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Saturday, May 26, 2007

Me and Baby with our new glasses...

12:13 AM

The side of Baby's Levis glasses.. So cool!

12:10 AM

New glasses!
Do I look more 斯文?

12:08 AM

Baby and his new glasses...

12:06 AM

Was packing Baby's cupboard and saw his portfolio..
Wah.. Outstanding conduct and performance in NS leh.. Lol..
Got testimonial from his superior somemore.. Lol..
So 了不起! Muaks!

12:01 AM

Friday, May 25, 2007

Alfred, Vivian, Stella, Me, Shirley, Karway and Duke

11:58 PM

Shirley and Karway...

11:56 PM

Stella, Me and Vivian...

11:55 PM

Took this while I was in the SIS instructors' office..
I wana reach Kicking Ass Threshold.. You?

11:53 PM

Grabbed this from Crystal's friendster..
Baby and Crystal's bdae celebration last month..

11:53 PM

Grabbed this from Crystal's friendster..
Baby and Crystal's bdae celebration last month..

11:50 PM

Yippee! Finally got our new glasses today.. I finally can see clearly (I couldn't see too well with my old glasses).. I love Baby's new frames.. So nice leh.. Hee..

Met up with dear Shirley yesterday (She's finally back from Pittsburg!) and also a mini mini celebration for Stella's birthday.. We had steamboat @ Bugis..

Ok.. dun feel like typing too much today.. =P Shall post some pictures...

11:31 PM

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

I went on an excursion today! Lol.. To Qian Hu Fish Farm.. That's at like Chua Chu Kang I think.. Was there for a KM excursion to look at the KM practices that their owner, Kenny Yap implemented. He gave a 15 mins talk, we had a 10 mind Q&A then he had to rush off for something else. He was wearing this shirt with the Qian Hu logo at his left pocket and this tie with the words Qian Hu in Chinese and a gold fish.. :P

Anywayz, the most interesting part of the excursion is looking @ the fishes.. Took some interesting pics.. Hee..

This 'Premium High Gold Cross Back' arowana costs $3888!

Probably can't see clearly but this arowana has a wavy spine structure on its back..
Looks weird and it's not for sale...

Look at the lips of these fishes.. Don't they look like they got lipstick on? Haha.. Vain-pots...

Qian Hu's definition of a good fish... :P

Wow.. Pretty pretty fishes.. Very bright too...

VERY BIG jia sai he (eat shit fish)...

The fishes are swimming in circles... Dunno why also...

It was a very short excursion trip (and memorable one as well where the bus was late for a whole hr!) and a pretty good way to end this summer course. =)

Started development work oredi.. Programming was smoother than I tot it would be.. Even though when I just started yesterday, I spent 3 freaking hours on a bug! Programming on .Net is much easier than JSPs and ASPs (just some other programming language).. This one, you can just drag and drop, drag and drop.. Progress is pretty ok on my side.. =)

I tot it would be more logical to have pics and blog post together but then I will nv do it again.. The pictures start appearing in weird places when I upload them and I have to keep shifting them to the right place.. Argh.. Shall never try this again.. =P

9:21 PM

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Me and Baby...

12:00 AM

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Me and Crystal...

11:58 PM

Me and Baby...

11:56 PM

Baby, Bryan and Yong Tai...

11:54 PM

Me and Baby...

11:49 PM

Just came back from Xueqian's birthday chalet.. Somewhere near Tanah Merah, I think it's called National Service Resorts Country Club or something.. Can't really remember.. =P

Met Baby and Bryan @ Tampines Mall after his work this afternoon to get Xueqian's birthday gift and to make my new glasses... Bryan wanted to get a bottle and some coloured paper to make hearts for his girlfriend's birthday so we went to Popular with him to select the bottle and get the papers.. After that we had lunch at the food court where I also taught Bryan how to fold the paper hearts.. He had quite abit of difficulty getting the hang of it but eventually he managed to do ok.. I suppose.. Hehe..

After which, Bryan went back home whereas Baby and I continued to shop for Xueqian's gift. We finally bought him a Nike top, a vodoo doll (Rodeo Boy) to give him good luck in his love life and a birthday card. Baby wanted to buy me Outfitter Girls T-shirt for our anniversary tomorrow cos I really like their tops but the designs that I wanted didn't have my size.. Sigh.. Think cos their counter in Isetan is small so probably dun keep too much stock ba..

We then went to make my glasses at Century Square. I saw this frame that I really liked but it was pretty ex.. $178.. I hesitated for very long then Baby said that if I like it just buy it and he will give it to me as an anniversary gift for tomorrow.. =) Thanks baby! Love ya loadz.. *muaks* Baby also bought a pair of new glasses for himself. He didn't have the intention of changing glasses actually and was just trying some frames for fun.. But he really like this pair of Levis frames plus I feel he looked really good in it too and since his glasses are already a year plus old, we decided it was time to get an eye check and make a new pair.. So we both ended up getting new glasses.. =) Both black rimmed too hee.. But I think Baby really looks good in his Levis.. Can't wait to collect our glasses next week.. Hee..

We then went to NTUC where we got a tub of 'Rum and Raisin' ice cream which I have been craving for a very long time.. Bought bubble tea and sat down to eat and drink. After which we travelled to Tanah Merah MRT to meet up with Crystal, Yong Tai and Bryan to head to Xueqian's chalet.. It was the usual eat, talk, play cards, eat cake affair. His cake was from 'Awfully Chocolate' and heard he ordered like a 3-4 kg one which costs $180!

Ok.. some random pictures..

11:21 PM

Friday, May 18, 2007

Robin, Ru Yi, Jeng Ying and Me...
The KM loonies who stayed in school till 1am...
Jeng Ying must be Crystal's best friend..
She started the 招牌动作 and everyone of us followed...
Coincidentally, Jeng Ying's best friend's name is also Crystal... =P

9:07 PM

Jeng Ying said to make a funny face..
I dunno wat I was doing..
But we both sure do look weird.. Haha...

9:06 PM

Jeng Ying, Me, Julia, Siang Hou and Ginger...
Ginger has our 10% test papers in her hands!

9:04 PM

Last day of KM class...
Jeng Ying, Me, Julia and Robin...
Julia is an exchange student from Xiamen University...
She'll be going back to Beijing tomorrow morning...

9:02 PM

Hello Kitty mobile strap from Crystal to me!

9:01 PM

Piggy keychain from Crystal to me!

9:00 PM

Piglet mobile strap from Disney Tokyo..
From Yong Tai to Baby...
But it's hanging on my hp now.. Wahaha...

8:57 PM

Lucky charm (oops abit blur) for Baby from Yong Tai.
It's supposed to be a pig on the left and some good luck words on the right.

8:55 PM

Japan hp strap for Baby...
Also from Crystal...

8:53 PM

Crystal bought this for baby from Japan...
The couple looks so sweet...
Like me and Baby... Hee... =P

8:52 PM

Isn't this cool? Lol.. I did it...
It's the starting of our video for KM..
Complete with snorting sounds...
If the video wasn't like 800MB, I would have uploaded it onto YouTube and shared with everyone.
Many hours of hardship on that video...

8:51 PM

Look! My glasses broke! Argh..
Need to make new ones now..

8:48 PM

It has been totally madness for me the last few days as I was trying to churn out the presentation for my KM module and juggling that with FYP and work committments. We initially planned to do a ppt + video presentation but changed our mind last minute and decided to do a full video presentation hoping that we would not need to do the report (Prof mentioned in the first class that we could choose to submit a video presentation or a 25-page report) and just do the Straits Times editorial. It is really NOT easy making a video (I dun mean the Windows Movie Maker type). The video has to be pro enough such that it can substitute our report. Storyline, words, videos.. even music plays a great part in the overall feel around the video. We struggled till 1am last night in school but was still not able to complete the video. In fact, it was only 1/4 done. We then wrote our storyline for individual categories and gave it to Robin to edit. We headed home and continued to search for pictures, videos and music relevant to our presentation and send them to Robin online. I went to bed at about 330am and met up with the group at 830am. Just half an hour before class started. We did a few changes here and there and covered up some mistakes of the final video and proceeded to present our video. It went ok I suppose. We are rid of the 25 page report and just need to submit a 6-8 pages "fun" article suitable to be published in magazines and newspapers. Finally.. KM is (almost) over...

FYP was at the back of my mind this week (even though it should not be). But KM presentation totally occupied my mind the past few days and I gave minimum time to FYP. I gave just enough to finish up my assigned work and that's it. Will have to start giving it more attention starting next week. We are kinda behind time in our development and need to really progress quickly.

I still cun shake off the dreaded summer feeling though. Totally dun like FYP. =P

Baby is having his riding practical lesson now as I blog. BABY JIAYOU!!

Shall post some random pictures I took... =)

8:29 PM

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Baby passed his RTT (Riders' Theory Test) on Saturday! Yipee... He mad one la.. He went in and finished his paper in like 7 minutes!!! That's 50 questions, although MCQ but still, it's madness la! 7 minutes for 50 questions is like 240 seconds for 50 questions and that's like abt 5 seconds for each question!!! Got no words to describe how speechless I was when baby msgd me to tell me he going in to do his paper then like 7 mins later he called me and said he finished and he passed!! U are the smartest man baby... After his paper, baby came to school to fetch me (I was having KM meeting in the morning).. I treated him to the very "thumbs-up" chicken baked rice sold in smu's kopitiam and also to dessert (mixed fruit combo).. It's nothing 'wow' but to us it was considered our little celebration =) Baby: So proud of you for passing the test (at lightning speed) and jiayou for the rest of your practical lessons!! *muaks*
*Blogspot is getting quite sucky.. I posted abt baby's RTT pass on Saturday but the post din appear even though it's on my list of posts.. So I've deleted and reposted it again.. :P

10:50 PM

Monday, May 14, 2007

Me, Jeng Ying and Robin with the Commonwealth secretariat and our professor (the tallest one)

11:20 PM

Me, Jeng Ying and Robin with our interview from Ghanna..
An associate professor in the Ghanna Institute of Management and Public Administration..
Sort of an equivalent to SMU in Ghanna...

11:17 PM

Me, Robin and Jeng Ying and the permanent secretary of St Lucia..
It's a country in the Carribean about the same size as Singapore but with only 160,000 in population..

11:14 PM

Me, Jeng Ying and Robin with our interviewee from Namibia..
She's a really enthusiastic lady working in the Namibia government that is aiming to becoming a developed country through its Vision 2030 plan..

11:11 PM

Me and Jeng Ying waiting for the delegate's breaktime to interview them...

11:08 PM

Look at her with Baby now.. So big le..

11:06 PM

Look at Baby Yu Qi 2 months ago during CNY...

11:04 PM

Busy busy busy.. KM presentation is this Friday.. Finally managed to get a project through Prof.. We were asked to interview some foreign delegates from developing countries who are here on a KM course to learn abt the successes of KM in Singapore.. Managed to interview 3 delegates and the organizer of the program today.. Gotta prepare for presentation with a video and ppt PLUS write a 25 page report and a one page editorial for submission to The Sunday Times.. So much work man...

Developing for FYP has started oredi.. But I'll be on "low involvement" for this week cos really bz with the KM project.. Next week will make up for it by worker harder ba..

So many things to do and so little time.. Sigh..

Yesterday was Mother's Day.. We went for dinner at the Marina Bay Zhen Fa.. It was freaking crowded man.. Bro waste money la.. He kept eating crabsticks and only crabsticks.. I think the huge amount of crabsticks he ate also cannot cover his cost lor! It was very filling and very oily and very hot.. Lol.. After which, Baby and I headed to the other Mother's Day dinner with his parents, uncles, aunts and grandma.. We were too full to eat oredi.. I managed to squeeze abit of food oni.. Had 'Zhu Chao' @ Bedok.. I ended up being the baby sitter for Baby's fourth uncle's baby girl.. I carried her during CNY and she looked so teeny.. Now she looks so big le! Babies are soooo cute.. She kept trying to squeeze her clenched fists into her tiny mouth.. Haha..

Ok la.. Gotta go back to doing work... again.. Then sleep early... Nitez...

10:51 PM

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

haiz.. bad luck man..

fyp - our client think we super one.. his requirements is like 'woah'.. we are doing 3 modules for him and his 1 module is equals to other grp's full fyp project oredi.. for 1 of the module we have to do a website like surveymonkey where u can customize ur surveys and view reports but complete with user management and access controls.. wah piangz.. 3 mth proj leh and we are NOT superman/woman la! somemore we have to go to the office to program cos his licences for the software cannot leave his company.. argh..

knowledge management (km) summer module - the stoopid organization we were supposed to interview backed out last minute and the proj is due next friday.. it's a 40% proj... omg omg.. still cannot find company.. and the stoopid elearning module.. does not register what I have done.. i've gone thru chapter 1 5 times oredi!!!

this is the first summer in smu i hate so much.. can't wait for it to be over.. actually just can't wait for fyp to be over.. ahhh.. everything is not going too well.. :P

ok. i am going to slp.. nowadays abit weird.. no matter how early i slp.. or how late.. i am always tired and get headaches.. argh... summer 2007 suxxx (minus off my july phuket trip..) :P

11:36 PM

Friday, May 04, 2007

Baby and his Sticky Chewy Chocolate Sundae...

9:32 PM

Crystal and her slice of birthday cake..

9:27 PM

Sweets for Crystal on her virgin flight!

9:24 PM

My new cutie shoes.. Like school shoes.. Lol.. Thanks Baby!

9:12 PM

The back of the cross stich keychain...

8:55 PM

The X-stitch that baby made for me that i dropped.. *cries*

8:46 PM

Poor baby's injury...

8:42 PM