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Monday, September 18, 2006

Gotta stop the background music for the time being.. If not cannot watch videos =)

11:31 PM

Baby loves to watch advertisements relating to soccer.. This is for you baby.. =)

This one not related to soccer but it's cool..

11:20 PM

11:15 PM

New Song.. =)

12:18 AM

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Sigh.. No more Papilio for me.. After spending so much time finding enough people to buy so tt can waive shipping fee.. The one I ordered is out of stock. So idiotic.. I mean, if it was out of stock, shouldn't they have indicated @ time of order. Even if not, they should email to inform and ask whether we wana replace with another design or wat.. instead they sent the others oredi THEN email.. bloody idiots.. Argh..

I understand that 'out of stock' is common when u buy things.. but then.. paid oredi.. then aft 2 weeks then they say out of stock abit the $%&%^#& right? Sigh.. Was waiting for it to come.. End up.. it's not coming...

So much for telling people I ordered my Papilio oredi.. Well folks, I am not getting it.. =(

12:17 PM

Saturday, September 09, 2006

little man is so funny WAHAHAHAHAHA... but white chicks was still better la.. this one also not so bad tho.. =)

sian so much work to do.. the holidayz seem to far away... sigh... JIAYOU!

4:46 PM

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

went to watch monster house today with baby... it is DEFINITELY NOT SUITABLE FOR KIDS!! It seemed like some animation cartoon thingy but it's kinda scary actually.. better dun bring any young young kids there especially if they abit abit only scared sia.. Haha..

i got a bunch of papers waiting for me to mark.. abit sian.. now i realise being a teacher very xin ku one leh..

k la.. i going to play my roller coaster game.. haha.. finally can get abit of rest cos tmr no morning class =)


11:22 PM

Monday, September 04, 2006

I wanted Donald from the $1 machine but got Mickey instead.. Still cute hor?

9:46 PM

Baby got this for me from a $1 machine.. It's a special color leh.. Glow in the dark de..

9:45 PM

This is Baby's other beloved.. Boby..

9:45 PM

This is one of baby's doggie... Baobao...

9:44 PM


9:44 PM

Nice hor? I dun get my o.d.m nvm, at least baby got.. Haha...

9:43 PM

Close up watch... Nice?!? I choose de leh!

9:42 PM

o.d.m watch!!! [That blue thingy is the sticker] Haha!

9:42 PM

Baby bought a watch! Haha.. that is the box containing the watch...

9:41 PM

Baby and I went to Parkway Parade for a walk on Saturday.. Look wat was on exhibition there.. Nice hor? Use sand make de leh!

9:40 PM

Mutton curry in bread... We ordered chicken one too =)

9:39 PM

Yummy =) We ordered this last weekend

9:39 PM

Wow.. 933 Golden Pillow Hehe..

9:38 PM

Swensen's Sticky Chewy Chocolate =)

9:38 PM

Swensen's Sir Nutcelot =)

9:37 PM

Friday, September 01, 2006

went to watch 'Click' with baby on Tues, i tot it was a comedy leh.. but the ending was so sad.. i guess it taught us a very impt lesson.. always treasure the people around you.. true, we have to strive to succeed for a better life but we should never give the cold shoulder to our loved ones.. sigh.. so touching.. baby also tot it was very touching..

today watched love-wrecked with baby.. ok la.. i dun remember laughing alot of times or laughing v hard but it was ok lor... haa (meaning not very nice also)

went to collect my disposable contact lens today.. after abt 2 years, finally wearing contact lens again.. but a little not used to it.. eyes dry dry de leh..

sigh.. school work v xiong sia.. all the profs like eat wrong medicine.. give so much assignments.. readings alone KILLING me!! Someone help me!!

Better get to sleep man.. Sian haa.. Nitey

12:55 AM