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Monday, February 25, 2008

I've made my decision.. =) Discussed with baby over the weekend.. Now gotta settle some stuff first before making the 'announcement'.. Not so nice to talk abt it yet when I haven settled it.. =)

Met up with Yugui today.. Had some fun trying clothes lol.. Yugui bought like 5 pieces of clothings lol... Will be going out with Gloria to Anchorpoint to check out the outlet stores there.. Hee..

signing off... dione's life is going to get a little more exciting.. =)

10:35 PM

Saturday, February 23, 2008

The organizing committee of the 2008 CNY Lunch..
Me, Kimberly, Meiyi, Wei Zhi, Benjamin and Dominic..

12:15 AM

Wei Zhi and Dominic.. Also my colleauges aka co-organizers..
Wei Zhi insists I take this picture cos Dominic started eating when they rest of us haven started!

12:12 AM

Lo Hei time...

12:10 AM

My colleagues aka co-organisers preparing the Yu Sheng..

12:07 AM

Fortune cookies..
That little cow was given to me by baby for my cube..
But I transformed it into charity cow for a day..
Cos anyone who wasn't dressed in red/pink were fined!
All proceeds to the Singapore Children's Cancer Society.. =)
**I pasted a Gong Xi Fa Cai over the I Love U for the day.. Hee..

12:02 AM

Friday, February 22, 2008

PSG/GCO CNY Lunch 2008

11:59 PM

The view from the 30th floor Penthouse..

11:55 PM

dione is faced with a tough decision to make.. although it seems like pple i've spoken to clearly knows what they would do if they were faced with the same decision to make.. wat decision? hmm it's a choice between my current job and a job offer that i have wanted ever since i started looking out for a job.. the benefits of the new job offer is pretty clear cut and is way above the present one.. but of cos the time i will have to sacrifice for the new job is also pretty clear cut... what should my decision be?? gotta make a decision by mon/tues.. hmmz..

anywayz, the PSG/GCO CNY lunch is finally over and done with.. it wasn't really difficult organizing the lunch actually la, just have to choose a caterer, make sure it's halal, has a variety of food and got some vegetarian food.. but the setting up yesterday was a headache manz.. the caterer came too early and we din know where to place the food.. The yu sheng came in 5 small plates instead of 1 big one.. Alamakz.. But at least everything was ironed out and no kuku things happened.. Haha..

Baby has been v tired recently cos his colleague went overseas and he has been OT-ing for the past few days liao.. Even on our anniversary.. Maybe weekend also need to go back.. Baby jiayou oki! =)

Ok la.. feeling a little hot, gotta take a bath.. Pics haven upload.. Hee.. Maybe later.. Maybe tmr.. Maybe Sunday... Maybe...... =P

9:10 PM

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

GV Max Platter.. Not so 'max' after all...

10:11 PM

Hotdogs.. First time we eat hotdogs @ GV served on a plate lol..

9:35 PM


9:33 PM

Look @ Baby so comfortable in that big chair.. Lol..

9:30 PM

Me and Baby.. Now with flash..

9:28 PM

Me and Baby.. Now with flash..

9:28 PM

Me and baby.. Abit dark cos nv on flash.. =P

9:26 PM

Me @ GV Vivo Gold Class..

9:22 PM

Xiaomei's new hamster..
The pic abit blur cos the hamster is running too fast.. Lol..

9:19 PM


Yes I am.. Having a blocked nose (can't taste anything), sore throat and backache... Sigh..

Was on MC yesterday cos woke up with a slight fever and feeling v lousy.. Went to see the doc and came home to sleep like piggy... =P

Woke up around 4pm then went out to meet Baby.. We already bought tix for yesterday evening's movie on Sunday night and they were Gold Class tix!! Lol.. So of course cannot miss.. Wat's a little fever and flu?? =P Actually it was cos I was given a free Gold Class tix during Christmas for some GV promotion.. So we decided to watch a movie yesterday to sort of celebrate our 7th year and 7th month anniversary as baby will be very bz with work tomorrow, which is the actual day.. It was our first time @ Vivo's Gold Class.. We have previously been to the one @ GV Grand but that was eons ago.. =P We arrived a litte earlier and ordered some stuff to eat which was delivered to our seats by the servers.. We also sneaked in some photo-taking since we were the first to arrive.. Lol.. The seats were so shiok and the service was prompt.. We watched 'Jumper' which was quite a good show.. But the ending was a little abrupt I feel..

Oki.. Some pics then off to rest I go..

9:04 PM

Saturday, February 16, 2008

I made this cash card for baby..
The top is the original picture I did..
The bottom is the actual cashcard tt was printed out..
Baby says he will only use it when we get a car..
Cos he 不舍得用...

1:31 AM

MTV- style photo taking.. Lol..

1:28 AM

Me.. With the sand, sky and sea (plus a little girl) as my background.. Hee..

1:26 AM

Me? Of course I'm the queen la!

1:22 AM

King of the castle.. Hehe..

1:20 AM

Me, Vivian, Stella and KW...

1:18 AM

So cute right.. Hehe..

1:17 AM

Chocolate Fondue with fruits...

1:16 AM


1:14 AM

Group picture.. Before 'Lo Hei'...

1:12 AM

Next, KW went and preyed on Lihui and Vivian..
And continued calling pple greedy... -_-'

1:10 AM

Then she turned her attention on me..
But I wasn't greedy.. Just that whiles eating, the ingredients fell out..
But KW say dun care, still the same.. Greedy.. -_-'

1:09 AM

This is the result of being greedy..
Add too much ingredients until the popiah cannot be rolled.. Lol..

1:06 AM

Guess what KW is doing? Giving a speech?
Nope.. She wrote down the meanings of all the ingredients in the 鱼生 and read them out as Stella mixed in the ingredients.. Lol..

1:03 AM

Our 发财鱼生...
Huat ah!!

1:02 AM

We are all experts in popiah-making already..
Next time we'll pool money together to open popiah store.. =P

1:01 AM

Our SMU SIS instructors..

1:00 AM

Lian Chee joined us for the photo and mentioned that only pretty girls allowed..
Suddenly, we say KW rushing towards us to be in the photo.. Wahahaha

12:59 AM

Yugui, me and Stella..
The first 3 to arrive @ KW's place..

12:57 AM

Yugui and Lihui...

12:55 AM

Baby's impression of 喜怒哀乐... Haha..
I did mine too but the expressions all look the same.. -_-'

12:53 AM

Baby kenna *bish by me..
Hee.. Was bored waiting for our food... =P

12:48 AM


I'm so glad it's Friday already and I can sleep in tomorrow.. Been so sleepy everyday.. =P

Was on leave on Monday and Baby was on 1/2 day cos he got physio appointment. So he came to fetch me after work and I accompanied him to CGH for his physio.. He's been officially discharged for physio but still need to do some exercises at home to regain his strength.. After that, we headed to Vivo to buy tix to watch 'Ah Long Pte Ltd'.. Before the show, we had dinner @ Kim Gary HK Cafe.. The food was ok la.. =P The movie was pretty funny.. But overall, I think out of the 3 movies that opened durin CNY, Slam Dunk was still the better one out of the three..

Went to KW's place for CNY gathering on Tues night, quite alot of pple turned up.. There were a bunch of instructors (some who taught me before, some who didn't), Robin, Mabel, Yugui, Stella, Lihui, Vivian, Hazel, Michelle, Eunice and Euquin.. We had self-made popiahs, hazel brought vegetarian bak kwa and garlic bread.. The dessert for the day was chocolate fondue with fruits.. Some updates on the SMU gang..

- Yugui just came back from Xiamen last week so she's still looking for a job
- Robin got a job @ Tuv Duv (dunno is it how u spell it =P) doing some regional IT work.. He was introduced in by one of our adjunct professor who is the regional HR Director there..
- Lihui is still @ Accenture.. Heard OTs are getting more common for her..
- Stella is taking a long break from work.. Cos she got 10 days of compliance leave + she has to clear her annual leave.. That's almost a mth!!
- Vivian is still in her last semester but she has already got job offers so she's deciding what to accept..
- Lynette wasn't there but heard she's working in UBS now..
- Meiyun din come either cos she said she was very tired.. Imagine travelling from Bt Batok to Paya Lebar everyday.. And seems like she OTs quite alot too.. She's doing HR @ Certis Cisco..
- Duke din come either cos he had to OT.. He's still @ Temasek Holdings..
- Mark is working @ SIA.. Heard he'll be going to Germany for some reason I'm not sure of.. Work 1 mth oni get sent to Germany.. How lucky..
- Ellena is switching jobs, she's gonna work at a media agency called Mindshare and I'm so happy.. Why? Cos her office is just opposite my office building.. Wahaha.. One more lunch kaki for me.. =P

It was good to meet up with the gang.. After all, we weathered through 3.5 years of school together overcoming those terrible IT projects.. Lol..

Wed was the day I gave my first presentation @ work.. It went quite well so I'm quite happy with it.. =)

Thurs was V-day, baby and I din deliberately celebrate cos we wana save up for our Batam trip.. My colleagues call V-day the 'carrot day' cos everyone kenna chop like 菜头 like that.. V-day in Singapore is really too commercialized.. It would be good to do something special definitely on this day, but not if it comes with a hefty price-tag.. We'll just treat everyday like V-day.. =) But we did go to East Coast Park for dinner @ the hawker and sat at the beach to talk about stuff.. =)

Oh yea, talking abt Batam, I've made reservations with Harris Resort for their Rejuvenate Package oredi.. So exciting.. Will be gone for 3D2N during the Easter holidayz.. *Woo-hoo...

Ok la.. Shall post some pics (some, courtesy of Karway and her husband) and get my beauty sleep.. Will be helping baby reformat his computer tmr afternoon and playing mj tmr night.. Yipee..

12:21 AM

Monday, February 11, 2008

Me and baby...

2:24 AM

Another 搞怪大头贴...

2:21 AM

Know wat this is??
This is the real.. 大头贴!!! Lol...

2:19 AM

Dad, baby and me...

2:17 AM

Dad, mum, xiaodi and me...

2:15 AM

Dad and Mum...

2:13 AM

Dad's birthday cake..
Happy 48th birthday daddy!

2:04 AM

Me and Baby...

2:02 AM

Me and baby...

2:00 AM

Me and baby...

1:58 AM

Me and baby...

1:54 AM