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Monday, December 31, 2007

Happy New Year everyone!!

May the year 2008 bring everything good to you! =)

Heading out soon.. In 5 mins.. 2 more days to BBK trip! *whee

Gonna watch movies, have dinner then watch midnight.. Hopefully can squeeze abit of time to buy some stuff for our BBK trip..


2:00 PM

Friday, December 28, 2007

It's my first day of work today... Ermz.. Quite slack la.. Lol.. First half of the morning was setting up my account and email stuff.. Second half of the day was trying to do some readings.. Got 8 manuals to read on Singapore's financial industry.. *faintz* Quite qim.. Abit difficult to comprehend.. =P But no worries! I'll work had! =) Working only half day for Monday.. Getting off work @ 1pm.. *whee*

Now @ home and baby is playing Monopoly with Xiaodi.. Later he wana watch soccer match replay.. Going to watch tv.. =)

9:08 PM

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Ta-da!! My new camera..
Fujifilm F100d Hot Pink Camera!!
Comes with 2x 2GB SD card, a card reader, the pink camera pouch, a mini tripod, an extra battery and a card reader..
I love christmas!!!
I love baby more.. Hee.. =) Muaks muaks!

1:17 AM

The Fossil watch I got for baby..
Merry Christmas Baby!!

1:15 AM

Body wash and Body lotion for Baby from Jennifer..
Yupz, it's the same as wat Nelson gave me, just diff scents..
Wat a coincidence.. Hee.. We're bringing them to BBK..

1:12 AM

Piggie cushion from Crystal to Baby.. Kawaii..

1:11 AM

Red HP Pouch from Baby's bro..
Coincidentally, it matches wat Janet gave me.. Hee..

1:08 AM

Red piggie HP accessory from Janet..

1:06 AM

From Nelson.. Shower Foam and Body Lotion..

1:05 AM

The player.. So nice.. Love it to bits.. =)

1:02 AM

My new mp3 player.. Hee..

1:00 AM

Couple cups from Nancy..
Thanks babe!
We're using them @ Baby's house now.. =)

12:58 AM

Baby's Belgian chocolates from Mummy..
His favourite.. Hee..

12:57 AM

My new watch.. =)

12:54 AM

In the cinema.. Too dark to see those further away..
But if u look closer.. U can see someone posing..
Lol that's Gloria with a peace hand sign..

12:52 AM

The 2 vain-pots in their dresses.. Lol..
Xiaomei and Gloria..

12:50 AM

Me, Baby & Bro..

12:49 AM

Log cake.. *Yummy..

12:40 AM

Exchanging presents...

12:34 AM

Garlic bread and turkey (already de-boned =P)

12:27 AM

Presents, presents and more presents...
(The one on the top left was given to me..) =)

12:18 AM

Food... Hee.. That big bowl of thing is the fruit salad..
Enuff to feed like 50 people la!

12:16 AM

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Pizza and ham...

11:57 PM

Me and baby...

11:54 PM

I love Christmas! I love Baby more.. =)

This is how we spent our Christmas Eve..

Baby came over at about 5pm after he had his presents exchange with his colleagues @ work.. He said he wanted to go out for a while @ Marina Square to walk walk.. So I said ok.. Then I tot since I bought him a Fossil watch for Christmas and the watch strap hasn't been adjusted to his wrist, I should give him the present first so that we can go to Suntec to adjust the watch strap.. Baby was so surprised when he opened it up.. It was the watch he had been eyeing since dunno when.. Haha..

We arrived @ Marina Square and baby immediately brought me to Creative to buy the mp3 I've been wanting.. Zen! Hehe.. He went in and just told the lady he wants to get the player then ask me to choose what size I want.. I decided to buy 2GB one cos i think 4GB is a little too big la.. Imagine 2000 songs.. Lol.. Since I'm not gonna watch video on it, I think 2GB is more practical.. Hehe.. Then I told baby abt the $100 voucher that was given to me.. So we headed to City Chain to look @ the watches.. Baby helped me choose a sovil titus watch to mark the beginning of my career.. It exceeded the voucher's $100 so baby paid the rest for me.. =) Then we headed to Fossil @ Suntec to adjust baby's watch strap.. I was already a very happy girl then.. I wasn't expecting any presents but I got my most-wanted mp3 player and a new watch.. Hee.. But I was in for a bigger surprise..

When we reached home, we ordered Canadian pizza (which arrived only @ 845pm, 1.5 hrs after we ordered) then baby told me to look for another surprise.. Somehow or rather, he managed to hide another present in my house.. I searched for like 15 mins before I finally found it.. In my storeroom.. The moment I saw it I was jumping up and down (my bro tot I was mad).. It was the camera I wanted and in PINK! *whee* I love baby so much.. He has always made me a very lucky and happy girl but the surprise he had for me this Christmas was way more than what I had for him.. Thanks baby! I love you so so much.. And I love the presents too!! *muaks*

After fiddling a little with the camera and taking a few candid shots of everyone in the house, we started our dinner.. We had pizza, honey baked/black pepper ham, turkey, fruit salad, garlic bread, log cake and lots of sparkling drinks and coke.. So full man.. Haha.. After eating we exchanged presents.. This is a little complicating so I'll just write what each of us received..

Me - Body Shop Body lotion and wash (From Nelson)
Baby - Belgian Praline Chocolates (From Mummy)
Daddy - Belt (From Nivel)
Mummy - Pearl earrings and pendant (From Baby)
Xiaomei - Dress (From Gloria)
Xiaodi - Gummy sweets in a tin (From Gail)
Nelson - Shirt (From Glenn)
Aunty Jessie - Perfume (From me)
Gloria - Bag (From Aunty Jessie)
Glenn - Chocolates (From Gladys)
Gail - Pen set (From Xiaodi)
Nivel - Adidas cap (From Xiaomei)
Gladys - Soft toy and water bottle (From Daddy)

Everyone was happy with wat they got! *hee* We should do it again next yr!

At around 1015, we headed out for our midnight movie @ Cineleisure.. Orchard Road was freaking crowded.. There were also alot of irritating chaps spraying ribbons and fake snow on everyone on the streets.. WTH.. Lucky they never kenna me.. *grumbles* Alvin the chipmunks was a pretty good show.. The chipmunks were sooo cute.. Especially Theodore..

We finished the movie @ abt 115am then headed home on the MRT.. Slept @ about 3+ then woke up @ 12pm.. Haha.. Had lunch then headed to baby's place.. We did a thorough spring cleaning of his room.. Then I started to play with my new toys.. Hehe.. Sent baby's bro to Pasir Ris cos he booking in today then headed back home again..

I so so so love Christmas.. Gonna upload some pics then play with my new toys liao.. Hehe..

Merry Christmas everyone!!! =)

11:27 PM

Monday, December 24, 2007

Me and Baby @ some HK cafe in Bugis Junction...

12:13 PM

Me and Nancy..
With the Christmas present me and Baby bought for her..

12:12 PM

Me and Woei Lin...

12:11 PM

Me, Woei Lin and Nancy with our manager..
The one that's gonna be on leave till the 10th Jan!

12:10 PM

Woei Lin, Me and Nancy @ the office..

12:08 PM

This is the phone I like!!
It belongs to Veron (the lady on the right)
She says it's really nice to use!
(although the shake action to change to next track abit weird..)
I want too!!!

12:07 PM

Hohoho... It's X'mas Eve! Hee.. So excited to exchange presents.. Haha.. Even though we oni set value @ $10 but it's not the present itself but the exchanging itself that's making me excited.. In addition, I've got a surprise for Baby.. I know he wun be able to see this blog post before I surprise him.. Hehe.. So it's ok for me to post.. I bought him an X'mas present without him knowing.. Wahahaha.. Someone (Thanks!!!!!) also gave me a $100 voucher for City Chain.. Can get a new watch before I start work.. Hehe..

This week will really be my last week @ Shang le.. So sad.. =( Last week @ Shang was pretty relaxing.. There were not many functions so we managed to clear quite abit of stuff.. Heard that Nancy and Woei Lin worked like mad the previous Saturday till 430am and could not clear all the stuff still.. Sorry babes.. Couldn't help that day.. In any case, now that bookings deadline has been changed and brought forward, it's gonna be less taxing for those working on Saturdays and Sundays.. In addtion, casuals can only call to check bookings from 9am - 7pm from now on.. I'm sure there will be some jokers who will still call after 7pm but it should be kept to the minimal ba..

Will be starting work on the 28th instead of the 27th.. Dunno why, just that they ask me to start one day later.. Haha..

Taxi fares are freaking expensive now.. Now when we wanna take cab have to think twice.. Crazy taxi companies.. One taxi uncle was telling me, instead of increasing taxi fares, should reduce their taxi rent wat.. Increasing taxi fares is suppose to increase their earnings but so expensive, who want to take taxis now?? In the end they suffer too.. We suffer too.. =

Oki.. Going to post some pictures.. Then go Bugis to get some stuff and prepare for tonight's party.. Hehe.. Going to watch midnight too.. 8 of us in total.. Hehe.. So looking forward to the party.. =)

One thing I've learnt this week.. "What goes around, comes around"

11:53 AM

Monday, December 17, 2007

christmas is coming! tis the season to be jolly.. hee.. for me to be jolly.. i need to receive Christmas presents!!! Wahaha.. There are so many things that i wana buy manz.. Lol..
  1. Buy all the things I wan in BBK
  2. Fujifilm F100d Camera
  3. Creative Zen (Been wanting it since before it even came out.. So nice..)
  4. Sony Ericsson W910i (Red one)
  5. New laptop.. (Mac?)
  6. More office wear
  7. New couple ring (Ours abit worn out..)

Baby has his own Christmas list too..

  1. Helmet.. (Shark?)
  2. Riding jacket
  3. Raincoat for riding
  4. Modify his bike and stuff (Seat cover, wheels...)
  5. Handphone (Nokia 65oo Slide? N81 8GB?)
  6. Fossil Watch
  7. Sneakers
  8. Nice slippers
Wow.. so many things to buy.. So little money.. Haha.. Well.. One at a time.. =)

We will be having a Christmas party on the eve.. Baby, me, Dad, Mum, Sis, Nelson, Bro, Gloria, Nivel, Glenn, Gladys, Gail and Aunty Jessie.. We just picked names for our X'mas gift exchange too.. Haha.. I picked on behalf on baby and the 2 persons that I picked are pretty difficult to buy for one.. =P But it's gonna be fun.. Getting a number of X'mas presents for others too.. =)

I got reject by Barclays.. *Boo Hoo* Hmm.. but it's ok la.. I still have MAS.. =) Speaking of which, I'll will be starting work on the 27th Dec instead of the 8th Jan cos of some complications with my pay increment cos if I start on 8th, I won't have working for the full year for 2008.. Cos of 8 days, miss out on my increment and bonus abit dumb so i'm starting work earlier but will still be on leave to go for my BBK trip.. =)

Kinda sad to leave Shang, though it's a messed up place there now, but I've had fun working there.. Although there are nice and not-so-nice people but it's all part and parcel of working la.. Everywhere also got a mixture of people u like and don't like.. But I'll be missing the nice people and the fun times definitely.. =)

Oki.. I'm gonna check some email and surf around before I go to bed.. Going for my medical checkup for MAS tmr.. After which, gotta come home to clear my pile of un-ironed clothes.. Dad is nagging about the mountain that's piling up liaoz.. =P

12:08 AM

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

My new hp accessory!
Flying piggie from baby..
So 可爱!
Love it to bits..
Thanks baby!

12:05 AM

New odm watch.. Thanks daddy!

12:04 AM

Me and Baby @ Vivo City with pretty Christmas Tree behind us..

12:02 AM

Me and Baby...

12:00 AM

Monday, December 10, 2007

Jay Chou is in the house!
Lol.. Boby Lin.. =P
Will look more like him if he had 双节棍 with him.. Haha..

11:58 PM

Look @ Baobao.. So Kawaii...
But he started acting a little weird after wearing this top..
So now it's on Boby..

11:56 PM

Look the the stack of newspapers @ OCC!
I was totally shocked!
Had to clear newspapers for the whole of November..

11:53 PM

Devilish Boby...

11:52 PM

u-hoo everyone.. seems like the oni day i'm free to blog these days is on a monday.. =P

as usual, been working and enjoying quality time with baby.. he'll be going back to work on Wed liao.. even tho' his hospitalization leave is till 11 Jan.. cos alot of work has been piling up and there are some changes to team members and stuff so he wants to go back and help out as much as he can.. especially since it's the yr end closing period..

woei lin started her first day in the office yesterday.. i must say i was quite impressed with the way she handled stuff.. even though i din manage to teach her even half of what there was to learn, she was pretty steady.. it was very, very busy yesterday with so much stuff and oni me and her in the night.. there were alot of staffs because there were 3 dinners running concurrently.. I was up to neck with work and woei lin was also swamped with things to do.. i was pretty disappointed with how some pple acted yesterday.. staffs getting impatient and kept asking us for stuff i can understand, they do not know how it is to work in the office, wat disappointed me was even pple who should understand the difficulties we face in the office was giving attitudes and making irresponsible comments.. true enough, we are not perfect, probably forget to do something somehow or another but i still feel that they could have reacted better, especially since woei lin was on her first day of work.. *shrugs* I guess some pple just cannot be understanding ba..

went for barcap's assessment center on saturday.. there were about 35 candidates.. only 2 singaporeans (me and another fellow SMU - geraldine), only 4 girls and only 4 SMU students.. the majority were graduates from India studying in NTU or NUS.. I was grouped with 3 Indians, 1 Nigerian and another China candidate during group activity.. The 3 Indian candidates were really very VOCAL.. abit over manz.. so I dun have a very good feeling abt the group activities cos I'm not that kinda person to shout.. but the interviews went quite well, at least i felt it went quite well.. heard from stella the pay for IT graduate last yr.. the number was freaking high.. i got a shock myself manz.. well.. gotta wait 7 days for the answer and it's very competitive, so i can only cross my fingers and wait.. =)

think sunshine is in japan enjoying her grad trip now.. robin is coming back from korea in 3 day's time.. mark and ellena are in phuket enjoying now.. yugui is still in china enjoying herself.. last i heard, meiyun was giving out plastic bags @ SMU's Weekend Fair.. haha.. we have to meet up one day manz... when we have everyone around.. =)

ok.. gonna stop here liaoz.. some random pictures.. =)

10:50 PM

Monday, December 03, 2007

it's been a week! really no time to update.. =P so tired and sleepy almost everyday..

the work at shang is getting heavier.. because the number of clerks truly working is pathetic.. it's not like last time anymore already.. only one more month for me..

baby went to see the doc last thursday.. he was given an mc of another 5 weeks till 11th jan!! *gasp* we were expecting probably till maybe mid-dec only.. but baby can remove his sling next week already and he'll be going back to work to take over from his asst manager who is leaving and also try to help out around the office because work is piling up liaoz..

dad bought an o.d.m. watch for me from genting.. =) going barclays assessment center this saturday.. hmm.. nothing much besides this le i suppose.. life is is boring now.. just can't wait for my bangkok trip!!

ok.. going off to bed pretty soon.. sleepy.. got work @ OCC tmr.. nitez..

11:46 PM