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Friday, May 30, 2008

helloz everyone.. hehe.. haven been updating blog.. bz, tired, lazy.. hehe.. more lazy than anything actually =P

went for cousin kevin's wedding last sunday @ Hyatt.. haven been to a wedding for ages.. lol.. think the previous one was like 3-4 years ago liaoz.. everyone kept saying next one should be me liaoz.. haha.. i also wish.. hopefully next yr.. =) anywayz, thanks to baby who went out of his way to fetch us back and forth from home to hotel and hotel to home.. he somemore waited till 11plus for the dinner to end to come fetch us home even though he was exhausted from working the previous day (baby worked from 9am till 230am on saturday! madness..) my baby is the sweetest! hee..

was @ the robinsons expo sale last weekend with mum, tues with baby and yesterday with nancy and kaili.. the sale was pretty good.. at least the first day i went it was quite good.. but by the time i went with baby, there wasn't anything that caught his eye.. probably most kenna snatched up by the shopaholic Singaporeans le ba.. haha..

talking about shopaholics... it's the Great Singapore Sale!! See so many sales around.. everywhere I walk I see the % sign.. haha.. makes my hand itchy but cannot buy!! save $$ save $$..

my official training dates in london is sept 15 - oct 10.. which means i can make it back in time for my birthday.. BUT boss told me he wants me to stay another 1-2 weeks, subject to approval, to work with the London people.. so it means i might have to spend my 25th birthday alone in london this year.. =( baby and I have decided he won't come over to london after i end my training and stuff.. cos the amount we will spend is going to be very helpful for our wedding and house so we'll save it for now and travel to europe in future.. top priority is our wedding and house first..

after i've started work, i start to see all kinds of people man.. got those really "fake" pple - in front of boss one person, in front of you another person, got those guys that whine like girls, got those pple who are not responsible - must chase, chase, chase then will do OR u escalate to their mgr then they do.. but of course there are also friendly and responsible people la.. just that.. really opens up my eye to reality man and wat others can do to succeed... *tsktsktsk*

ok la.. also dunno wat to say liaoz.. haha.. wish me luck for friday's basic theory test!!! =)

11:07 PM

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Baby bought a pot of mini roses for me..
But he'll take care of them.. Hee..

12:00 PM

We brought our mothers on an outing to the stretch of nurseries along Thomsom Road..

11:59 AM

Me and baby...

11:58 AM

The bull dog I gave to baby for his birthday..
Squashed up.. Lol...

11:55 AM

Doggie paws anti-slip mat...

11:54 AM

Our head lights and fog lights..
So bright.. Lol..

11:50 AM

Look! So cute.. We saw this on a wedding car..
Haha.. Note the handcuffs.. =P

11:48 AM

Night view... So pretty...
The Singapore Flyer looks so small from here lol..

11:47 AM

View from Swissotel 70th floor - Equinox
Welcome treat from colleague..

11:46 AM

I finally got my name plate after a month!!
That's like 630am in the morning which explains why the office looks so empty.. lol

11:45 AM

u-hoo... miss tay is @ home now.. cos on MC.. sprained my back muscle over the weekend.. cannot sit, stand, walk properly.. =P poor me..

haven been blogging for quite awhile liaoz.. cannot remember what happened oredi la.. haha..

but watched 2 movies in the past 2 weeks - drillbit taylor and what happened in vegas.. but also quite nice.. funny manz.. =P

we went to dress our new ride up last week end too... added fog lights, changed the lights to white, added a tachometer and also insulated our bonnet.. it's only the start lor.. lol.. in future we still wana change some stuff like add more meters and change the dashboard lights so that the car nice, nice.. we went to Autobacs @ Bt Batok to look @ the accessories and stuff too..

having my first practical lesson today hee.. then going for e-trial test after that.. doing the online e-learning now.. wish me luck!! =) tataz...

11:35 AM

Monday, May 12, 2008

feeling sleepy... it's only monday leh.. but sleepy oredi.. jalat.. =P it was a vvv tiring day today.. one on mc, one on leave, another bz with stuff so left me and the new intern to handle everything else.. din even have time for lunch =( the new intern must be thinking we torturing him.. first day only got no lunch to eat liaoz.. =P

something farni happened last week when baby and I had dinner @ Sakae Teppanyaki @ Bugis Junction.. We were sitting on one end of the semi-circle, this 2 other ladies were sitting at the other end.. we just started eating not long only, one of them walked over and passed me her phone.. i tot she wan to help them take picture or something.. then i saw this message on her hp.. (roughly remember only) "hi, this is something personal.. u 2 look very lovely together.. i had a bet with my aunt that you 2 are married.. are you?" lol.. then i showed baby the msg, he had already stopped paying attention to the lady thinking she was asking me to take pic and attacking his food.. when he saw the message he also laughed.. then we told her 'no'.. haha.. she lost the bet.. =P first time kenna this kinda thing.. think abt it also farni..

met nancy and kaili for dinner last week too @ Crystal Jade Bugis.. stoopid, kuku nancy almost kenna sued!! haha.. no la.. kidding oni.. kenna sue is i say one.. she was talking abt her colleagues la and got so agitated.. she was talking half way when suddenly she like raised her voice and she scared the auntie that was wiping the table behind her.. kaili and i both saw the aunty jump him lor.. so farni that we couldn't stop laughing.. even the crystal jade manager was laughing cos she saw the whole scene.. kuku ar.. wen rou abit leh.. aft really kenna sued by pple then u know.. wahaha..

had quite a few good dinners this weekend cos it was monther's day.. happy belated mummy's day to all mums!! on sat afternoon, we took baby's mum and family out for dim sum @ Marina Square.. We ordered to much food lor.. *faintz* besides the usual dim sum (we ordered like 4 kinds of chee cheong fun, har gow, siew mai, pork ribs, fried prawn & mango roll, scallop and prawn, soft shell crab.. and somemore but i cannot remember.. =P), we also ordered peiking duck, braised sharks' fin (for baby's mum), some vege and sweet and sour soup (for me).. was so freaking full lorz.. we bought a renoma bag for baby's mum and an angpow.. in the night, we had dinner with my family.. we had steamboat @ this place near bugis.. as expected, baby and I had very little food.. i was still very full and baby wasn't feeling too well so he also din eat much..

we went to watch 'Speed Racer' yesterday after baby and i woke up @ 1pm (we were playing monopoly with xiaodi till 3pm - baby won so much money that the bank was left with only 50s and 10s notes.. =.=') watched @ PS and we walked around before and after the movie.. i the movie was good.. rain's character was abit 'diao' la but overall, the plot gets thumbs up from me.. after the movie we drove back to fetch baby's mum and bro and headed to bedok for dinner with his grandma, uncles, aunts and cousins.. so happy to see Yu Qi (check out my chinese new yr pics to see who this cute little baby girl is).. she's so cute lor.. only 1 yrs old and she can call jie jie and kor kor.. but have to bluff her to call la.. use green tea to entice her then make her call u.. wahaha.. think she'll grow up to be a smart kid.. super like to eat sharks' fin.. haha.. choose oni the best hor?

school sent us our details for commencement in july liaoz.. must measure and order our graduation robes.. quite excited to wear the robes and officially grad on that day.. after all studied for 3.5 years and strived to hard for this degree.. =)

ok la.. i'm going to study liaoz.. for my basic theory.. next week is my first lesson + e-trial test le.. must jiayou.. hee..

8:34 PM