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Saturday, March 31, 2007

Jennifer, Crystal and Baby...

11:17 PM

Jennifer and Crystal on the MRT...

11:15 PM

On the bus back.. Both faces also very "bright"...

11:14 PM

Crystal not very professional.. Haha.. =P

11:09 PM

@ Marina Bay Bus Stop...

11:07 PM

The 3 of us with Crystal's zhao pai dong zuo.. Hee..

11:03 PM

Personnel Selection Class T1/2007

10:53 PM

Performance Management & Compensation
Group 8 members

10:51 PM

"Today is a suay day for Taurus" - quoted from Mr Lin Zhengyuan aka Baby...

It all started when Baby was super late for his bike lessons today. He had to rush from the MRT, grab a cab back to his home, ask his mum to bring his helmet and stuff down for him and rush to CDC in his cab again.. When he reached there, others had already started.. In addition, it started raining heavily when they were practicing far away from the shelter.. Baby was drenched head to toe.. He put on the raincoat provided by CDC and continued his lesson. When his lesson ended, he realised that the raincoat 'luk sek' and his T-shirt, which was white (and one of his favourites) had patches of black and yellow on it.. But I think he was pretty lucky cos he managed to book his next lesson on the coming Monday, instead of waiting for a week like the previous one he booked..

he came home, where i was already waiting for him, bathed, then we left again to meet Crystal and Jennifer for Zhen Fa Steamboat @ Marina Bay.. The saga of the suay Taurus continues.. Crystal (who is also a Taurus), upon reaching the Zhen Fa, fell down when alighting the bus and her big toe started to bleed cos her big toe nail broke.. Eeks.. It looked really painful..

We were happily eating when suddenly Jennifer exclaimed that there was fire coming out from under the stove from one side and it seemed to grow bigger and bigger... Baby rushed to look for the guys working there while the other 3 of us stood away from the table.. The table next to us seemed to panic even more than us and there was this guy who came with a jug of his soup and started to pour it over the fire, hoping to extinguish the fire but it din seem to work.. The fire grew bigger and the guys which baby told din seem to really bother abt us.. The pipe that was connecting the stove to the gas barrel came loose and suddenly there was like fire bursting out of the pipe.. Aiyoh it was like scary la.. The table beside us tried to switch off the gas but then they couldn't do it.. Now we were at the center of all attention.. =P One of the staff walked by and calmly switched off the gas barrel, stopping the fire.. So many people were panicking yet nobody bothered to come quickly to help! Aiyoh.. what if the stove exploded or something? In the end they changed the stove for us, but we were kinda affected and din feel like eating liaoz.. wats more.. the crabs that we were bbqing was drenched in the soup the guy poured when trying to save the table and jennifer's 'sea ham' was drowning in the soup too.. lol..

wat a really suay day for Taurus and Libra and Aquarius =P

tmr will be a better day.. =)

finally finished all my presentations and reports.. just left with exams.. have a few friends who's graduating this semester and are saying they already starting to miss smu and 'she bu de' oredi... wonder whether i'll feel the same when i leave next semester too.. Baby says that working life is much tougher than school, no matter how much we complain abt proj datelines and reports.. I have no doubt abt that too.. If that's the case, I'll definitely miss school the longer i'm out there working.. =P Well, I suppose I'll just have to make the best out of my last semester then.. =)

Hmm.. Suddenly craving for 'Tau Huay' again..


10:22 PM

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

we were just being bo liao.. haha.. in the toilet @ the airport.. (caught the auntie eating snake.. )

12:41 AM

someone took it for us in the end.. hee.. (anticlockwise from the left) nancy crystal - look @ her with the same zhao pai dong zuo AGAIN dione baby xueqian

12:37 AM

taken by my expert baby (the angle just nice, but baby's hand shook abit oni la.. overall still expert.. hee) - see crystal wit her zhao pai dong zuo.. again..

12:36 AM

the "singers" - xueqian baby (don't worry, we'll be going to the ktv soon then u 2 can sing until happy!)

12:34 AM

the part-time gf the bf (the lucky guy) haha.. the full-time gf

12:33 AM

Crystal (and her zhao pai dong zuo) nancy me!

12:32 AM

Nancy and me..

12:29 AM

Crystal and Nancy (Crystal said this is the nicest picture she has taken and nancy said cos it's taken with her.. :P *rolls eyes* Nancy.. as usual.. lol)

12:25 AM

today went 2 school for mtg @ 330.. dumbo me went to the wrong building for the meeting.. had to walk from biz to IS.. nice one dione.. =P

after i ended, was supp to meet baby back at his place but he was telling me that nancy was going go the airport to see doc (so they taking same bus) then decided to ask nancy wana meet for dinner anot since v long nv see her oredi also.. then she said ok lor.. so i travelled to the airport and met baby, nancy, crystal and xueqian for dinner.. went to Sakae.. sat from 645 all the way till about 10.. i think the staff there probably tot we were a bunch of crazy people cos we were laughing like mad.. and there were some "singers" who kept singing also.. =P

had a great time there, managed to 'xu jiu' with nancy, listen to their office gossip, eat my favourite sashimi too hee.. baby hasn't been having a good time in his office cos of some 'small people' aka 'xiao ren' so i hope that the dinner put him in good spirits =) i know i cun help him much with these people but hope he will know that no matter what, i'll always be here for him to bitch to me or complain to me about them.. =) Cheer up baby! Tomorrow is a better day...

planning to go to NTU for exchange next summer.. hoping to take 2 languages (malay and spanish) but dunno will be too xiong anot leh.. although it's just a pass/fail grade but i scared fail la haha.. i just wana get away from all the GPA struggle in SMU man.. wana relak for my last semester, maybe do some TA-ing, attend career talks and start to find a job le man.. been hearing some frens are stressed abt not being able to find jobs and they are graduating in abt half a month's time!

oki doki.. some pictures then off i go to clear my projects stuff.. last week of projs, then exams (all are open book!) and then summer 3A + fyp + community service then trip to phuket then hopefully a slack semester in ntu.. hehe..

12:01 AM

Monday, March 26, 2007

@ Mr Bean Cafe

12:37 AM

Me Crystal Jennifer

12:30 AM

*Munching* Baby @ Mr Bean Cafe...

12:27 AM

Supergirl and Superman.. =P

12:25 AM

Personnel Selection presentation.. Girl Power..

12:22 AM

Sunday, March 25, 2007

How long has it been since I posted ar... 4 days.. Ok la lol.. I wasn't lazy lor.. I was busy.. really busy with projects and stuff.. Last week before the study break.. Then it'lll be the summer holidays! Yipee!!

Went out with baby and his colleagues yesterday.. Had class from 9, baby came to have breakfast with me @ Subway before the class then send me to school, after ther he went to get his new bio passport from Immigrations.. I met him again only after my MIS test (Sure fail!) @ 230 @ Dohby Ghaut.. Went to walk around PS first, sasa - to try perfume, creative - to see mp3 players and some other misc shops to just see see look look.. We oredi bought tix to watch the Mr Bean 910pm show with his colleagues.. His colleagues were going to the NATAS fair @ 5pm to book tix for their Japan trip.. We were contemplating wanna go not and decided to go since we haven booked our Phuket hotel.. might get some good deals there..

We went from PS to Suntec.. met up with his colleagues then went for the NATAS fair, we kinda split up when we went into the exhibition hall cos they were looking for their Japan stuff and we were looking for hotels, then abit difficult to walk around in a group with 2 different agendas.. We walked around and asked quite a few agencies whose pricing was ok la.. some more ex than, some abt the same.. but we managed to get a good deal cos there was a also a booth there set up by some hotels in Phuket themselves.. there was this hotel, Royal Paradise which was one of our considerations as well.. they gave a pretty attractive package with airport transfers and 1-for-1 2.5 hours spa package... We calculated booking online vs booking with them and we would save about 200 bucks booking with them, so we went ahead and paid the 100 bucks deposit.. Yipee.. Hotel confirmed.. Just waiting for July to come.. Cun wait.. Hehe.. Aft the NATAS fair, which was about 8 + liaoz, we din have time to have dinner, so we just ate some small small stuff at PS B2.. After watching Mr BEAN, it was already 11 plus.. we then went to Mr BEAN cafe opposite Parklane for dinner, ate sandwiches oni.. then proceeded to Rocher BEANcurd to eat Tau Huay.. Wat a beany day lol...

Had meeting in school this morning then went to baby's place.. Bought him an early bdae present before I went to his place.. Davidoff perfume which he liked when we were testing in Sasa yesterday.. Bought it early for him since his current one finishing liaoz.. Hee.. It's been about 3 weeks since I've been to his place liaoz.. Poor baobao was having some rashes and I think cos it was itchy he keep scratching then got like wounds on his body.. His eye there also got rashes then he scratch until his eyes now swollen.. Haiyohz.. Will be bring him to a vet soon cos he cannot open his eyes properly now.. Somemore he looks to xin ku.. Dun even dare to carry him cos scared I touch his wound and cause him pain.. Hope he gets well soon..

oki doki.. pictures then off to bed...

11:56 PM

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Me and BabyDar...

11:56 PM

Me & BabyDar

11:54 PM

BabyDar and his new helmet..

11:49 PM

Small prezzie close up...

11:47 PM

baby and his photoframe (The small present).. Nvm.. Birthday give BIG one oki?

11:45 PM

My 80th month pressie.. DKNY perfume (The Big present..)

11:43 PM

Lol we line up withdraw $$ also want to take picture haha..

11:41 PM

Baby @ Bugis food court..

11:40 PM

Post-pox Dione =)

11:38 PM

me and baby on first day of "release"

11:36 PM

BabyDar and his part-time girlfriend (which happens to be my good fren too :P)

11:28 PM

The 2 new botaks...

11:27 PM

Look @ this ultimate L-A-Z-Y dog.. He's still sleeping even when his head is up!

11:23 PM

Long time since I posted Hee.. Just simply L-A-Z-Y.. Starting to learn from BabyDar liaoz.. Wahaha..

Finally stepped out of my house yesterday for the first time in 2 weeks.. Got to see BabyDar too after his work... We went to register for his 2B licence @ Comfort together... He spent a very very long time convincing me and his mum to let him go for the riding lessons.. And we finally agreed with alot of terms and conditions attached.. Haha.. He's gonna have his first lesson on Friday and he seriously can't wait.. He's even reading his riding theory handbook (before class!).. He has never been so hardworking in Poly before la.. Lol.. That's good la cos u can see his enthusiasm there.. But ooi.. remember the terms and conditions hor!

He planning 2 get a bike after he gets his 2b liaoz.. Oredi on the lookout for the bike models and stuff.. We dunno anything abt it man.. Haha.. So have to go around asking people about it..

Today is our 80th month anniversary.. We din celebrate much la cos we saving $$ for our Phuket trip and BabyDar's bike.. I was @ Suntec in the afternoon cos Nokia called to say that the part that my phone needed arrived oredi.. Spent 4 hrs there.. I brought my TB along so that can study for my test on Thurs.. Walked around abit as well.. BabyDar told me that he bought a prezzie for me and it was "something small" so I walked around and finally bought a cardsized photoframe with the words 'DZ'.. Printed 2 card sized pictures to put in too.. Mine was really "something small" lor.. But in the end.. His was "something big" la.. He bought this DKNY perfume which I have been eyeing.. I really love it.. Kinda feel abit unbalanced cos it's like a small vs big present.. =P After dinner @ the food court (BabyDar cannot eat sour and cold stuff cos he went to the chinese physician to check his back regarding frequent back pains.. then the physician gave him medicine and told him cannot eat those stuff.. Poor thing..) we went to the 'Lim Ah Boy' shop near my house to get his helmet (cos the driving center's helmet so many pple use then so smelly).. Since it's for riding lessons, he bought the cheapest one (which will eventually become his pillion helmet) but he's oredi researching and looking into getting nicer one for me and him when he gets his bike..

Still in the MC-mode man.. Lol.. Dun wana go school do work.. But work is seriously piling up for these last 2 weeks of school.. Presentations, reports and tests are killing me.. Ahhh... Sigh.. Oki.. gotta go clear some stuff liaoz.. But before that.. some pictures... =)

10:57 PM

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Haven blogged for 2 days le.. Just plain lazy la haha..

Was doing my 'Personnel Selection' assignment on Tuesday. Finally finished it. (Dateline is this Friday). But I dunno whether I did it correctly anot, cos I was looking @ Meiyun's one and hers differ from mine by quite a bit.. The thing is, my Prof keep saying it's for us to scope, so... we also dunno who's right who's wrong. :P

Yesterday, I spent the whole day doing housework (So good girl hor?) I washed the clothes, iron the clothes, boiled water, swept the floor and mopped the floor. After I was done I was totally tired out.. So din do any assignment.. (Excuse to watch Korean drama hehe..)

Babydar (I changed his pet name hehe) went to Suntec to collect my phone for me yesterday.. In the un-repaired state.. Cos the stoopid shipment is estimated to arrive on the 24th March. Wah piang, the delivery takes one whole month and nobody bothers to tell me about it.. Waste 2 weeks of my time w/o my phone. Anyway, the countless calls and complaints to Nokia by Babydar is sucha long story that I shall not waste time posting it.. In summary, Nokia has vvvvvvv LOUSY customer service. =P But the weird thing is, the button which was originally not working, is working perfectly now! Just that it seems like it's not pertruding out, but like sink in like tt.. Nvm la.. they will call me (I hope!) when the shipment arrives, I'll just send it in to repair (No need queue up hee) rather than next time spoil again then they tell me no stock wait one month again.. =P

Babydar also bought fruits (watermelon, pears and plums) for me to eat at home cos I'm totally sick of porridge oredi.. Xiaomei went to collect the stuff from him @ Suntec after work and she was complaining she look like auntie with so many plastic bags.. Lol.. Babydar gave her money to call a cab home but the auntie 'gey kiang' say queue too long, dowan to book cab let them earn so she took a bus home.. Haha.. The first thing she said when she reached home was, "I made it home!" Lol.. So farni..

Ok la.. I have to go do my assignments.. Time passes really quickly, I'm almost recovering (*Cross fingers* No scar pls!) and only a few days of MC left, time to get out of the "holiday" mood oredi! Jiayou!

1:50 PM

Saturday, March 10, 2007

i just finished reading the first chapter of my 'Intro to Physical Science' textbook. Can't believe how hardworking I am.. Lol.. Playing too much games and watching too much videos really does tire you out.. Lol.. So I decided to start reading some stuff and couldn't find fiction books to read. Thus, I took out my textbook to read. Surprisingly, it's actually quite interesting learning about how the world works around us.. abit qim, but interesting.. =)

Nokia nearly got me into fits today.. Up till today, nobody has called me to tell me the status of my phone. All I know is they are waiting for the damn part. For almost a week already! Totally ridiculous. Baby called them up for me and scolded the customer service officer. It's not being mean but they really do take their own time if you be nice to them. At the end of it? I have to wait another 2 days because their freaking system is down.. How long more they want me to wait? I even wrote a 2-page complaint letter to Nokia to complain about this and guess the auoto-reply that was sent to my email. They will get back to be in the next 48 hours. WTH! I am seriously contemplating sending the complain email to ANY nokia email address in the HQ website. Getting sooo pissed with them.. Argh..

Mummy and bro left for Malaysia early this morning and I'm free to move back to my room! Yipee! Can watch tv now and walk around in the house w/o worrying that I might pass it to my bro... I cooked lunch and dinner all on my own today. Had porridge with canned 'cai xin' and fermented beancurd for lunch and porridge + fishcake with fake abalone. Getting a little sick of porridge. :P

Baby went with his colleauges to the IT show today. Sis will be going with dad tmr afternoon. I wanna go too.. This pox really spoilt my plans.. I can't even eat my favourite tau hua... :( Sis's boss bot this mp4 player from the IT show which costs $79 for 2gb and it looks exactly like IPOD Nano Lol.. Must be some China fake.. Baby says the layout of the menu doesn't look too good though. Sis will be buying it tmr.. In fact, she told me she's going to the IT show after work today (she's probably there now) to look for other nicer designs of cheap mp4 players. Baby likes the new Samsung K3.. It looks really nice Hee.. But of course not as cheap as the china brands.. It's $100+ more expensive... When there's a will there's way.. :)

Ok back to games, or maybe watch video, or maybe tv.. Sigh these are the only things I can do these days.. I keep procrastinating and not wanting to do my assignments.. :P I have never gotten out of the holiday mood since December..

8:39 PM

Friday, March 09, 2007

today is a better day.. maybe cos she was out for almost half of the day =P

also, the bumps are not itching so badly anymore, still painful though but bearable. I haven been to the mirror to look at my face, even when I wash my hands in the wash basin (and the mirror is just hanging above it). Nooo.. It's not cos I dun dare to look at my hideous face but it's cos baby's colleague told him that the more you look in the mirror, the more the pox will grow on your face!!! Old wives' tales but then again.. I'd rather believe it then not, after disfigured how?

Found out that my mum has 'zhen zhu fen' @ home.. It's supposedly to be sold for $12-$15 in sg with a few smaller bottles in a box. My mum told me hers cost $10+ for one of the small bottles cos she bought from China. (China's pearls more pure?) She told me, "Use carefully and slowly hor, expensive!" :P

Started to get drive to complete some pending assignments oredi, other than that, I've been playing games and watching Korean serials.. Sigh.. Rest is good but too much rest? It's making Dione a bored person.. Very very bored person..

By the way, for those out there who hasn't gotten their pox vaccine.. GO GET IT NOW! Save urself from the misery man.. I am going to FORCE baby to go for the jabs NO MATTER WHAT! (I know u can see this, dun try to wriggle out of it!)

My phone is STILL not repaired yet.. Wat the hell.. it's been almost 2 weeks.. Their parts needs to be shipped from where? Nokia so big, dun tell me they dun pre-order their parts meh? Argh.. Must get mum to call them tmr before she leaves for Malaysia.. (Her voice louder than mine lol) I want my phone back!!!

6:43 PM

Thursday, March 08, 2007

i'm feeling miserable.. feeling itchy and painful.. can't concentrate to do my work.. she keeps nagging and nagging non-stop.. screaming and shouting.. i miss baby.. i wish he was here with me.. but he cun cos he has to be careful not to spread it to his mum.. i cun do anything.. it's only the 2nd day.. i hope it will be better when she leaves for malaysia.. cun wait.. i hate life now..

7:27 PM

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

another 10 days of MC... Why? Because I got CHICKEN POX! A string of suay events starting from the drug allergy till this.. Zzzz..

But then again, it's better now than later or when I older.. The older you are, the more dangerous chicken pox is for you. And if the chicken pox came a week later, it would clash with Week 12 which has tests and presentation. I suppose it's a good thing it came now then. I'll be missing class, but I'll have time to catch up on lotsa work.

My body is itching all over now with these angry red bumps. I look like a total "tyco".. In addition, I've been quarantined to the study room and warned by my mother not to pass it to my brother, even though he oredi had chicken pox when he was young. She's bringing him to Malaysia this Saturday so dowan him to get infected. "Come, Ah Boy, Gimme a hug!" *hehe* This will nv happen cos my bro is also avoiding me like a plague, afraid that I will ruin his one week Malaysia holiday. :P

Was told by the doctor to take corn flour baths which are very good to stop itching. (Tried it but doesn't seem to work, maybe too diluted, try again tomorrow) Now I smell of corn flour. In addition, I'm piling my body up with Snake Brand Prickly Heat Powder to prevent the itch from getting to me. (I dowan to get disfigured!!) Cannot eat peanut, cannot eat prawn, cannot eat sotong, cannot eat dark soya sauce. Anything that I can eat more of? Or anything that can help me get rid of all these itchy spots quickly? Argh.. the itch is killing me...

Just emailed ALL my profs and proj mates to inform them that I cannot make it for class and meetings.. Hope it doesn't affect my grade.. Sigh..

Oki doki.. back to my research for projs.. Since I cannot physically be there, I have to work harder to get more information to make up for it..

You will be hearing from me often.. (10 days with nothing to do...)

9:00 PM

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Been sucha long time since I blogged.. Forgot wat happened since my last blog liao.. Lazy to think also Lol..

Only remember some major events like bought my OTO Trimax (share with mum and sis) which went kuku aft 3 days of use. Luckily managed to get a one-for-one exchange. =P

Sent my beloved hp to the Nokia Care Hospital because on of the button couldn't work. They told me it will only take 4 hrs to repair. Then aft tt call me tell me need longer time cos they dun have the replacement part available. Today is 7 days oredi.. Take so looonnnggg... WTH... I miss my phone...

So much stuff to do these days... Wondering why I so free to blog? Cos I got 2 + 2 days of MC.. The story goes like this.

Sunday @ 1130pm:

Dione is feeling achy all over and having a terrible day.

Mummy: Take this medicine, I use it when I have body aches.. Very good.. Take 2 then go slp.

Dione: Ok.

Monday @ 230am

Dione couldn't sleep properly cos her eyes were hurting. She looks into the mirror and realises her eyes are swollen. So swollen she looks like she got boxed a few thousand times in both eyes.

Dione: Denise(sister), wake up see my eyes.

Denise: Mmmm... Don't disturb me I wan to sleep. Go and sleep.


Dione: Mummy, wake up see my eyes.

After getting a shock from the extent of how swollen her eyes were, Dione's mummy decided 2 bring her to the nearest hospital (Raffles Medical). Dione couldn't breath properly as well (dunno cos of the blocked nose or the allergy)

Monday @ 3am at Raffles A&E

After 3 injections and an hr of monitoring, Dione was discharged with some pills and 2 days of MC.

Doctor to Mummy: NEVER share medicine amongst each other. =P

Nurse to Dione: You will start to feel drowsy soon.

True enough, after roughly 20 steps, Dione started to feel really sleepy so mummy took a cab home.

Dione feel aslp almost immediately after her head hit the pillow.


Dione felt sleepy and lethargic the whole day. Her swollen eyes have subsided much, although still look like kenna punched, just looks like many times lesser than before. She was also running a fever and practically slept the whole day. Dione's baby came to visit her after his work. Dione felt much better in the night and had a good night's sleep.


Dione to baby on phone: So weird, my body got like red spots then when I scratch got water come out..

Baby: Haha.. Scally got chicken pox...


Dione realise more red spots were coming out on her hands, legs, body and face and they had water bubbles can be seen. Dione started to panic. Is it chicken pox??? Ahhh....

Dione and mum went to the clinic downstairs.

*It better not be chicken pox *cross fingers*

Doctor: It's the effect of the drug allergy because the medicine you took was very strong.

Dione: Phew! Not chicken pox.

Doctor: You should never share medicine amongst each other. (Second time kenna say)

Dione and Mummy: Orr..

Doctor: It is going to be pretty itchy. Avoid peanuts, prawns and sotong. Give you MC and some medicine to stop the rashes.

That is the end of the MC story. =P

Now stuck at home but gives me some time to complete my work too.. Alot stuff need to catch up on.. Sigh.. Ok.. Shall continue with my stuff now...

BTW: Happy Birthday Nancy.. =)

4:37 PM