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Saturday, August 08, 2009

Been a long time since I blogged (seems like my recent blog posts all start with this same phrase.. Haha..)

It was xiaomei's birthday yesterday so first of all.. HAPPY BIRTHDAY BABE! (I already wished her, so this is not considered late.. I'm just putting it in writing.. =P) We had dinner last weekend @ Watami ION Orchard to celebrate her birthday.. The food there was not bad.. Hee.. Ate quite alot.. Their food items are mostly small dishes meant for sharing.. So we ordered alot of small dishes.. Love their desserts! =D They had a promotion whereby they will give you 50% of your bill in cash vouchers for your next visit.. So dad gave me some and told me to bring baby there for food another day cos baby had to work and couldn't join us.. We also bought a Crumpler bag for xiaomei for her present and had swensen's ice-cream cake last night! Hope u enjoyed ur 22nd birthday girl.. =D

Baby and I headed to Watami on Wednesday to have dinner.. We had to queue like 1 hr plus to get seats.. = I think it was cos the promotion was still ongoing.. But the food made up for the wait.. We paid $10 for the whole dinner (got $50 cash vouchers) and had like 10 dishes of food.. So full!!

Baby and I headed to Swensens ION for their ice-cream buffet yesterday.. They are having a 1-for-1 promotion till September.. Really worth it to go! 50 flavours of ice-cream, tons of toppings and they also have waffles, cakes and fondue.. They even have cold stone there! I only managed to stuff 10 scoops of ice-cream and half a waffle.. Baby had the same too (but he had dinner before that so u know who's the one with the biggest stomach).. I think it's only worth it to go if it's 1-for-1 promotion.. If it's their original price ($18.90) then it's not so.. Unless u are a big ice-cream eater..

So excited about next month, cos I'm probably going to get new phone when my contract reaches 20 months.. Hehe.. Haven exactly decided which phone to get but am leaning towards HTC Touch Diamond 2 and Baby's leaning towards Blackberry Bold.. =D

Will be going to watch movie marathon laterz.. Hangover, GI Joe and then Where got ghost.. Hehe.. Baby's working right now (he is doing part-time ERA, so any buy/sell/rent pls intro, intro.. thanks! hee =D) and will be meeting him in the evening @ Vivo.. Haven watched movies lately cos baby has been pretty busy with his new committment.. But it's ok, it's for our future mahz.. =D

Alrighty, I'm gonna surf around and do stuff (dunno what) Haha.. Till the next time I post.. =D

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