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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Baby met with an accident on Monday midnight..

He's resting @ home now with 10 days of hospitalization leave (for now). After seeing the bone specialist, his leave will be extended and he has to go for physio.

He fractured his right collarbone and has cuts and bruises all over his hands and legs.. Sigh.. Poor baby..

Going through a rough patch, but I'm just glad that he's ok now.

We'll go through this together... Jiayou! =)

11:57 PM

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Me and baby...

1:37 PM

Punishment for losing Indian Poker.. Lol

1:35 PM

@ Kbox

1:34 PM

Me and baby with a kpoh emu and kangeroos as our background

1:32 PM

Me and Baby with a green elephant.. =P

1:29 PM

See properly hor.. I am holding the monkey's HAND, not anything else!

1:28 PM

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 monkeys...

1:25 PM

Beautiful scenery...

1:24 PM

Feeding time - 11am, Food - Baby!

1:22 PM

I'm part of the jaguar's diet.. Ahhhh...

1:10 PM

Baby's favourite brand - Puma
I always tot the Puma logo was of a cheetah / leopard..
It's actually a mountain lion!

1:02 PM

Wahaha... Baby is SHORT...

1:01 PM

Monday, October 22, 2007

Alamakz.. Polar bear not looking...

Oki.. I gtg sleep liaoz.. Mr Lin say too late le.. =P Shall continue tmr =)

12:13 AM

@ ze zoo... =)

12:08 AM

Birthday ang pow..

12:07 AM

Braun Buffel Wallet...

12:05 AM

Royce Chocolates from Nivel..

12:04 AM

The 2 pigs...

12:03 AM

The 2 bulls...

12:02 AM

The two rabbits...

12:01 AM

Sunday, October 21, 2007

The ONLY dragon....

11:55 PM

Me and Baby...

11:50 PM

The 3 couples.. =)

11:48 PM

Xiaomei and Gloria..

11:47 PM

Xiaomei and Xiaodi...

11:45 PM

Mummy and Daddy...

11:44 PM

Family Picture.. =)

11:42 PM

Will my wishes come true?

11:40 PM

Birthday cake...

11:36 PM

Family Picture... =)

11:27 PM

Daddy and Mummy.. =)

11:26 PM

Nelson, Nivel, Devin and Baby...

11:24 PM

Me, Gloria and Xiaomei...

11:19 PM

Chocolate Fondue.. Yummyz...

11:17 PM

Cheese Fondue.. Very wine-y.. =P

11:16 PM

Zurich Chicken with Rosti.. Also yummy..

11:14 PM

Mushroom Pasta with Seafood.. Yummy *slurpz*

11:13 PM

Me and baby...

11:11 PM

Me and Baby..

11:09 PM

The four of us again...

11:08 PM

Jennifer, Crystal, Me and Baby...

11:04 PM

Me and Baby @ Pasta Cafe...

10:59 PM

Friday, October 19, 2007

Oki.. I finally managed to finish some stuff from my loooonnngggg list of to-dos..

(1) Comms in China - Individual Assignment
(2) Comms in China - Project 1
(3) Comms in China - Newswatch
(4) Gene Cell - Research and report
(5) Mark CAT Assignments - halfway done
(6) Upload PMSB lab scores
(7) Lit and Tech - Individual Assignment - Haven started
(8) Lit and Tech Research - Halfway done
(9) Tourism Research and report -Haven started
(10) Hurry complete comm service hours by end of the month - Argh no time
(11) Apply jobs - Have to find some time somehow

But then.. after striking out some.. there are more to add on to the list.. =P Nvm.. 4 more weeks oni.. Jiayou dione..

Oki.. enough said abt school work.. Hee.. Shall talk abt my birthday celebration for this year.. It was short.. But sweet.. =)

Met up with Crystal and Jennifer on Sunday afternoon and had some food @ Taka's Pasta Cafe. After which, we went to look for Bryan's birthday gift and thereafter, my gift! Hee.. I took a looonngg time to choose.. From Taka, to Braun Buffel @ Meritus Mandarin, back to Taka, then to Paragon Metro.. Finally decided on the wallet that I wanted! Poor Crystal and Jennifer had to walk round and round with me.. =P Thanks for the present baby, crystal and jennifer! =)

Had dinner @ Swiss Culture Restaurant on Sunday night. The people present were Baby, Dad, Mum, Bro, Sis, Nelson, Gloria and Nivel (Gloria's bf). We had a feast man.. I ordered baked mushroom pasta with seafood and baby ordered zurich chicken with rosti. In addition, we had cheese fondue and chocolate fondue as well to share. The cheese fondue was a little different from what I expected.. Instead of having a cheesy taste, it was thick and had a heavy wine taste. Not really to my liking.. Maybe it's high class kinda chesse. =P The rest was superb though.. The restaurant even gave us 2 free chocolate fondues lol.. We were so full that we decided to cut my birthday cake @ home instead of @ the restaurant. Nivel gave me a box of Chocolate Macadamias from Royce for my present (Thanks!) and I received an ang pow from the rest of the family.. Thanks! We headed home for monopoly and cake-cutting before everyone retired for the day..

Went to the zoo and night safari on Monday (my actual day).. Woke up about 930 to go buy some ingredients to make potato salad and sandwiches.. Din expect the potatoes to take so long to peel.. =P So was a little late.. Baby came over then we had curry rice @ the famous scissors something curry rice nearby.. Then we rode over to Mandai Zoo.. The weather was looking a little dangerous on our way there.. There were dark clouds and it was starting to drizzle a little.. We arrived at about 12pm, bought our park hopping tickets and started our adventure in the zoo! BUT THEN.. shit.. something was wrong with the SD card and the camera keep detecting a error which means we did not have enough memory to take lots of pictures!!! So I deleted all the songs in my hp (thank goodness for the 2gb card in my N73ME and thank goodness my phone was fully charged) and started to take pictures.. I was like an excited kid running about in the zoo la.. Lol.. But it was really fun leh.. It's like, when will u ever think of visiting the zoo at my age?!?! Haha.. Although it started raining cats and dogs around 2pm, it didn't dampen our moods.. We enjoyed the Royce chocolates while waiting for the rain to subside then continued on our journey.. Some parts of the zoo was in the midst of renovation so we din get to see all of the animals but we managed to finish the entire zoo just on time @ 630 when it closes and walk over to night safari whereby we ate our sandwiches and ben and jerry milk shakes for dinner.. it was the first time we visited the night safari and we first took a 45 min tram ride around the safari where we could not access by foot.. Wow.. there were like small deers not kept in enclosures in certain areas and they were just walking next to the train lor.. The creatures of the night show was ok oni la.. Not much animals starred in the show.. We started to walk around the area to see other animals after the show.. There were some areas where we couldn't find the animals lor.. Maybe cos it was after the rain and they were in hiding or something.. =P We finished walking @ around 1030pm and headed back to the bike.. where we put on our wet helmets (cos of the rain) and headed home.. We had a round of tau huay before ending the day.. This year's birthday was not very 'grand' in a sense but i think it is one of the best that i had because i got to spend it with my family and a whole day with baby having fun looking @ animals which is not something we do everyday. Thanks for the wonderful day baby. And also thanks to the cute and not so cute animals that made my day. My most important lesson of the day was: White tigers are not albinos.. =P Hehe..

After finishing 2 chinese presentations and handing up my chinese individual report today, I went for a ktv session with baby, gloria, nivel, xiaomei and nelson from 8pm - 11pm.. It was a relaxing session for me, after these few days of mad rush for projects.. =)

Got Credit Suisse aptitude test next tues, MAS final interview next wed, Barclays telephone interview next thurs (it was delayed cos the slot i booked was already taken up) and SIA final interview next Friday.. Seems like everything is going pretty ok now.. Getting shortlisted for first rounds and stuff but I worry that it's 一场欢喜,一场空。After spending so much effort doing tests and interviewing.. I might not end up getting offered a job.. =P I doubt I will be able to confirm a job before the end of the year, anywayz, most banks' selection process starts on Nov.. So.. Shall just wait and see..

Got capitaland vouchers for my birthday present from the SMU gang today.. Thanks to sunshine, meiyun, robin (in korea), mabel, yugui (in xiamen), ellena, mark, lynette and vivian for the present! Will save them up and add together with my ang pow to save for my new mp3 player.. =)

Oki I better get to sleep le.. Tmr gotta wake up early to do stuffs.. Nitey all!

12:25 AM

Monday, October 15, 2007

Me, Crystal and Nancy outside Schenker...

12:52 AM

Nancy, Me and Janet...

12:51 AM

Me and Janet...

12:49 AM

Me and Nancy...

12:48 AM

Nancy, Janet and me (Where? In the mirror reflection lor!)

12:46 AM

Yoke, Me (Purposely hide behind so face is small.. Haha..) and Tay...

12:43 AM

Me, Yoke and Tay...

12:42 AM

Wah.. Go field trip also get to eat lunch @ sucha posh place.. =P

12:36 AM