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Monday, September 29, 2008

I made a coin @ London Dungeon..
Like the ones baby and I made @ Disneyland

3:05 AM

Shalini drinking beer.. Lol..

3:04 AM

Lining up to get in..

3:03 AM

Shalini and me @ London Bridge.. Going to London Dungeon..

3:01 AM

Half-sunken boat @ Canary Wharf..
This was purposely done to signify the current economic status..

2:59 AM

Trinity College was where Newton wrote his theories on gravity..
The library even has the original scripts he wrote on..
And this tree.. Is the apple tree of Newton..
Though it's probably not the original one (don't think apple trees can live 300 years)
But it's a representation of it..

2:57 AM

2:55 AM

2:55 AM

2:54 AM

The 2nd window from the right was where Prince Charles stayed at when he was studying there..

2:52 AM

2:50 AM

Inside Trinity College..

2:49 AM

Trinity College main entrance..

2:49 AM

This sign was here since 1857!

2:47 AM

King's College..

2:46 AM

Met the other punt along the way..

2:45 AM

2:43 AM

The punter - Derek..

2:42 AM

Shaun and Zaki on the punt..

2:41 AM

On the punt..

2:40 AM

History of The Eagle..

2:39 AM

Shaun, Me, Prashant, Derek and Zaki
The lamp post so nice.. Hehe..

2:38 AM

Please keep off the grass.. Hehe..
Must have 6 languages.. Lol..

2:37 AM

2:35 AM

2:35 AM

King's College Chapel..

2:34 AM

2:33 AM

@ King's College..

2:32 AM

Big dog!
I only managed to capture the butt.. Lol..

2:31 AM

King's College..

2:30 AM

2:27 AM

Small door.. Big me...

2:21 AM

2:20 AM

2:19 AM

Me @ the tower..

2:18 AM

View from the Tower..

2:17 AM

Entrance to the tower..
Long, long flights of stairs..
Tiring.. Lol..

2:15 AM

2:14 AM

Zaki, Derek, Guo Jian, Me and Liu Chang..

2:12 AM

It was still kinda foggy when we arrived @ Cambridge..
Luckily it cleared up when the sun came.. =)

2:08 AM

Me and Liu Chang..
Guo Jian extra.. Came into the picture last minute.. =P

2:06 AM

It was a foggy Saturday morning..
Kinda scary.. Reminded me of 'The Mist'.. Lol..

2:04 AM

Liu Chang, Me and Shalini..

2:03 AM

Liu Chang, me, Shalini, James, Prashant and Shaun

2:02 AM

Derek, Liu Chang, Me, Shalini, Prashant and Shaun..

2:01 AM

Karishma and me..

2:00 AM

Me & Liu Chang...

1:58 AM

Loads of people came over to surprise her..

1:56 AM

Happy Birthday Karishma!

1:55 AM


1:54 AM