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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Thanks baby..
For a wonderful, wonderful birthday this year!
*Muaks* Love ya loadz!!

11:31 PM

Me and baby..

11:31 PM

Dessert (Baby's)
Freshly baked warm chocolate cake served with ice-cream
*see the chocolate oozing out??

11:30 PM

Dessert (mine)
Japanese 'mua-chi' ice-cream with red bean

11:29 PM

Can't wait to put them on.. Lol..

11:28 PM

Pretty, pretty earrings..

11:27 PM

Another birthday present from baby!

11:26 PM

From now one.. One candle on my cake is enough..
Haha.. Keep my age a secret..

11:25 PM

Making a wish..
It's belated but I hope it comes true.. Hee..

11:24 PM

Flowers from baby..
12 roses and 12 daisies.. =D

11:23 PM

Complimentary cheesecake from Dozo.. =D

11:23 PM

Baby drinks from the pot.. Lol

11:22 PM

I drink from the cup..

11:21 PM

Iced fruity refresher
Really very refreshing..

11:20 PM

I'm enjoying mine too!
Down to my last piece of beef..

11:18 PM

Baby thoroughly enjoying his main course..

11:18 PM

Beef tenderloin on 'pu-ye' & granite hot stone
Highly recommended by the waiter there..
The beef is placed on a pu-ye leaf to increase its fragrance
Underneath is a piece of stone heated to 200 degrees..
You can then cook the meat on your own depending on how u like it..
*thumbs up*

11:16 PM

Soup (Baby's)
Seafood bisque

11:15 PM

Soup (Mine)
Infusion of cepes mushroom and truffle
That black thingy in that tiny spoon is black truffle..
Really nice! Hee..

11:14 PM

Side Dish (Baby's)
Grantinated escargots topped with garlic and yuzu butter

11:13 PM

Side Dish (Mine)
Steamed egg custard with scallop and foie gras topped with caviar

11:12 PM

Cold Dish (Baby's)
Succulent king crab claw salad drizzled with sesame vinaigrette

11:10 PM

Cold Dish (Mine)
Air flown seasonal sashimi platter

11:09 PM

Chef's seasonal assorted platter
(smoked salmon, scallop & foie gras)

11:07 PM

Baby drinking tea..

11:07 PM

Mango Sorbet drink..
Nice and refreshing..

11:05 PM

In the lift going up to Dozo..

11:02 PM

Hands not steady enough.. Lol..

11:01 PM


11:00 PM

Baby in a "hoodie"
Note the logo - AVFC.. Lol..

10:59 PM

Cutie piggie..

10:59 PM

View from the top...

10:58 PM

Thanks baby! For the wonderful weekend!

10:57 PM

On top of the world.. =D

10:55 PM

They give u a map of the surroundings..
But in the dark abit difficult to see lol..

10:53 PM

In the cabin..

10:52 PM

From light, we queued till dark.. Lol..

10:52 PM

Waiting to take picture..

10:51 PM

Look @ the queue!!

10:51 PM

Strong arms, strong legs... Haha..

10:50 PM

Singapore Flyer balloon.. Haha..
So cute..

10:48 PM

Me and baby..

10:47 PM

Me and baby..

10:45 PM

Ze Singapore Flyer..

10:44 PM

Our car has become a true blue Aston Villa's fan's car..

10:42 PM

Baby's wish is to hold this up high at Villa Park during a Villa match..

10:41 PM

Aston Villa fan..

10:40 PM

Yet another AVFC sticker..

10:38 PM

Another AVFC sticker on the rear window..

10:37 PM

AVFC disc window sticker..
Used for our HDB carpark tag..

10:36 PM