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Monday, March 31, 2008

It's the starting of my 7 day break before i start @ barcap.. =)

Went for pre-employment check up today.. Took a total of 4 hours.. 4 hours!!!

Reached clinic @ Dohby Ghaut @ 11am.. It was super crowded!!


Take urine sample after half an hour...


The nurse told me to head over to somerset to another radiology clinic for my X-ray... ??? Shldn't it all be under one clinic? Or rather under one building @ least?

Headed over to clinic @ somerset


1.5 hours later, took my xray and headed back to the first clinic..


Wait~~~ (I heard this lady commenting she was there since 1030am and it was 230pm then.. Faintz.. Surprisingly, she was really cool abt it, seems like everyone was used to waiting to see this doctor.. He must be really good.. =P)

Finally, @ 3pm it was my turn.. I finally knew why each patient took so long.. The doc was an elderly man in his 50s or so and he was a tad too lor soh.. Haha.. But he was very friendly la, was telling me to be careful of my allergy to painkillers and telling me the different families they are in which too up quite abit of time... Haha.. Took half an hr for him to ask me questions, take blood pressure and stuff.. Finally, I was done 4 hours later.. =P

Will be going over to baby's place to meddle with his computer tomorrow haha.. Actually, to help update some of his stuff la.. The rest of the week? Haven tot of it but I definitely must iron clothes, clean up my room and clean the kitchen windows (under the order of big old dad).. =P

Ok... Shall go slack around.. Haha.. Waiting for sis to be come back to dye my hair for me.. =)

9:06 PM

Saturday, March 29, 2008

My degree.. Hee... =)

12:55 PM

Green Tea Tiramisu..
I din try it but my colleagues said that it was very good too..

12:54 PM

Tofu Cheesecake..

12:52 PM

The rice has this little hour glass on it.. Supposedly, after a min is the best time to have your beef cos it is cooked nicely..

12:51 PM

The Beef and Foei Gras set...

12:46 PM

I obviously enjoyed my food too.. Hehe..

12:46 PM

Baby is obviously enjoying his Asian Butter Steak.. Haha..

12:45 PM

This was like from long ago when baby and I had a mini celebration for our 'Triple Happiness'

12:43 PM

Dione is down with food poisoning.. =( Been feeling nauseous since yesterday and started vomitting + diahorrea this morning.. Seen a doc and was told to eat porridge, no diary products, no spicy food and drink isotonic drinks to replace sodium chloride and water into my body.. Stuck @ home today.. Sighz..

Anywayz, it was my last day yesterday @ MAS.. Will be resting a week before starting on the 7th April @ Barcap.. Had mixed feelings when I left yesterday.. Was happy on one hand because I will be starting anew in the organization that I've been wanted to join but sad on the other hand the people in my division are pretty nice.. Well, I suppose I shld just look forward and concentrate on doing well in my upcoming position in Barcap.. =)

We had a division lunch on Thursday, which my colleague said was considered my farewell lunch.. We had lunch at Chijmes at this restaurant called 'Japanese Dining Sun'.. I think there are other outlets in Wheelock and Central but the restaurant there is named a little differently.. Called 'Sun with Moon Japanese Dining & Cafe'. I had this lunch set called Beef with Foei Gras.. I din even know wat Foei Gras was until my colleague told me it was duck liver, considered a delicacy French Restaurants.. Of course must try la.. The lunch was paid for using our division budget anyway.. Haha.. The set came with the rice, beef and foei gras, sashimi and a small bowl of udon.. The food was really, really good.. The Foei Gras tasted like chicken liver but was very soft.. The serving was pretty big so I only managed to finish half of the rice.. We also ordered different types of desserts to try.. There was one called 'Tofu Cheesecake', a speciality in the restaurant.. It was very, very good.. Not too cheesy and really soft and silky like tofu.. Haha.. Baby would love this.. Will go dinner there together with u one day k?

Such a short entry but in between I've already gone to the toilet twice.. =P Sighz... Some pictures..

12:29 PM

Monday, March 24, 2008

The sun was setting on our journey home...
This marks the end of our trip to Batam..
Till the next time... =)
Love you loads baby...

12:18 AM

@ the Batam Center Ferry Terminal waiting to go home...

12:17 AM

3 boxes of mechanical pencil lead we won @ Timezone..
Ooohh.. I'm wearing my new Puma jacket too.. Hee..

12:16 AM

Ooo... I'm craving for waffle ice-cream again!!
A&W's waffle ice-cream wins gelare's anytime..

12:14 AM

Wah so many TV channels!

12:13 AM

What else? Soccer of course!
His favourite team - Aston Villa...

12:12 AM

Wat's baby so engrossed with???

12:10 AM


12:08 AM

The cow I adopted home.. Hee..
One for every overseas trip... =)

12:07 AM

One of the T-shirts baby bought..
So farni...

12:06 AM

Our dinner - Crabs, Prawns, Fish and Vege..

12:04 AM

Our dinner - Crabs, Prawns, Fish and Vege..

12:04 AM

Coconut drink..
This coconut, for some reason or another tastes very good...

12:02 AM

Sunday, March 23, 2008

@ the seafood place...

11:55 PM

On the way back to hotel from Nagoya...

11:54 PM

Not too sure what it is.. Sold @ the hypermart..
But so colourful, so nice... =)

11:53 PM

Hmm... Fake KFC?? Lol...

11:51 PM

Potato Cheese Balls...

11:50 PM

Root Beer Float...

11:48 PM

Ice Cream!!! Cappuccino and Blue Mint Chocolate..
$1.50 only but really yummy!!

11:47 PM

On the bus to Nagoya...

11:46 PM

Extravegenza pizza.. Yummy...

11:45 PM

The couple hut...

11:44 PM

Our jacuzzi.. It's brown cos of the herbal stuff..
But the herbal leaves came out cos someone was playing 'grenade'... Lol

11:41 PM

This is where we did our spa...

11:38 PM

Our free one night stay gift voucher...

11:37 PM

Me and baby...

11:35 PM

In the lift...

11:33 PM

The answer?? Ta-da...

11:32 PM

Wow.. Such a big egg..
Wonder wat hatches out of it...

11:31 PM

11:30 PM

11:29 PM

I love u sign in the night..
Looks nicer wth the lights and all..

11:28 PM

Baby with a clown and an egg.. Lol...

11:27 PM

Me and baby...

11:25 PM

Watermelon and Mango Juice...

11:23 PM

Me and Baby...

11:22 PM

Our reserved table by the pool...

11:21 PM

I love you... Hee..

11:20 PM

三轮车,跑得快,上面坐个。。。 =P

11:18 PM

Batam's trishaw is different from the ones in sg...

11:17 PM

Me @ Batam...

11:15 PM