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Monday, February 09, 2009

Planning for a wedding is fun! But can become a headache at times..

We'll be penning down the journey to our big day on another webbie..

Do visit and give some comments k.. =)

9:11 PM

Thursday, February 05, 2009

*yawn* So sleepy.. Can't get used to waking up early for work after sucha long break.. Wahaha..

In a good mood these days.. Baby and I received news to select our flat on 20th Feb! Woo-Hoo.. It's for the Oct Half Yearly ballot and our queue number was like 3000+.. Apparently, after 2k have selected, there are still some BTOs left @ Sengkang! There are high floors left too! The location isn't near Sengkang central but since we have a car and the LRT station is just in front, it isn't really a problem.. Woo-Hoo.. Just hope that the unit we 看上 dun get selected by others before us.. =P

Been bzbz researching these days too cos we plan to have our wedding next year July.. Looking for wedding packages for hotel banquets, bridal studios, wedding bands etc.. So exciting.. But of course, got budget constraints so not everything can be the best.. We just hoping to do something simple and share our joy with our loved ones and close friends.. Hehe.. Baby and I are gonna do some recee-ing in March for Bridal studios.. Might pop over to JB to one of the raved about bridal studio.. I saw their works online and some albums by couples who had their photoshoot with them.. Impressive! Alot of digital pics very well done! As for wedding bands, short-listed a few places.. Now thinking abt off the shelf or personalize.. Got his shop in Orchard that personalizes wedding bands and can even emboss names and stuff.. But also got see some online sites of shops that sells rings which looks very nice also.. Think will need further recee-ing.. As for banquets.. I'm just emailing every single hotel for their packages and comparing.. Also going on forums to look at other couple's comments and feedback.. No need such an elaborate one.. Simple, affordable can le.. Rather save the money to go on a honeymoon.. Hehe.. We were thinking of Europe.. But of cos everything must factor in budget.. So if not, maybe Japan ba.. Feel so happy doing all these research.. 1.5 yrs more isn't that far off..

Now my ultimate goal is to lose weight! So that photoshoot nice, wedding dinner pretty.. Last but not least.. can get new wardrobe.. Wahaha.. I just hope that I will reach my goal..

Ok.. Off to research again hee...

9:56 PM