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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Julia's last day @ our place..

12:47 AM

Big O and Boo Boo..
Cheese cake and Chocolate cake.. *Yummy

12:41 AM

Hazelnut Elephanchino..

12:37 AM

Twins! Haha.. Baby and the gorilla..
But baby still the most handsome.. Hehe..

12:34 AM

Wash away our bad luck..
Here comes our good luck! =)

12:31 AM

At Suntec's Fountain of Wealth...

12:28 AM

Godiva Chocolixir - Dark Chocolate Raspberry
Must try! Available at Vivo, Citylink and Taka!

12:24 AM

Baby, Julia, Xiaomei and Xiaodi

12:20 AM

Baby after survery...

12:17 AM

Baby on the day he admitted..

12:16 AM

Cutie-pie Julia..
Cross Shih Tzu and Jack Russel..

12:14 AM

My last day @ SMU..
With Martin, Woei Lin and Nicholas...

12:10 AM

Monday, November 26, 2007

it has been tiring past 3 days.. been working 3pm at Shang and ending really late.. Friday and Saturday was oki but yesterday was TERRIBLE.. worst day of my life as a clerk in Shang.. It was never so bad before.. even when I worked part time for 3 years the previous time.. It was Mr It's last day yesterday and obviously, he wasn't much of a help.. I was left pretty much to do everything and the phone was driving me nuts because it kept ringing and ringing!! Was so bz that I actually did not call enough taxis for the 1230 transport! 10 cabs! Sorry everyone who had to pay for their own cab fare first.. Was really careless of me.. Jason had to go down to help me settle - Sorry and thanks for helping me.. The whole office was in a mess... *rolls eyes* It was a really bad, bad day.. 1 clerk to 100 staff.. *faintz*

Baby has been waiting up till wee hours in the morning for me to reach home safely before he goes to bed.. Silly him, he even came over on Saturday night to wait up for me.. Thanks baby... Love u to bits.. =) But do go to bed when u are tired oki! I'll be safe and sound one.. =)

Went to watch 'Enchanted' today with baby @ Suntec then had dinner @ NYDC.. We also tried Godiva's Chocolixir for the first time.. *thumbs up* Pretty expensive but definitely worth the money.. =) Today was sort of a celebration for baby's successful operation and my soon-to-be graduate status.. hehe..

Julia (the doggie cousin left in our care) has gone back home.. *sobz* sad to see her go.. she's so adorable.. even baby also finds her so cute.. but her 7 day stint @ our house was a good thing cos ma has finally allowed us to get a dog!! But must be after CNY.. Anyone has any lobang for puppies, please let me know!!! Dun mind any breed, as long as it's not those big sized one.. i love doggies.. (Baby is first of course)

Can't wait for the Bangkok trip.. Shop, Shop, Shop, Shop.. Hee..

Oki, shall stop here.. Abit lazy.. so short update oni =)

11:33 PM

Thursday, November 22, 2007

at baby's place now.. just discharged from the hospital this afternoon.. he's slping now.. probaby cos his medicine causing him to be sleepy.. the doc said that the surgery went well and he needs to be on the sling for 3 weeks and go for physio.. he's feeling a little pain now and then and cannot really move his head, neck and right shoulder freely.. just glad that he's alright.. =)

Went to MAS in the morning to return the offer letter today.. met with the department head as well.. was wondering why he wanted to speak to me but realise it's cos he hasn't gotten a chance to talk to me before.. therefore since i will be at MAS to return the offer letter, he took the chance to find out more about me.. he's a pretty nice man.. =) he wun be my direct boss though.. he's my boss's boss.. i also realise today tt MAS has a KTV room for employees to book.. waahahaha.. starting work on 8 Jan.. it's time to have fun and play! *whee =)

2:44 PM

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

So cute.. Haha...

12:50 AM

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

*dancing.. baby just sms me and he's out of surgery and fine.. =) Finally can heave a sigh of relief.. I kept calling the hospital after 5pm to check whether he is back in the ward for surgery.. The nurse told me not yet, not yet.. But when I called @ 7pm, the nurse said he was already out at 3 plus.. Make me worry like mad.. Dunno why take so long sia.. But I shall forgive the nurses =P Cos I'm just happy that baby is fine.. =)

Yipee.. Last class in SMU.. No more exams too =) Wahahaha.. Dione is a happy girl...

7:33 PM

i'm 1/4 happy and 3/4 worried now..

happy cos it's my last day in SMU (I got no exams!) and cos geraldine cuzzie will be bring her doggie over tonight for us to take care of cos she will be overseas.. =) Never had a chance to have a dog @ home cos mum hates them.. this will prob be the first and last time..

worried cos baby is in surgery as i blog now.. stayed over his place yesterday so that can accompany him to hospital this morning.. admitted @ around 8 plus this morning.. then waited for his op.. was supposed to be @ 1030 but cos there was an emergency case, so his op was pushed back.. waited till around 12pm and suddenly everything came so fast - baby had to change, answer some qns from the nurse, get onto the bed then they pushed him to the operation theatre oredi.. wanted to cry but i tahan cos I know baby is worried about the op and I dowan to put additional stress on him by letting him see me worried so i just smile smile and told him everything will be ok.. although I know he will be well taken care of, but still worried.. after he went into the op theatre, me and baby's ma went for lunch, then i left for school cos got presentation coming up.. assuming he starts his op @ 1pm, the nurse said it'll take around 3 hours.. he'll finish @ 4pm and it'll take another 2 hours for the anaesthesia effect to wear off.. he should be awake around 6, 7 pm.. told him to call me as soon as he can..

2:07 PM

Monday, November 19, 2007

i totally hate this bitch lor.. so full of herself.. she is in the wrong yet she go bitch about others about us.. wah piangz.. we have been so nice to her already and she apologised to us.. means she knows she is in the wrong.. she still dare to bitch abt us to others.. wth! we have decided that we are not going to bother abt her.. waste our efforts.. we will just give her a ZERO for her contribution.. Or rather, a 3% for the ONE out of FIVE times she came for our meeting.. Argh.. As usual, she is NOT coming today.. Whatever.. it's not like we are being mean.. I just don't like it that she is defaming and bitching about us.. If she is not happy, she shld just tell us.. bitch sia.. why do such people exist? First time I encounter such a person in SMU manz..=P Wonder how she survived her 3 years man...

1:52 PM

This post is specially for my beloved baby:

Dearest Baby,

I'm sure you are feeling a little scared because of your operation on Tuesday. If it were me, I'll be terrified to death. But don't worry! Ur beloved Dione will be supporting u! When you recover, we'll go eat lotsa chocolates, ice-cream, cheese fries, ba-chor mee, hokkien mee.. what ever you like to eat.. =) Of course, I'll be feeding my 独臂侠.. Whatever it is you are worry about, don't worry anymore ok? I know it's easier said than done cos I'm not in your shoes but really, there is no need to worry! Just remember ur fat piggy loves u loadz and will be waiting for u to stuff food into her mouth again alright?!?

Love u loadz and loadz,
Ur dearest piggy =)

12:07 AM

Sunday, November 18, 2007

2 more days of school with 1 test, 2 presenations and one community service report and I'll be saying bye-bye to SMU... =) Time flies.. Gonna graduate le.. Growing old le too.. =P I'm just glad I managed to find a job before I grad and not worry about it.. Have decided to accept MAS liao.. The pay is very significantly higher than what SIA is offering and I think the prospects are much better since I'll be under the Graduate Officer Program.. Will be in the Specialist Risk Supervision Department but not sure which division yet.. But it's generally auditing the banks.. Once I sign the offer, will start work on the 8th Jan, the next day after I come back from my BBk trip.. Must enjoy myself to the fullest in BKK then come back.. =P

Went to work on Friday... The stoopid printer was spoilt and I had signage, tent cards and place cards to print. In the end, went to Events Dept to borrow one of their computers to print.. Everyone seems unfamiliar.. The oni person I recognise in Events department so far is Jennifer.. I know Kobe still works there but haven seen her yet.. Probably cos I always work the later shifts ba.. Everything is a little weird back at bqt.. Some people's attitudes are weird, the way some things work are weird, the way some people work are weird and the hearsay of wat other people say are weird.. Whatever it is, it really doesn't matter to me, because I'm just back to help as much as I can and to earn money.. So people, pls be nice..

shall go slp le.. else baby will nag =P Tmr gotta wake up early.. Nitey..

11:50 PM

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

The picture is so dark because the place is so dark...

11:38 PM

Tiger den with lotsa Tigers..
As in the gluping tiger, not the roaring tiger..

11:36 PM

Me, Dennis, Sunshine and Martin (Our TA) outside St James

11:33 PM


11:32 PM

Me and baby's ma..

11:24 PM

Baby and his bro @ Swensens

11:17 PM

feeling so freaking tired.. late nights, early mornings, work and school is not working out so well for me.. become 100% pig liao.. must sleep lotz.. will head to bed after i finish blogging..

let's start from monday.. met baby after class and watched 'Game Plan' followed by 'The Bee Movie'.. The 'Game Plan' was good.. but the bee movie a little lame.. or maybe I just dun really like the story line.. haha.. After which, met baby's ma and bro @ Bugis for Swensens dinner and of course my long-awaited EARTHQUAKE! Hehe.. *Happy girl* Went walking around Bugis before heading home with a bloated tummy..

went with baby on tuesday morning to visit his repaired bike.. total cost is 1.6k *faintz* but the boss allowed us to pay by installments so not so bad.. but baby cannot ride his bike home.. will have to be a while before he can do that.. probably get his cousin to ride it home for him when he's back from overseas since he's the named sub-rider.. after which baby sent me to school.. we were early so we had some bubble tea before i went for class and he headed home.. Left Lit and Tech early @530pm to head to St James Power station for our site visit (YES! Visiting St James was part of our school curriculum! Haha..) It was a pretty interesting visit, i'm not a clubber and dun frequent places like st james or MOS or Zouk.. But listening to the COO talk about the design of each club, alot of science went into it, how the people flow, where the bar is, where and how mirrors are placed, accoustics, limited spaces.. it was really an eye-opener.. now i know it's not as simple as getting a space, put some tables, chairs, a bar, some lights and there u have club.. =P Should go with baby there one weekday night to chill out.. they've got a bar just for couples to sit and watch performances.. =) Ended about 930pm then headed to Shang to print my voucher.. Hate bus 190, it was so freaking crowded that I had to walk from the MRT to shang! I am not LAZY k.. but i was in HEELS! Argh.. anyway, managed to make my way to shang, chit-chat a little with nancy (pretty quiet night) then left for home..

went with baby to see the specialist today @ CGH.. baby finally decided to do the surgery which is scheduled for next Tuesday.. apparently, if he doesn't go for surgery, there will be this gap somewhere at his shoulders and in future he'll have difficulties raising his hands up so the doc suggests he go for the surgery so that they can close up the gap with metal plates and strengthen his shoulder area with probably tendons from his hands.. will be going to with him when he admits, hopefully be there still when he wakes up after the surgery too cos I've got 2 presentations in the afternoon on that day.. but what ever it is,
Baby: dont' worry, everything will be fine and ur hand will be as good as new after the surgery.. will be right there next to you when u go into surgery.. and hopefully when u are out.. even if i cannot be there, u must know that my heart is always with u oki? =)

I received MAS's email yesterday too.. Offering me a job.. Gotta go collect the offer letter on Friday, so delaying my reporting @ Shang for 3 hours which is equals to $24.. damn.. the offer better be good.. Heard diff news abt it, some said above 3k, some said oni 2.5k.. Shall see on Friday..

Feeling sick.. Nose dripping, feeling so cold.. Sighz.. Hate this feeling.. I also hate ppl who are so full of themselves.. =P Just a random thought..

Ok.. gonna post some pictures then head to bed.. Tmr got chinese presentation again.. Last one! Jiayou dione!

10:49 PM

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Me on the other hand..
Have been growing sideways!!!

9:49 PM

Enjoying his ice-cream..
My poor baby looks like he lost weight..

9:46 PM

Happily waiting for my ice-cream @ Swensens...

9:43 PM

Baby in his arm sling..
His other wounds are healing already though, no need to put dressing liaoz..
*pat pat*

9:39 PM

just came back from Bugis Swensens.. Yummy.. I had 'Topless 5' and baby had Ring-a-ding-ding (or something like tt haha).. Going again on Monday.. hehe.. Sianz.. Cannot find other pple to go with us, if not can have earthquake! Hope baby's ma and bro are willing to go have ice cream with us.. =P

Oki.. going to do work now.. Really alot stuff to do.. Although I would very much like to play the detective game baby is playing.. =( Gotta go school for project tmr.. How pathetic is that?? On a weekend!!

Jiayou ba Dione.. 2 more weeks oni...

9:28 PM

My new balloon hat..
Ugly combi of colours..
Cos I was late for class and all the ugly colours were left =(

12:46 PM

We had a guest speaker from Sentosa for World Tourism class last Tuesday..
They started the lesson with balloon sculpturing..
Lihui the Elephant Woman..

12:44 PM

Biscuits, Raisins (Very nice!), DOM, Essence of Chicken, Birds' Nest, Prune Juice and Fresh Fruits.. =)

12:38 PM

Wellness Basket from Noel from Baby's colleages..

12:37 PM

I won Baby on Winning Eleven again! (Like the 2nd/3rd time in 7 years)
Don't pretend u din see this hor!
I know u are looking @ this!!!

12:36 PM

Our original pretty faces.. Haha..

12:35 PM

News Headlines..
Poor siamese twins joined @ cheek.. =P

12:34 PM


12:33 PM

My face looks squashed up.. Wahaha..

12:32 PM

This was from many weeks ago..
Took using Denise's Mac whiles waiting for World Tourism to start..
Distorting our beautiful faces.. Wahahaha

12:31 PM

having class now.. on a saturday afternoon.. make-up class for Thur's public holiday.. sigh.. it's comms in china AGAIN.. can't wait to finish presentation coming Thursday and get over and done with with this module.. =P Having many presentations coming up.. alot of stuff to do.. But it's the last 2 weeks le.. Finish it up and I'm graduating.. jiayou dione..

Worked on Wed and Thurs @ Shang.. Totally hate the dumb dumb casual labour system.. They made it so "secure" that it became so un-user-friendly which is super dumb.. I'm sure there are other ways to make it secure but still maintain its usablity.. wonder whether they surveyed with the users (and I mean admin, not mgmt) when they decided on the functionality.. the office is really quite messy.. alot things need to be regulated and put into system.. joshua and erwin told me and nancy to try to help to put the office back to like last time, but based on our schedule (2-3 days a week), abit difficult to do anything substantial.. so.. will see how it goes ba..

Accepted SIA's offer already.. for now.. I say for now cos I'm hoping to shop around abit more.. lol.. the pay is pretty average, but waiting for UBS/Barclays.. Pay is gonna be much higher but then.. of course, the amount of pay = amount of time spent @ work.. heard SIA on-the-dot can go back one.. got free air tix, discounts on air tix and accomodation.. Most importantly.. Their bonus.. But.. if like get the banks, also must seriously consider cos dowan to have no-life also.. =P Work @ Changi also good, near baby's work place, he can send me to work and home + meet up more often.. Hee..

going to have swensens today with baby after having daddy's home-cooked dinner.. been wanting to eat for pretty long cos they are having promotion now.. one for one ice-cream.. *yummy* Gloria has already been there to eat 4 times and Xiaomei 2 times!! Offer ends 12 Nov, hurry go grab ice cream!

baby is having a good rest @ home, been watching drama series, he just finished Prison Break Season 1 and 2... Going on to Heroes Season 1 now.. He's been sleeping like a piggie too haha.. Taking naps every now and then.. Good also la.. Rest more, heal faster... Get back all the sleep he missed the past 2 years... =P

Oki.. shall stop here and move on to the loads of stuff I have to do to prepare for presentations.. Sighz..

12:13 PM

Monday, November 05, 2007

listening to a chinese talk in school now.. yes.. @ 8pm on a monday night, we were forced to stay back for this compulsory talk! Wah piangz.. Feeling so sleepy.. One hr has passed and he's still talking.. Got another speaker somemore leh... when then wana end??? argh..

Still having headaches abt whether or not to accept the offer from SIA.. Must reply by tmr..

Baby saw the specialist today.. the doc suggested he go for surgery.. it will be better for him.. can also check whether any problems with ligament also not.. baby hasn't decided whether to go for it or not but i think he should do the surgery.. at least aft surgery, confirm heal le.. rather than let it naturally heal.. then stil must xray to check again.. baby jiayou k.. =)

oki back to doing my other stuff liaoz.. hope hurry up end.. really sleepy.. *yawnz*

8:00 PM

Sunday, November 04, 2007

Baby is getting better.. His cuts and bruises are healing pretty fast.. Been helping him to wash his wounds and change dressing.. See liao so xin tong.. It's like can see the flesh cos very bad abrasions.. See liao wan cry.. =~( He's gonna see the bone specialist tmr.. Can't accompany cos got class tmr and I oredi skipped last week so must go this week.. Baby says he can make his way there on his own.. His hand can lift abit more than the beginning of the week le.. Should be healing quite well le.. Have to see how long more the doc extends his MC tmr and when his physio is.. I'm just glad that he's healing fast and on the road to recovery.. =)

went back to shang to work on Fri.. wah.. so many things changed.. was quite lost actually.. haven been back for like a year oredi.. never the less, I was happy to see so many familiar faces.. =) the pay increased too hehe.. was working with nancy till about 230am then we took the 245 transport home.. michy was there too.. she had an interview with the accounts dept.. thanks to her who taught me quite abit of stuff too (old and new) think i'm gonna take awhile to learn/re-learn all the stuff in the office.. but then although many things changed, somethings never change.. like the fierce uniform aunty (i had to wear my own black skirt cos she refused to help me find lor!), the terrible canteen food and the run-down office.. Haha.. anywayz, hope i dun screw up =P back to work again next wed and thurs..

Stayed over @ baby's place on saturday to take care of him.. we were home playing PS2 and watching prison break the whole weekend.. slept quite abit too =P we did go out for awhile la.. to the bike shop to check out baby's bike.. the damages were pretty bad leh.. repair cost coming up to like 1.5k like.. *tsk tsk* but the boss was quite understanding, will help us to keep the repair cos as low as he can..

i received a job offer from SIA on Friday too.. but seriously considering whether to accept anot cos their offer not very attractive.. =P Will be doing HR for Cabin Crew (any SIA stewardess-wanna-be out there?) Gotta reply on Wed.. Have to seriously consider carefully about it..

got morning class tmr then meetings then a compulsory chinese talk @ 7pm! Piangz.. cannot go see baby tmr le.. anywayz.. got some good news! Got A+ for both chinese presentations we did 2 weeks ago! Efforts paid off.. =)

Ok off to bed le.. Niteyz everyone.. =)

11:39 PM