cost $6.90 per packet!! But it tastes good.. i tried one piece when my colleague brought it to work to let us try... =)

Wow wat an eventful weekend eh.. A great way to end my holidays i suppose.. school starts tmr le.. sian sia.. think will take quite long to shake off my holiday mood ba.. have to work hard liaoz.. but wat to do.. there's nothing i can do.. so i'll just have to make the best of it =)

alrightly.. better stop now.. getting longer and longer haha... had a great time this weekend baby... *Muaks!*

10:23 PM

Baby and his new half rimmed glasses

10:21 PM

Baby in contacts @ Fish & Co

10:21 PM

I found this pic in my hp which my vain sister took.. Haha...

10:19 PM

That's Alan Tham (in blue) taking a penalty

10:17 PM

The SG and HK Team.. somewhere inside u shld be able to see Alan Tham, Eric Tseung, Christopher Lee, Gurmit and others haa...

10:16 PM

Tix for charity match between HK celebrities & SG celebrities

10:16 PM

Fish & Co Placemat..

10:14 PM

Clam Chowder

10:13 PM

My seafood platter for one.. Wow.. Hehe

10:13 PM

Baby's Spicy Prawn Pasta... [Baby say not very good]

10:12 PM

My Sweetlips Empress... Peanut butter with hazelnut drink.. very good!

10:12 PM

Baby's Jungle Freeze.. Look @ the size of the glass!!

10:11 PM

Our fondue utensils... Got skewer like thingy...

10:10 PM

Baby waiting for our fondue.. All ready with his utensils =)

10:10 PM

Me and my new rebonded hair

10:09 PM

Hagen Daz Fondue.. Yummies!

10:08 PM

Hagen Daz Fondue - The Aftermath

10:08 PM

Baby nv started eating first without waiting for me... $#&@^$^$%$&

10:07 PM

Friday, August 18, 2006

i can't wait for my birthday to arrive... i've already got some hints about what i will be getting and i can't wait to get them.. hee =)

went to watch ant bully with baby on tuesday.. after watching it.. think i wun bully ants le ba haa.. anyway, i dun bully them in the first place.. been hearing from friends that 'click' is very nice.. haven got the chance to go watch it.. baby says next tues ba..

anyways, got lots of programs lined up this weekend.. shall blog them when / if i really do them.. hehe.. it's the last FULL day of work before school starts next week man... i'll be working as and when i can till the end of august then wun work le (cos they dowan me *sob*) No la.. cos the original student helper is back to work lor.. so i gotta go... So fast man.. 4 mths like 4 days like that whiz past haa.. my biggest take-away from the summer is my hk trip with baby le! other than that, all i do is scan scan scan.. haha..

but there might be problems when school starts sia.. i tot since my 5 modules already bid and confirmed i wun have problems... but i heard from somewhere that the prof teaching one of my modules is leaving le.. alamak they better dun cancel that class leh.. v sian one leh.. have to rebid another module and i dun even know wat to take! Sigh..

K la i better go back to work.. last FULL day doesn't mean can slack leh!

11:39 AM

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

was just about to slp and decided to post an entry =)

baby borrowed rollercoaster tycoon II and Sims II from his friends.. Hehe.. I'm having fun with rollercoaster tycoon now.. i luv this kinda games =) Thanks baby!

i'm having this pain in my throat... initially, it would only hurt when i swallowed something... but now it hurts even when i'm not moving.. argh.. feels like an ulcer grew in my throat... =P

sigh.. tmr got work again.. gonna work till end of august.. well, earn as much as i can first ba... =) if not when school starts i'll have no income again le..

nite nite...

12:17 AM

Friday, August 11, 2006

after experiencing the "holiday mood" during our trip to hk, baby and i cannot shake up that kinda feeling.. we've decide to go on a holiday soon.. but of course it's a smaller budget one.. our short term plan is 2 go somewhere near like Phuket and our long term travel plan is to go Taiwan.. =)

I overheard some people talking about some promo by Tiger Airways.. in the midst of the conversation I heard the word Phuket.. so i decided to check it out.. the promo not too bad la.. you buy tix to Phuket and u get free tix 2 Bangkok but of cos they got specified travel period.. 1 nov ~ 30 nov.. but baby cannot take leave during end of the year.. so we can't go lor.. but then the tix are quite cheap leh.. Total comes up to about $150+/ person... even cheaper than jetstar @ $300+/ person..

school's starting in a week's time.. getting a little sian of holidayz.. but i know the moment i start school, i'll be hoping for the holidays to come as soon as possible.. how ironic.. haa..

sigh.. ok la.. back to work.. (although a bit no mood.. after all it's friday) Hee...

2:57 PM

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Baby cooked macaroni cheese for me awhile ago =) Nice eh??

11:28 PM

The bdae present baby, me, daddy, mummy and xiaodi shared for her [o.d.m watch]

11:00 PM

Xiaomei's birthday cake [7th Aug]

11:00 PM

Ben & Jerry's

10:59 PM

B&J's Merlionster [6 scoops of ice cream with all sorts of toppings]

10:59 PM

My burger [can't remember the name]

10:58 PM

Baby munching on his Santa Fe Chicken burger

10:57 PM

Carl's Junior

10:56 PM

poor baby fell sick on sunday... had pains in his tummy for the whole day and it got worse... in the end i forced him to see a doc and he was diagnosed with gastrics... baby ar... EAT your meals on time!!

the first half of the day was fun though.. it was a day of.. gaining weight hehe... baby and i had carls junior for lunch, then we headed over to the cathay for B&J ice cream... we relaxed and waited there for about an hr for pf... after which we went to watch tokyo drift... it was not too bad la... and thanks to pf, we managed to get back $9.50 [because during sundays in the month of august, the third tix is supp to be free but they didn't tell us] =)

after which we walked around a little and had dinner @ billy bombers... baby and i were kinda exploding with carls jr and b&j so we ate a little less than we normally did.. haa.. club sandwich, fries, potato salad and vanilla ice cream shake with bailey's... Yummy...

we walked a little while after that and baby's tummy started to get really painful so we decided to leave first to see the doc... poor baby... better take care ar!

10:45 PM

helloz... welcome to my new blog.. =)

decided to gave my blog a new lease of life and so here it is =)

10:42 PM