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Sunday, January 27, 2008

Just wana do some last min blogging before I go to bed.. *yawns* After I started work, been getting sleepy earlier and earlier.. No longer the night owl I used to be.. =P

Anywayz, updates on past week.. Ermz.. Nothing much I suppose.. Been assigned some work to do oredi.. And i've got a presentation to make after CNY on interchange fees.. Lol.. Dunno wat it means? It's ok, I also din know until I was given the presentation to do.. =P

Went for high tea @ Raffles Hotel on Friday.. It was a department outing.. Was kinda disappointed in the food they have over there.. The spread was little and the food wasn't so good.. Heard it was 40+ per pax.. I think it was expensive because of the ambience and the harpist.. Lol.. The harpist was really good.. Haha.. I only had one round of food and stopped.. Nothing that could whet my appetite for more.. =P

Baby and I went to HDB Hub @ Toa Payoh on Saturday to look @ the mock up flats cos we were interested in balloting for a flat.. We were looking @ Queenstown and Bedok but in the end we chose Bedok cos it's in the same estate as his parents, thus we will get double the chance.. There are about 190+ flats up for balloting.. And already 1800+ applicants.. *faintz* Hope we can get the ballot.. Although I heard that balloting for a flat can take up to a yr or two.. I hope baby and I has got the beginner's luck.. =) *cross fingers* We headed to AMK Hub after that to watch 'The Mist'.. The only comment I have for this movie is very 'zek ak' (not sure how to say in english but seems something like so mean/cruel).. If u have watched the movie, I think u probably will understand what I mean.. The ending was so... bad.. *tsk tsk* It was like.. aiyoh.. I dunno how to say.. I only know I keep telling baby even today that the movie is so 'zek ak', can't believe they had such an ending.. =P

Baby stayed over last night.. After we woke up today, we headed back to his place for a 'big sweep cupboard' aka 大扫除.. Cleared his room thoroughly, threw away all the unnecessary stuff and kept everything properly.. We also gave Fab BB (Baby's beloved bike) a good wash before collapsing on the bed in the evening to watch X-Men II on TV..

It's back to work tmr.. But CNY is coming nearer and nearer.. =) It's bro's bdae coming sunday.. Still waiting for him to tell me what he wans for his bdae.. =P

Ok.. 1130 oredi.. Time to go to bed.. Nitey everyone, will post pictures when I find the time to upload them... Lol..

11:15 PM

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

U-hoo... Hehe.. So happy.. I got a new phone!!! =)

Samsung U700.. Baby got the same phone too.. His is silver whiles mine is black.. We went to g-mask the phones to protect them too.. =)

Nothing much happened past week, spent the whole of Saturday cleaning up the house and ironing my clothes.. Went to visit grandma on Sunday.. Had porridge @ Chinatown and we (Gloria, Denise and me) shared money to get a phone for grandpa cos his phone (the very laopok one) spoil oredi and we cannot get him on the phone..

Hmm.. I suppose that's all ba.. Going to play with my phone.. Wahahaha...

10:00 PM

Friday, January 18, 2008

Funny faces..

11:14 PM

The girls...

11:13 PM

Baby and Mummy...

11:10 PM

Mummy, Daddy, Me, Xiaomei, Xiaodi..

10:46 PM

Daddy, Mummy and Xiaodi..

10:45 PM

2 monkey faces..
Don't they look alike?? Lol..

10:43 PM

Mummy's birthday cake..

10:41 PM

Look! Only 259 Baht for the giant earthquake!!!
That's like 12 bucks only!
No tax somemore!

10:40 PM

Oops.. Forgot about our earthquake.. Yummy..
Can't remember wat flavours we ate but all were not available in SG..

10:39 PM

End of our trip..
On the way back to SG...

10:37 PM

Wah piang.. Sit already I still must pay him lor..
Baby: "100 Baht, 100 Baht"

10:35 PM

The 3 of us are lucky to be his first customers...

10:34 PM

Baby changed job le..
He's now a tuk-tuk driver.. Lol..

10:31 PM

@ BKK Airport..
*Sobz* Leaving liaoz..

10:30 PM

Last day in BKK..
Baby waves bye bye..

10:26 PM

I found someone that's bigger sized than me!
Breasts so big somemore.. Lol..

10:23 PM

Baby kenna scared by the fat lady...

10:15 PM

Baby copy me.. Take picture with Penguin..
Fair and square.. Haha..

10:13 PM

I took picture with Penguin...

10:10 PM

So I copy cat, went into the aquarium too.. Lol..

10:08 PM

Baby in the aquarium..

10:07 PM

Sharking Feeding Time...

10:01 PM

These are jellyfishes.. So pretty right? Hee..

9:59 PM

It's a dustbin @ Ocean World.. So farni...

9:57 PM

Baby tried to save me.. But, but..
Ahh.. He got eaten up by the shark too..
So we managed to meet in the shark's tummy.. Lol..

9:53 PM

Help.. A shark ate me...

9:45 PM

Baby kenna kissed by giant sea turtle...

9:38 PM

@ Ocean World..

9:33 PM

Preparing for our glass bowl tour...

9:29 PM

Big, big crab...

9:26 PM

That thing nicer to hug as compared to me meh??

9:23 PM

@ Novotel Bangkok

9:19 PM

So many, many things...

9:15 PM

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Ok.. Gotta stop posting again cos gonna sleep liaoz.. *yawnz* When will I ever finish posting???

Anywayz, met up with Nancy today cos she wanted to buy this G2000 shirt tt din have her size @ Bugis.. We went to the branch @ OUB Center, Raffles City Shopping Center, Marina Square, Suntec and ended up back @ Bugis again.. =P She finally bought one that's one size smaller than what she wears but I think she looks ok in it.. Just fitting... Lol..

Oki.. nitez everyone.. Baby, if u are reading this.. SLEEP EARLY!!! *muaks*

11:42 PM

Swimming in the sea of great buys!!

11:39 PM

Boby and Baobao has a gift too! =)

11:36 PM

I adopted little piglet back from BKK..

11:34 PM

Graduation girl.. Just like me.. Hee..
Sitting on my office table now.. =)

11:29 PM

My cutie furry pouch..
Using it for my Zen now.. =)

11:22 PM

I'm gonna pick out some interesting stuff we bot.. Hee..
Baby's T-Shirt.. So wacky.. =P

11:12 PM

Look at the amount of stuff we bought! Lol..
Even baby is shocked.. =P

11:05 PM

Cakes we had @ Secret Recipie Bangkok..
Nice.. =)

11:02 PM

Crabie Crabie Crabie... Yummy...

11:00 PM

Out seafood dinner..
Tom Yum Soup, Fried Chicken with Cashews, Fried Rice and Seafood Platter...

10:57 PM

Whiles I had a finger to lean on.. Hehe..
Baby is always there when I need someone to lean on.. =)

10:55 PM

He got pinched too...

10:53 PM

Whiles waiting for our seafood dinner, baby got poked...

10:46 PM

Just trying some function in our camera.. Haha..
Obviously bored on the cab.. =P
On our way to Patpong...

10:45 PM

A caricature of both of us done @ Chatuchak..
How how? Look alike ma?

10:40 PM

Taking pictures in our hotel room.. Hee..

10:36 PM

It's a minature schnauzer I'm carrying..
There are sooo many puppies @ Chatuchak..
Soooo cute...!!!

10:34 PM