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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Cut the cake and we are done!!
Happy Birthday my love..
Till next year! =)

9:23 PM

Blow the candles...

9:21 PM

Make a wish...

9:18 PM

Then sing the birthday song...

9:12 PM

First light the candles...

9:05 PM

My beloved birthday boy...

9:03 PM

And in the box contains...
Ta-da... Baby's birthday cake...

9:02 PM

This is the box I fought so hard to protect on the MRT lol..

9:01 PM

The apple crumble is very, very good!!

9:00 PM

Birthday kiss for my birthday boy...

8:58 PM

Me and Baby @ Swensens

8:56 PM

Presents for baby..
Ipod Nano, Leather case, birthday card and a cute little bulldog...

8:55 PM

Beautiful, beautiful colours...

8:49 PM

Beautiful sunset...

8:45 PM

Steak Ala Hill..
*Thumbs Up*

8:45 PM

Blueberry Milkshake... Yummy too..

8:43 PM

Oreo and Peppermint Milkshake.. Yummy..

8:41 PM

Where's my food?!?!

8:41 PM

The Hill Bistro...

8:37 PM

Atop Mount Faber...

8:36 PM

Chocolates from Chocz...

8:32 PM

@ Mount Faber..
A little dark lol..

8:30 PM

Our first car wash.. Lol..
Ok, I admit, I was bo liao.. =P

8:29 PM

Irene + Jennifer + Me + Crystal

8:27 PM

Jennifer + Baby + Crystal + Irene
Thanks for the treat! =)

8:26 PM

Know wat Jennifer and Crystal are looking at?
Looking at boys la!!
Caught in the act! Haha..

8:25 PM

Me and baby @ Vienna

8:23 PM

Is my skirt too bright? Lol..

8:22 PM

Me + Baby @ United Square...

8:21 PM

I was home @ 6pm today!! Ended work around 520pm.. Early right.. Lol.. Happy man.. Tmr is a public holiday, it's a work day mind you, but my colleague is on duty instead.. So I get to sleep in.. So tired these few days.. Think I must slp like 9pm then will have enough sleep -.-'

Yesterday was baby's birthday!! Initially, he was told he had to OT till 10pm - imagine having to work till so late on your birthday!! But he managed to get off work at ard 745pm.. After work, I headed to Marina Square to get baby's birthday cake.. Got a Chocolate Mousse cake from Chocz.. I was protecting it with my life on the MRT manz.. Everyone was like mad one la.. I know u all wan to go home but becareful of my cake can.. *tsk tsk* Lol.. Anywayz, I barely had enough time after I reached baby's place to hide his presents.. Just a few mins after I finished hiding, baby reached home liaoz.. Because I din have enough time to hide them properly, their hiding places were quite obvious la but baby had difficulty finding 2 out of the 3 presents (ipod nano, ipod nano leather pouch and small bull dog soft toy) I hid.. Lol.. I had to give hints lor.. =P

After fiddling ard with his presents, baby, me, baby's mum and bro headed to Tampines Swensens for dinner.. Ordered so much food lor.. I had grilled fish with spicy crab sauce which comes in a set with soup and mango + apple fizz drink, baby had spicy soft shell crab baked rice which also comes in a set + he ordered another drink (I forgot wat it was called =P But it's like some milk shake and very, very nice).. baby's mum had 49ers chicken burger and baby's bro had chicken baked rice with some berries drink.. Then we ordered sides of french fries and cheese sticks PLUS we ordered for dessert banana split (baby's mum), sticky chewy chocolate (baby's bro) and apple crumble (me + baby share)... We were stuffed after the dinner la.. Wah piang.. 4 person like eat 10 person dinner.. lol.. ok la.. i am exaggerating but really very, very filling lor..

Wen we reached back home, we sang the birthday song but nobody had space to stomach another piece of cake, so we sliced one very small one and each of us ate a little.. Haha.. It was a very simple and small celebration but I hope baby, you enjoyed yourself and liked the presents!! =)

Poor baby is @ work still.. His boss told him he'll have to stay till midnight with him lor!! So late!! But baby said that month ends are always like that, each quarter's month ends are worse than this!! Jiayou baby!!

Oki.. On to some pictures, then I'm gonna download songs to put in baby's new toy lol..

8:08 PM

Monday, April 28, 2008

just came back from dinner with nancy @ City Hall.. Miss Chong couldn't make it cos she got to OT (poor thing.. =P) lol, nvm la, still got chance one.. we had dinner and walked around then baby came to fetch us back home.. so sweet hor.. =)

Baby and I went to Vivo to walk around to get Crystal's birthday present on Saturday afternoon.. We also bought present for baby's mama for Mother's Day liaoz.. We also bought a box of chocolates from 'Chocolat Factory'.. 8 pieces for about $25.. Indulgence man.. We decided to watch 'Superheroes' in the end and bought 4 tickets (the other 2 for Xiaomei and Nelson).. Baby was so pissed with the GV priority queue for Visa platinum.. We tot it would be faster lor but end up, those who were q-ing in the normal queue got their tix even faster than us.. =.='
Baby: I think u all shld look into ur so-called priority queue, there is no priority at all.
GV Staff: Yes, there is priority.
Baby: I don't think so, people who came after us but queued @ the other normal queue already got their tix..
GV Staff: Sorry sir, cos using cash transacts faster, sometimes the machine takes awhile cos you are using credit card.
Baby: Then maybe u all should look into ur so called 'priority queue' and not call it 'priority' anymore..
Wah so fierce.. Lol.. But it's true la.. Put priority but in the end still slower.. Then wat is the priority for?? =P

After hanging around Vivo, we headed to United Square to meet up with baby's ex colleagues (Crystal, Irene and Jennifer) and had our dinner @ Vienna.. Cos we previously oredi had it before so baby and I know wat to attack.. lol.. I had 2 hashimas and lotsa sashimi.. Hee.. Baby sent Crystal home after the dinner.. We went for a car wash and then drove back down to recee Mount Faber.. Hee.. We drove up and parked and some lot and walked around the area and took some pictures.. The scenery is not bad la.. After which, we found another car park and parked there to have our chocolates cos it was too early to head to Vivo... Wah the chocolates were... Yummy ~~ (which also implies that it's sinful =P) We headed for our midnight after enjoying the chocolates in the comfort of air-conditioning, overlooking some hdb flats lol.. The movie was ok la.. Quite funny but of cos, to be expected, it had a lame storyline.. =P But ok if wana watch a 'just for laughs' movie..

Baby stayed over on Saturday night and we headed home after we woke up and had lunch.. We stayed home till about 530pm then headed to Mount Faber for our dinner.. We were half an hour early but we went in anywayz.. =P We ordered 2 milk shakes and 2 steaks which was recommended on the Internet.. The milk shakes were good and the steaks were good too.. The atmosphere.. Hmm.. Ok.. But they really should start trimming their trees cos the growth was blocking most of the beautiful view on one side.. =P After dinner, we had plans to head to Swensens for Earthquake, but we were too full to stomach anymore ice-cream.. Haha.. Instead we headed to Metro Paragon where baby bought a pair of work shoes using the birthday angpow that dad, mum, xiaodi, xiaomei and nelson.. We parked our car @ the open air car park opposite Cineleisure.. When we went back we were like shocked lor.. The birds had a ball of a time leaving us with their shit.. Wah piangz... So irritating.. Never will we EVER park there again.. We went for another car wash after tat to wash off all the 'gifts' the birds gave to us.. Thanks lor.. But keep it for others, we dowan them next time.. =P

It's baby's birthday in 1.5 hrs time.. Hee.. Gonna get a cake and buy ingredients to cook for baby tmr after work.. Hope he dun have to OT tmr lor.. Come back earlier to celebrate his birthday.. =)

Ok la.. I think I better go to bed, no time to upload pictures liaoz.. =P Some other day ba.. Hee.. Nitez~~

10:10 PM

Saturday, April 26, 2008

u-hoo... waiting for baby to come and fetch me.. baby's ex-colleague is treating us to Vienna @ United Square.. The last time we went with dad on his birthday.. Hee.. Aiming the Hashima.. Wahaha.. We'll be going to the Jewel Box @ Mount Faber for baby's birthday dinner tomorrow.. His actual birthday is 29th April which is a Tuesday but most likely he'll have to OT cos end of the month.. His boss already told him to book a conference room for the last 2 days of April somemore.. =P So we decided to bring forward the dinner..

And yay! I went to book my basic theory test date liaoz.. Haha.. Book only la.. Still a mth plus away lor, 3rd June.. But already booked practical lessons.. Starting 21st May.. =P Will be learning @ Ubi driving center.. Abit scared, scared haha.. But baby say no need to worry.. If I dun geddit, he can guide me on our Axio.. Hehe.. Will be taking the Auto licence la.. Since anyway we already got an auto car and even if we need to drive a manual car overseas, baby got the licence.. =P

looking @ GV now.. dunno wat midnight show to watch.. =P Super hero looks funny, doomsday looks good (i like this kinda save-the-world movie lol), harold & kumar also like very farni, oh, and nimms island too.. diao.. spoilt for choice.. haha.. ask baby to choose himself later.. =P

ok la shall stop here.. go surf surf around.. =P

2:27 PM

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Happy 93rd Anniversary baby..
My life would never be wat it is like now without you...

10:58 PM

Ta-da... Our dessert!!!
Maccha Azuki Parfait..
Baby - Is the spelling correct?

10:56 PM

Baked BBQ Potato and Bacon..

10:56 PM

Spicy prawn pasta with Carbonara sauce...
This is nicer than the tomato cream sauce.. =P

10:53 PM

Seafood pasta with tomato cream sauce...

10:51 PM

Corn Cream Soup..
Baby's favourite...

10:51 PM

Strawberry milk...
Dunno wat baby trying to do in the picture...

10:49 PM

Pasta de Waraku @ Marina Square

10:47 PM

10:47 PM

The wallet and keychain...

10:45 PM

Coin pouch for baby to put coins in the car...

10:44 PM

Dashboard... (Like I said, everything I also take =P)

10:43 PM

This is 小旺财... hehe...

10:41 PM

The backside of the car..

10:39 PM

The driver aka my chauffeur... =P

10:37 PM

Auntie, sit new car shiok??

10:01 PM

The bluetooth screen we use to make calls...

9:31 PM

I everything also take lol..

9:30 PM

The touch screen panel given by our car dealer..

9:29 PM

This was sitting on baby's old office desk previously..
Think it was a birthday gift last year from nancy and a few other colleages..
Now it's been put to good use.. Lol..

9:27 PM

I call it "My new ride"
Baby calls it "My new toy" =P

9:22 PM