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Monday, April 30, 2007

Sick. Terribly sick.

Fever, flu, cough, sore throat. Lethargic. Tired.

Been doing work cos Thurs and Fri got KM presentation have to finish up.

Going to bed now.

Please let me be well tmr.. I wanna go watch Spiderman 3!

Pics have to be delayed again.

11:23 PM

Sunday, April 29, 2007


Hehe.. Just minutes before 12am, managed to post in this entry..

Was busy the past week making chocolates and trying to bake a birthday cake for baby.. Black Forest to be exact.. Found the recipie off the Internet.. The chocolates were pretty easy to make, the cake however was a little tricky, but still managed to pull it off with the help of my mama.. Ok for a first attempt on this kinda cake.. My previous experiences were all those off the shelf mixture.. This time, I really made the cake using flour, eggs etc...

Did the chocolates on Tues, Wed and Thursday (cos got limited molds so must divide into different batches to do..) and baked the cake on Friday.. Took like 5 hours plus to finish it.. :P Brought the cake over to baby's place on Saturday and met baby after his work and headed to PS.. We were going for hi-tea with his colleagues to celebrate his birthday, crystal's birthday (3rd May) and Rong Tai's last day.. Baby ordered a cake (Chocolate Banana) @ Secret Recipe for his colleagues and also wrote Crystal's name on it so they could celebrate together... There were like 13 of us @ Secret Recipe and the manager was nice enough to let us have a corner to have our mini celebration cos initially when I ordered the cake, he was reluctant to agree to letting us celebrate it there cos the place was so small and we were gonna cut our cake around lunch time when the crowd was coming in.. Guess he changed his mind cos I was saying I'll just pop over to Swensens to order the cake since they couldn't give us a space :P He kept walking over to check on us when we were celebrating.. Not sure he was just checking whether we needed anything or he was trying to pressure us to hurry up and leave..

After we had the cake (which was pretty filling) and Crystal and Baby received their presents (Crystal's present was teddy from Build a Bear Workshop wearing soccer jersey. We also named the bear Iker Casillas whom is her favourite soccer player).. We took an MRT to Orchard.. We were going to Carousel @ Royal Plaza on Scotts for hi-tea, we reached pretty early, so we walked around @ Far East Plaza before heading to Carousel @ 330pm for our buffet.. The spread was not too bad.. The quality was so-so only though.. The food was mostly Asian food with quite a wide variety of desserts that ranges from fruits to cakes to desserts and chocolate fondue.. We ate and talked.. The only problem was the table they gave us was very long and not everyone could talk to everyone.. It would be better if the table could be round.. But then again.. dun even know whether they got such big table for 13 persons.. :P After we all had our fill, we started taking pictures and baby also opened the presents that he received.. He got an Adidas jacket from his department, a King Arthur's replica sword from the temps and another Forever Friends Bear from Crystal the 傻妹... Earlier during work, he also received presents from Nancy, Nana, Jasimin, Irene, Sharon and Yati who combined to get him a Stitch speaker and a piggy that sways his head from side to side..

After hi-tea, Baby, Brian, Bryan and Xueqian went to Cineleisure for pool whereas Crystal, Jennifer and I went to walk around. They needed to change their SGD to Yen cos they were going on a trip to Japan this Thurs (Remember to buy present for me!) Crystal also needed to buy a bag, footwear and a jacket so we walked around together to shop for those stuff.. We walked around Heeren and Paragon and Crystal managed to get her bag and slippers @ Flash and Splash.. Baby and gang were finished with pool by the time we were almost done with our shopping, we then shared cabs and headed home..

@ 12 midnight, I handed Baby his first present, a box of chocolates.. Then followed by his 2nd present, a t-shirt from Levis and thirdly, a Braun Bruffel wallet. I am known to be unable to keep secrets from Baby.. I really should pat myself on the back for being able to keep the t-shirt and wallet a secret.. The chocolates were supposed to be a secret too but dumbo me let the cat outta the bag days before his birthday.. :P

Baby went for his bike lesson early this morning.. He fell down during his lesson cos some idiot from the back knocked into him.. He said he fell on his right and skidded a little.. He had scratches on his right arm and a bad scratch on his shoulder cos it rubbed against the kerb.. So poor thing.. Sigh.. Xin tong sia.. Stoopid idiot.. Caused my baby to fall.. *bish bish*

We relaxed @ home and went out for dinner with Baby's mum and bro.. We went to Bedok's 511 for dinner.. Really ordered alot of food sia.. Crayfish, deer meat, toufu, curry fishhead, stingray and vegetables.. My tummy was bursting after all the food we ate manz.. We were so full that after reaching home, we had to delay cake cutting till a few hrs later :P Finally @ 1030, we cut baby's 24th year old birthday cake baked by me.. Each one of us oni ate a small piece cos we were still very full from dinner.. But overall I think the cake came out quite well.. Hee.. At least, all of them commented it was good and nobody said it tasted bad.. :P

Anyway, dear baby, hope you enjoyed your birthday celebration this weekend and liked all the presents that you received.. Till next year! Maybe I shall attempt to bake u a cake in the shape of your face next year.. Hehe.. Then I'll have to 闭关修炼 for 365 days liaoz.. =P Love ya loadz..

Pictures.. loads of them coming up.. (On second thoughts, I think I'll post them tomorrow.. Cos really sleepy liaoz.. :P)

11:48 PM

Friday, April 27, 2007

Doing a search of my name 'Dione' brings up these results

Dione dee oh NEE (u mean this is how u really pronounce my name?)

The Mother of Aphrodite
Dione is one of the more mysterious Greek goddesses. Some believe that she is the personification of a more ancient Mother Goddess (Goddess of the Oak, from Asia Minor) and that the Greeks simply adopted her into their pantheon.
If that’s not vague enough, Dione is also said to be the feminine name of Zeus. When Aphrodite greets Dione as ‘mother’ we can only guess at what that actually means.


Wispy Star Moon

Size: 1,120 kilometers - 4th largest moon of Saturn
Orbital radius: 377,400 kilometers - 6.26 Saturn radii - within the E ring
Orbital period: 2.737 days - about 1/6 of
Titan'sDiscovery: 1684 by Giovanni Domenico Cassini

Dione's globe is dominated by a star-like pattern of bright "wispy terrain" -- or so it appeared from the Voyagers' distant views. It was long speculated that the wispy terrain represented relatively fresh volcanic flows of icy material. Close views from Cassini have revealed that the wisps are not volcanic features at all. They are exposed cliff faces, a terrain created by the fracturing and faulting of Dione's surface. In fact, there are fractures to be seen everywhere on Dione, representing multiple generations of tectonic events. Some slice up craters, while others have craters superimposed on them.


Cool.. I'm a goddess and a moon.. I'm also a leading supplier of stand-alone hybrid card, an asteroid, a mount faucet (is that like a tap?)... Hee.. Just being bored.. =P

1:27 PM

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

bz bz dione.. so tiring.. so much stuff to do lor.. morning till night I'm occupied.. that's for doing so many things at one time =P

also becos baby's birthday is this sunday.. so bz bz preparing surprises too hee.. but i'm enjoying the moment, wondering how he will look when i present him with his surprise.. just hope that the surprises come out right.. =P

got five outta six results oredi.. heng I got one A+ which covered my B+s and managed to maintain my GPA.. Hopefully the last module I get at least A- if not GPA will drop liaoz =P

ok la.. i need to go back to doing my surprise liaoz.. =P hee.. wish me luck!

12:33 AM

Monday, April 23, 2007

Me and Baby...

1:01 AM

Me, Baby Danny and Baby Danish...

12:59 AM

I was the one holding camera this time.. Hee..

12:52 AM

The going-to-be-a-year-older baby...

12:49 AM

The player charging.. Ok.. I'm not that good in photography.. Lol..

12:48 AM

The player and the.. err.. CD..

12:45 AM

Kpoh Devin also want to 凑热闹...

12:43 AM

Baby and his new Samsung K3...

12:41 AM

Happy 81st Month! =)

12:37 AM

@ Bugis Junction...

12:31 AM

Mud Ooze.. We had one each.. Sinfully but yummy.. Hee..

12:27 AM

My Fish Cordon Bleu...

12:25 AM

Baby's "Old Macdonald had a Farm"

12:15 AM

My sweet chocolate heart sprinkled with Macadamia Hearts.. Yummy =)

12:11 AM

My chocolate heart (Lighting was quite bad)

12:08 AM

Sunday, April 22, 2007

time flies.. so fast sunday oredi ar? Summer modules starts next week.. Tues, Thurs and Fri 830 classes for me.. The other days are reserved for FYP meetings.. Gonna work for a day or two too..

had a great dinner @ Miss Clarity Cafe on our 81st month anniversary on Friday.. Hehe.. Baby cut his hair and gave me a surprise when I saw him.. His hair looks much neater and nicer now.. Very handsome.. Haha.. I got another 2 surprises too.. Baby made a heart shaped chocolate for me.. He said he spent 2 nights doing experiments and made four in total... He woke up every hour on Thursday night to check on the chocos.. He gave me his most successful masterpiece.. The rest which were too sticky, he brought them to work for his colleagues to try hehe.. It was sprinkled with macadamia nuts.. my favourite! Yummy.. He also wrote me a very sweet letter and gave me a hp ornament which has my name in a tiny test tube.. =) Thanks baby for all your efforts and the sweet gifts.. Love them so much!

After dinner, we headed to Bugis to get baby's birthday present, his Samsung K3... Just the day before, I checked with the staff at Power Hub (or is it house) @ level 3 and they told me they had a few sets left.. But when we went there, they told us the 2gb one was sold out.. cos some ang moh came and bought 5 sets at one go.. Diaoz.. So we took a bus to Suntec City where we bought the player @ Courts... We walked around then headed home... Baby stayed over @ my place..

The next day we went to Bugis for some pool and then to look for some presents for baby's colleagues and also a pouch for his mp3 player.. Din find anything nice there so we went to Tampines where I was supposed to meet Nancy to visit Karmalis and her new born baby.. Baby finally managed to find a Billabong pouch for his new mp3 player.. After meeting Nancy, Baby headed home while Nancy and I went to Karmalis's house.. Her elder kid, Danish was sooo cute.. Kids at his age (about 2 yrs old) are generally cute I think.. He kept talking but nobody understood what he was saying.. Her other baby, Danny was really tiny cos he was born prematured but his face was really the photocopy of his daddy... We stayed for around 2 hours plus then me and Nancy headed to Tampines Mall for dinner @ Ajisen Ramen.. There, we talked about some idiot who 2-timed 2 of my very good friends and turned them into enemies.. Totally hate this kinda guys.. Now he's trying to sell insurance to one of my friends who din know he cheated on her when they were together.. What an asshole... $^#%$%&

Anyway, after dinner, we walked around to look for a mutual friend's present (dun dare say name cos scared she read my blog =P) Baby came at about 10pm to meet us and we sat at Macs and talked till about 11plus then we left.. Took a cab and gave nancy a lift... Baby came to my place again cos he wanted to watch Man U's match on ESPN..

Today, after we woke up, we went to Vivo City and had Carl's Jr for lunch, we then walked around and managed to get the presents that he was supposed to get for his colleages (birthday and farewell gifts - cannot mention what present cos scared they see the blog also lol...) After that we went to Tampines Mall, walked around and had dinner before heading back to baby's place where baby started on his new hobby.. Hehe.. Shall keep the secret till he finishes his first masterpiece =)

Alrighty.. pictures..

11:31 PM

Friday, April 20, 2007

i am so bored... having ASP.Net training in school for my FYP now.. But there's something wrong with the software I installed so there is nothing I can do except listen (but i'm not doing that either) =P

Waiting for 615pm to reach.. Meeting baby for our anniversary dinner.. Can't wait to end this boring training... =P

Oni got back 1 outta 6 modules.. Got A- for the first one.. but am expecting quite a few Bs this semester.. Physical science, marketing information system, ethics... sigh..

alrighty.. better go back to listening.. =P

1:36 PM

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Yugui, Karway and me..

12:58 AM

This is called the mud ooze.. with warm chocolate cake and sauce and a scoop of ice-cream on top.. Super sinful but super nice!

12:51 AM

The birthday girl...

12:46 AM


12:41 AM

Chicken cordon bleu.. Nice..

12:38 AM

Cream of veggie soup.. Nice..

12:27 AM

Yugui, Karway and me...

12:18 AM

Shuli and meiyun drinking soup...

12:14 AM

Celebrating Yugui's belated birthday @ Clarity Cafe...
Shuli, Meiyun, Lihui, Robin, Yugui, Karway and moi...

12:07 AM

Monday, April 16, 2007

Me and baby...

12:25 AM

Ooohhh.. so cute.. *pinch pinch* Eh who's that kpoh behind us?

12:22 AM

Crystal singing.. One of her very few songs...

12:20 AM

招牌动作 again! XQ and baby...

12:12 AM

Me and Baby

12:07 AM

Baby and nancy... (Everyone is influenced by Crystal's 招牌动作)

12:01 AM

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Crystal and Baby with the song 招牌动作 playing in the background.. Lol..

11:59 PM

Wat we all looking at?
Dunno.. Ask the director... :P

11:54 PM

What is XQ looking at?

11:52 PM

What is Nancy looking at?

11:48 PM

What am I looking at?

11:46 PM

Baby and Xueqian

11:43 PM

Nancy and me @ PS Gelare...

11:42 PM

My dear baby...

11:37 PM

Yipee... Exams are over... As of yesterday.. Hee..

Went for KTV @ Cuppage Party World with baby, nancy, crystal and xq after my paper yesterday.. The paper yesterday was like a 'no brainer' la! It was not testing our knowledge, it was just testing us on how fast we can find the answers in the textbook and how fast we could copy the answers onto the answer script.. The paper on Friday was a killer though.. Sigh.. I hate science.. :P

Anyway, after yesterday's paper @ 4pm, went to meet baby, nancy and xq @ Raffles MOS... Our booking was @ 7pm so we had some time to spare... We then decided to walk over to Cuppage lor.. We slowly walked from Raffles to my school where I gave them a tour since I needed to stuff the two textbooks I had into my locker... Then we walked to PS where we walked around abit then went to Gelare! Hehe.. (THREE MINUS ONE = TWO GELARE TREATS still owed) Oredi spotted baby's birthday present le.. Tested and tried and baby likes it too so set on getting it liaoz.. Samsung K3..

We went to Cuppage where we met Crystal then we went to sing and sing and sing.. Lol.. It was a great way to celebrate the end of my papers la.. Haha.. Now it's the 4 month holiday break.. But won't be a relaxing one cos gotta do my Final Year Project. In addition, must try to complete my 80 hours of community service, take a summer module and also do some part time.. Only looking forward to my Phuket trip.. Hee.. Alrighty.. Pictures...

11:13 PM

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Bad day. Very bad day.

Speechless. Hurts everywhere.

Going to bed... =(

11:51 PM

All study and no play makes Dione a bored girl...

Ahhh... I hate exams...

I'm going out now =P

BTW, Happy Birthday Yugui! =)

4:59 PM

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Bought this voodoo doll for baby to prevent office backstabbers.. Hee..

4:08 PM

baby owes me THREE Gelare treats (anything I want to order also can).. =P

3:59 PM

Look @ Baby high, high up there... So dangerous man.. You better be careful when you have to go dig those documents ar baby!

12:33 AM

Proof that I really did win Baby in Winning Eleven.. Thats me with 2 goals on the right! Hehe..

12:31 AM


12:29 AM

Kpoh but still very 可爱 Boby..

12:24 AM

Boby takes revenge and crushes small piggie...

12:18 AM

Big Piggie crushing poor Boby...

12:14 AM

Monday, April 09, 2007

2 new additions to the 胖胖俱乐部.. One for baby to hug in bed, the other for him to hug in the office... =)

11:39 PM

i must applaud my bro and give him a real big pat on the back man.. I was craving for tau huay (actually I crave for tau huay like almost everyday..) and when I opened the fridge, there they were, boxes of tau huay.. Haha.. Needless to say.. my bro went to buy them.. cos he's also addicted to them like me hee...

went to OG and got the luggage bag for baby today.. One 25" and 20" costing $49.90... I think it should be ok ba... Cos like use once or twice every year.. =) Also bought wrapping paper from pasar malam.. Haha.. $0.10 per sheet for Winnie the Pooh designs... Bought like 10... I not as crazy as my mum, she bought like 60! Lol..

Anyways, forgot that got pics to upload this afternoon.. Hee.. Here they are...

11:14 PM

It's a boring Monday... Been trying to read my textbook for Friday's paper but just cannot concentrate leh.. All the protons, neutrons, electrons.. Omg.. Why did I get myself into this mess???

Ethics paper last Thursday was also crap.. I barely managed to finish my 2 questions before rushing off to print and submitting in school. I totally hope the class din do well on the whole (alot of frens under the same prof mentioned the barely made it before it was time for submission) then he would moderate the marks.. Argh.. I went to see the doc in school after submitting the paper too cos I was having some weird rashes on my hands and legs which surfaces then disappears and keeps repeating the cycle.. The doctor said it was because my body was in "high combat mode" (this doc is really weird) after my chix pox so anything small would cause big reactions in my body... he said I was stressed up and had some stress egzymas (dunno how to spell) therefore got rashes.. So he asked me to go watch a movie during the weekend.. he mentioned 300 cos it was very good and the guys had abs which he was hoping he would get in future (he's really weird isn't he?) Anyway.. got a tube of cream and 2 types of pills for this consultation.. And my mum, whiles clearing the kitchen threw away my pills.. Zzzz...

Went to watch then evening show of Mr Robinsons on Friday then went to Bedok 85 for dinner.. Was planning to have ba chor mee.. but then the waiting time was like an hr! So ended up we ate hokkien mee, oyster omelette, bbq chicken wings and an otah. We were going to baby's place for mj together with xq and nancy... Nancy, who stayed a few blocks away from 85 was supposed to be ready by the time we finished dinner and XQ was supposed to be there to pick us up in his dad's car by the time we finished. XQ came on time, but when we called Nancy.. she said.. she haven bathe!! Wah piang.. so we went to NTUC to get some titbits and drinks before driving over to Nancy's blk to wait for her at the carpark.. We played mj till about 7 or so.. Then me and baby concussed on the bed and went to slp lol.. We slept from 730 till 1730.. 10 whole hours haha.. It was a good slp man..

After which we woke up, had a little dinner and played a little Winning Eleven (I managed to win one game!!!) then we went to Lavender Food Court where baby was craving for their prawn noodles, western food, bbq stingray and dim sum whiles I was craving for 田鸡粥.. Of course we din order so much food la! We shared prawn noodles and 田鸡粥 forgoing the rest.. Bought some supper for mum and dad then proceeded home to watch the Man U match.. We slept at around 230 and woke up @ 1130 the next moring.. 9 hours! We are really pigs man.. Hee..

We had lunch then went to the temple @ Geylang to 拜 baby's ah ma cos it was her 忌日.. We left around 230 to go to the John Little Mega Expo Sale.. There was really alot of stuff there and cheap too but nothing really interested us so we left empty handed.. Went to TM to watch 'Shooter' and managed to get eat my Pastamania! Hee.. The show was really good I think.. Walked around to get another of his colleague a birthday gift and we also went to puzzle world to look at puzzles.. Wanted to get a 1000/2000 piece puzzle to fix together but then.. there wasn't really a very nice design that we both liked.. So we din get any in the end.. After the movie, we went back.. Baby realised his stupid alarm wasn't working so I set my alarm @ 530 to wake him up in case he couldn't wake.. I was quite worried cos I was afraid I couldn't wake up too =P So I tried to stay up till 530 studying my science but promptly fell asleep at about 4 I think.. Lucky I managed to wake up at 530 still and woke baby up.. Concussed and slept till 12 plus..

Ooo.. time flies.. It's 330 le.. I'm going to bathe then head to bugis to check out the luggage bags.. Hee.. Nobody would believe I'm having my exams man.. =P Ciao...

3:07 PM

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Me and baby - Does my head look like it's popping out of nowhere?

1:13 PM

We nv fail to take pictures of ourselves.. =P

1:12 PM

Crystal, XQ, Me and Baby...

1:10 PM

Baby and Superman Xueqian

1:09 PM