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Saturday, December 30, 2006

Me and Nancy.. fellow colleagues at Shang.. 3 of us were clerks in Shangri-la..

11:51 PM

Me and Janet.. my Poly classmate..

11:50 PM

Nancy and Janet.. Sisters.. Don't look alike hor? Guess who's older? Haha...

11:49 PM

this is gonna be a short one.. just wana do a quick update and go play games!

Hee.. the weather has been mad these days, rain, shine, rain, rain, heavier rain, shine, rain again.. haa..

went for a dinner with Janet and Nancy on Wednesday @ Crystal Jade Xiao Long Bao..

heard Xinyi gave birth to baby ger oredi.. Congrats babe..

And oh.. haa congrats to Karway too cos her hubby got her her long awaited 'Fatboy'.. Hee Enjoy!

Oki.. gtg.. photos coming up!

P/S: I bot baby a gift.. but he wun be seeing this post tonight.. haa.. so when he sees it.. I would have oredi given it to him.. Hope u like it baby =)

11:43 PM

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Baby Bear with his birth certificate...

1:14 AM

Baby Bear... =) So ke ai..

1:12 AM

Baby Bear's birth certidicate.. =)

1:12 AM

my first picturen taken with my new hp.. orangy hor? cos we were in M1.. lol

1:11 AM

same piggie for each other.. but different colour.. is this xin ling xiang tong?

1:07 AM

Our anniversary presents for each other.. wrapping seems so alike hor?

1:06 AM

hehe.. look like superman ma??

1:02 AM

baby's new superman tshirt.. wear liao he really think he superman...

12:57 AM

dunno wat my sister trying to do to baby's hair...

12:54 AM

waffles with vanilla ice-cream, blackcurrant and peaches.. yummy!!

12:52 AM

My half eaten Tiramisu cake hee

12:51 AM

Trying to show same expression as the tshirt.. haa

12:50 AM

mine is black pepper chicken with some mushrooms or something hee

12:48 AM

Wah.. forget wats the dish but it's nachos with chicken pineapple.. something like that lol..

12:47 AM

Baby and his new phone.. Can see me in the picture?

12:43 AM

Lychee Freeze! Wah so big..

12:43 AM

Mushroom soup.. Wat does baby's expression mean?

12:40 AM

Dinner @ Changing Appetite @ Marina Square

12:36 AM

it was truly a GREAT weekend.. =) shall start from Friday ba..

did a little Xmas presents xchange in the office on Friday.. some of my colleagues gave me presents.. and I gave them some small small stuff.. then in the night went out to meet nancy, kai lee and sabrina.. had dinner @ Billybombers and exchanged presents too! nancy gave each of us a photo frame.. with a picture that we took with her.. haha.. she say we are not allowed to change the picture inside the frame or she will be very angry.. =P kai lee gave me a piggy clock.. very cute! sab gave me FF mug.. thanks babes..

saturday.. went to baby's place after he ended work.. we watched some movies then took presents that we prepared for bro and sis and set off to my place.. baby then watched soccer with daddy whiles i played games.. when sis came home, we exchanged presents.. xiaomei gave me a hp strap with this hanging heart that was lined with crystals *i kinda hinted her for that hee* and baby got this tortoise massager lol.. baby stayed over on saturday night...

then came sunday morning and this is when the best part of my weekend begins.. =) we set off around lunch time to bugis cos we wana get baby's bro an xmas gift too.. we had lunch @ the food court first.. then baby wanted to go toilet.. aft tt i received this sms from him asking me to go find him.. and that he is at the place where i wanted something most! I was kinda like "huh" for a moment.. then decided to go M1 to try try cos I wanted to get my new phone badly ma.. and there he was! Hehe.. actually, right after I found out that they gave exceptions and I could upgrade my phone earlier.. I've been hinting baby that I wana get it earlier.. but he always reply "see how first" like dowan get earlier.. sigh.. i was quite sad la.. Lol although only have to wait another 7 days oni.. but actually, he has already called M1 and oredi confirmed that I can upgrade my handset earlier.. he even asked the customer service @ M1 to send an email to Bugis M1 to ensure that when we went to get the phone, they won't charge us $100!! I was really shocked leh.. and he also smuggled my phone charger out liaoz.. so can trade in my old phone.. YIPPEE!!! it was a great surprise.. THANKS BABY!! Love u soo much..

after getting the phone, we went to get baby's bro gift, bought a t-shirt from new world order for him.. then baby said he wanted to sit somewhere and chill.. so we went to Ritz to eat strudels.. baby loves strudels but we dun often eat them.. we only know Bugis there have when i happened to see it across the street.. haha.. baby says he wans to hang out there more often.. =P he ate apple strudel whiles i ate mango strudel.. then we bought 1 full strawberry strudel to bring back his place and 1 full apple strudel for my place.. we went back to my home then left the hp box at home.. only took the phone and the pouch + accessory i have prepared for the arrival of my phone.. hee.. then headed to baby's place.. on the way back, he said he saved a msg in his phone but i only can see @ 12am..

we watched somemore movies.. and decided that we were going to stay up over the night to play games.. we had Arnold's Chicken for dinner.. called home delivery.. yummy.. then played some soccer.. after which.. we watched abit of tv.. and at 10pm.. mr lin was snoring on his bed oredi! =P so much for staying up overnight.. think he quite tired le ba.. so i played PS2 whiles waiting for my phone to finish its 10 hr first charge.. cos i scared i slp liao cannot wake up to stop the charge.. till abt 130, after i stopped the phone charging then i went to bed.. before i went to bed.. i tried to find the msg baby was talking abt.. but cannot find leh..

at 5am.. baby suddenly woke up and started shaking me awake.. zzz.. so sleepy.. then he say i must see the msg.. the message was saying hope i like my surprise.. but there was one more.. then he ask me go find.. he somemore say i got look @ the place where he hide before but i never notice.. and ta-da.. i found a box right on top the cupboard.. Lol.. he showed me the birth certificate first.. and then i knew it was the bear at create a bear workshop.. then i just started crying leh.. cos i was so touched.. i TOTALLY nv expected to receive another gift.. and the bear.. was so cute and sweet.. sigh.. i really love my baby to bits.. anyway.. the new bear was named Baby.. but shall call it Baby Bear since dowan to confuse the 2 baby together.. haha...

Dear Baby.. Thank you soo much for the surprise gifts this weekend.. I really love them to bits.. I also love u to bits.. More bits than the gifts =) It's not the presents that touched me so much.. It's the gesture and the effort u put into them.. Muakies!!! Huggies!!! U are the best thing that happened to me.. =)

12:03 AM

Thursday, December 21, 2006

watched night @ the museum yesterday.. really funny.. wahaha.. had dinner @ Pasta Mania cos no time before the movie so we ate a quick one before the show started.. we bot presents for each other and guess wat? Lol.. we bought the exact same thing, just that in different colour.. haha.. we definitely did not plan this.. we say this piggie @ Mu-ee, one was pink and the other black/white.. naturally i liked the pink and he liked the other colour.. haa but we din buy it at that time.. who knows.. we got it for each other.. hee..

went to bugis just now to "hang around" walked in2 M1 to ask abt some 3G SIM card stuff.. then kpoh asked abt when i can upgrade again.. haha.. and he told me now can oredi.. w/o paying the $100.. then i was like the customer svc person told me 30th ma.. then he said.. "can make exceptions one".. ooo.. now i know haa.. but then.. whether i get it earlier or not.. shall see.. maybe even later also..

i found this online.. haa cute huh...

1:54 PM

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

i think the weather is making fun of me.. yesterday.. it was raining like cats and dogs.. early in the morning, i discovered my does-not-shake-and-dry Hang Ten Shake and Dry umbrella broke down on me.. it wouldn't open properly.. half of it was like unopened and half was opened.. but i was running late.. so cannot go back up to change (baby said: see la.. always last minute.. now become drop-into-soup-chicken [translate to chinese]) so i used that laoya umbrella and walked to the bus stop.. dunno wana cover front, back, left or right.. =P finally reached the office.. during lunch.. the weather looked fine.. i thought, "aiyah rain whole morning.. cannot be rain again one.." yup u guessed correctly.. it rained and rained damn hard... i then had to suffer the drop-into-soup-chicken fate again and half walked, half ran from bras basah back to the office.. at the end of the day... IT RAINED AGAIN! i tot rain was cos the sun shine then got water vapour become clouds then too heavy then rain?? How come can rain whole day??? anyway.. baby made the day better cos he braved the rain and storm (and suffered same chicken fate as me) to get me my favourite pancakes... Muaks..

Was @ his place trying to finish up the christmas presents but then.. still cannot finish.. =P

during lunch just now.. i walked to PS to get a new umbrella.. this time.. the weather was freaking hot man.. yea i understand the phrase "sunshine after the rain" but no need so scorching hot man.. perspire like mad.. i was determined not to get Mr Ten's umbrella oredi but then I scouted around and tot ok.. I give Mr Ten another chance because.. the rest were so ex.. Esprit's umbrella was like 23.90?? Haha.. it better dun break down on me again if not i hang pig head liaoz..

anybody used uZap before? can it really zap away fats? Lol..

tonight gonna watch 'night in museum'.. it's our anniversary.. =) 6 years and 5 months.. Happy Anniversary Baby!

oki.. my colleagues are back.. better get back to work (at least pretend to..) haha..

2:11 PM

Monday, December 18, 2006

Me & Baby

9:49 PM

Baby and the Soo Kee Diamond Christmas Tree @ Bugis...

9:49 PM

Picture clear ma? Taken using the new phone.. =)

9:48 PM

baby got his new hp oredi *clap clap* N73 Music Edition.. really very chio leh.. haha.. can't wait for mine to come.. 12 more days...

went 2 suntec on saturday.. early afternoon we went to play billards then after that went to get the phone @ Nokia Suntec.. then went to watch "Eragon"... we were abit bit late.. then missed abit bit part from the front.. but the show was not bad overall.. then we went walking around Suntec, Marina Square and Citylink.. they were having midnight sales so we walk until almost 11pm also alot stores open.. baby bought a T-shirt with the super man logo in front lol.. he also bot me a pair of heels from Charles and Keith.. we had dinner @ Changing Appetites @ Marina Square.. it was our first time there.. there was so much different food to select from that we took a whole 15 minutes to decide wat we wanted to order haha.. it was supposed to be a modern japanese/fun western kinda place.. the food was not bad.. so were their desserts.. hee

baby stayed over on saturday night and woke up VERY early the next morning to play with his phone haha.. had to practically drag him to change because we needed to go out.. haa expected la.. i think i'll be the same when i get my phone hehe.. we went to the supermarket to get some chocolates and candies to wrap for some of his colleagues.. then we took a cab back to his place (cos we were carry many bags - Nokia paper bag, my bag with my laptop [cos inside were all the songs and games i needed to transfer to his new phone, the candies and chocolates].. we immediately went out after that to join a Xmas party his mum asked us to accompany her too.. it was at simei and lasted about 3 hours.. we then went to EastPoint and bought some transparent wrapping paper to wrap the candies..

after that we had dinner and went back to his place.. our goal was to finish the christmas gifts (making and wrapping) by the end on Sunday but then... haha... in the end we were distracted by the phone and stopped halfway to play with hee... before we knew it, it was rather late liaoz.. so our goal is to finish it by tomorrow (hopefully...)!

ok doki.. that's all for today.. photos coming up soon =)

9:31 PM

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

May you have the gladness of Christmas which is hope
The spirit of Christmas which is peace
The heart of Christmas which is love.


*PS: Turn up ur volumes =)

11:38 PM

Monday, December 11, 2006

Baby and I

11:12 PM

2 hunks.. (of course the right side one more handsome..)

11:12 PM

kenna splashed by water!!! (camera trick.. haha)

11:11 PM

The tree prettier or me prettier?

11:10 PM

Holding up 'vivo' haha..

11:10 PM

Holding up the GV sign.. (not very accurate.. blame the director(me).. hee)

11:09 PM

Baby & I

11:09 PM

Baby & Victor

11:08 PM

Can you spot the 2 heads?

11:08 PM


11:06 PM

Merry Christmas!!

11:06 PM

Happy Birthday Victor...

11:05 PM

Baby & I

11:05 PM

Baby, Victor and the Christmas Tree

11:04 PM

Baby.. I heavy ma?

11:04 PM

just had a boring and lonely lunch... sigh.. 1 hr lunch break went to walk around raffles shopping center to see see look look... before lunch baby called me to complain abt how bored he was cos he got nothing to do @ work.. all his stuff has been completed liaoz.. then he call me to disturb disturb.. haha..

got all my results liaoz.. got 2 din do so well and 2 did much better than expected.. so it kind of just cancels off each other.. my GPA din drop but improved by a mere 0.01.. =P better than nothing la..

yg told me her grades liaoz too.. congrats!! she can be TA liaoz.. she did pretty well this semester.. JIAYOU! and of course to me too.. still far from my goal.. =P 2 semesters and a summer left..

2:03 PM

Sunday, December 10, 2006

just came back from vivo city.. was there with baby and victor to celebrate victor's birthday.. we watched Deja Vu @ the GV Max there.. very big theatre man.. haa and the screen was very wide.. the show was quite good.. some twists and turns along the way.. definitely worth the watch! We met abt 430pm, walked around and met baby's colleagues there then we had dinner @ Sakae Sushi @ Harbourfront Center... Yummy... Sashimi, scallops, sushi, cheese katsu and nice gelato ice cream.. hee.. after the movie we went to take pictures with the christmas deco.. there was a bigger tree there now which was not there last week.. but i feel.. the deco there not too good.. lol just normal lor, maybe haven complete ba.. before we left, we went to this shop called candy empire selling lots of chocolates, candies and snacks.. hehe.. me, baby and victor each bought one bar of chocolate to share with each other and try try.. we got Mars XXX triple chocolate, polly waffle (inside got marshmellow) and Kit Kat buttercomb.. i like the polly waffle best cos i like marshies, baby liked the mars xxx and as for victor.. i dunno haha... $2.50 each though.. so ex =P

went to have dinner with shirley and the smu gang on thursday.. was supposed to be a make-up birthday dinner cos I couldn't make it for her birthday party last saturday.. had steamboat at chong ching.. from about 730pm we ate till about almost 10pm.. we also picked names for christmas presents exchange..

daddy is back.. hehe and he bought wallets for us all - me, baby, mummy, xiaomei.. not too sure what he got for bro though.. =) Pictures coming up... the weekend flew by so fast... =P

11:17 PM

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

today was the first day back @ work @ OCC (Office of Corporate Comms).. think they wanted to give me a really BIG welcome back.. starting @ 830am.. was busy getting ready for the media lunch (all the dua pais from media and smu going so they very gan cheong).. then during lunch.. whiles the dua pai were eating, i was standing outside @ the reception counter.. lucky i ate some breakfast if not i sure starve like mad one..

after work i went to visit godma, she is out of ICU oredi but she's in a special care ward.. she was sleeping when i reached, ah yee (her daughter) tried to wake her but she opened her eyes and went back to sleep.. after a while, godma's other daughters, son and grandkids came.. she woke up for a brief moment then they asked whether she recognised me and she nodded and said in cantonese, "I understand.." and fell back asleep again.. think she's very tired ba.. then one of her grandson started playing with her hands then suddenly she woke up, waved her finger at him and said, "u dun let me sleep ar???".. all of us were shocked that she suddenly said that.. but it's good.. cos it means she's still alert.. hope she gets better and better.. =)

8:42 PM

Monday, December 04, 2006

so farni...

10:48 PM

Lol.. Boby trying to look outside..

4:52 PM

I bought this for baby.. cute hor?

4:52 PM

Vivo City...

4:51 PM

my new jacket =) nice?

4:51 PM

my new mug.. big right? can't tell?

4:50 PM

can u tell how big it is now?

4:49 PM

christmas tree @ vivo (baby's skill quite superb.. lol.. always hold camera take picture aim so zhun)

4:48 PM

@ vivo city (baby took this picture lol.. not bad hor? aim quite zhun)

4:48 PM

the driver and the passenger...

4:47 PM

No Entry? Then what they doing?

4:47 PM