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Monday, January 29, 2007

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I'm starting a webbie called 'MVO - My Very Own' to sell accessories.. It's a partnership with someone from school.. Hee.. The website construction still in progress but I've got items ready to sell.. Anyone interested can email me or just leave me a note on my tagboard.. They are all customizable in terms of colour and shapes for the swarovski crystals.. Help me spread spread around k! Hee.. =) When my webbie is up and running will inform all of ya.. Thanks! =)

10:48 PM

Our new hairstyles... =)

10:45 PM

My new hairstyle... =)

10:42 PM

Me and baby...

10:40 PM

Baby with his colleague Amy, her husband and her 2 boyfriends..

10:33 PM

Baby and a few of his colleagues...

10:30 PM

Baby and another one of his ex-temp, Kelson

10:28 PM

Baby and Janice

10:25 PM

baby and his colleagues..

10:21 PM

baby and his temp staff...

10:19 PM

Impromptu group photo...

10:16 PM

Do you know the satay man?

10:12 PM

tree climber.. hee..

10:07 PM

our bbq pit.. super far away man.. like nobody around one haa..

10:04 PM

baby's colleague setting up the canvas above our pit.. lucky for that cos it rained so many times!!

10:00 PM

hehe.. we saw this trolley along the road when baby's uncle was driving us to ECP in his pickup.. decided to turn back to "hijack" it.. haha.. cos of this stroke of good luck.. we only needed to make one trip from the pickup to the pit.. hehe..

9:54 PM

food!! Hee.. I love BBQ marshmellows... =)

9:51 PM

we were the first to reach the pit with all the stuff..

9:41 PM

pretty, pretty view @ East Coast Park

9:36 PM

Me and Baby @ East Coast Park...

9:29 PM

Monday, January 22, 2007

Top: baby on saturday Bottom: baby on sunday

1:11 AM

baby dying his hair...

1:07 AM

i truly truly hate ethics readings.. another 100 over pages of readings and they are so boring... argh...

anywayz.. wana get this blog written then go slp liaoz.. tmr got 830 lessons (i hate these as well) =P

yesterday was our anniversary.. "Happy Anniversary Baby".. we went to Sharon's (baby's poly classmate) baby's 1 year old birthday party.. we were clueless on wat to get for a present and baby bought a clothing for the baby.. The clothing had the words "Future Superstar" written in the front.. Lol.. so farni.. we saw other designs like "I'm small but I'm the boss" but the base colour wasn't so nice so baby chose the superstar one.. lol..

afterwhich we went to watch "Gridiron Gang"... it's a really good show.. but i made a fool of myself there when buying the tickets.. lol.. Gridiron.. Gri-di-ron.. Grid-iron.. never mind if u dun understand.. dun ask.. so embarassing.. (i know baby must be sniggering away reading this... =P) we had dinner @ Sakae.. this time.. baby got to eat alot stuff haha.. compared to the other day when we went to Honjin.. hehe.. i ate sashimi too.. but this time it was oni a few pieces.. so i'm still craving for it and not thinking of puking like the other time haaa.. baby bot a pair of billabong jeans and a top for me.. i'm like done for my CNY shopping.. hee baby still needs some other stuff..

today baby went to xiaomei's salon to dye his hair.. he was a "model" for her cos her boss wanted to teach her how to cut hair.. it took 1/2 to get his hair dyed and another 2.5 hours for the hair cut.. haa cos the boss had to teach then my sis cut.. i must say the results was quite good.. it was a whole new look that baby never had before.. hehe.. i think it's nice.. it's my turn to dye and cut next weekend.. i'm gonna do red haa..

aft tt we went to far east to walk.. got baby his jacket (with a gold crown stitched on it.. very nice) and a pair of jeans.. still short of a top for him.. we wanted to get over and done with but really nothing nice.. royal sporting house, adidas, levis all got no nice tops.. so we gave up and decided to try somewhere else another day.. but we bot a pair of white gold rings.. meant for V-day.. gona collect it on tues cos need to engrave..

oki! gotta go slp liaoz.. if not tmr cannot wake up.. it's a loooonnnggg day tmr.. got lessons from 830 - 315 then FYP company visit and then back to school for a talk.. aft which prob an FYP mtg.. sigh.. photos then off to bed i go..

12:42 AM

Friday, January 19, 2007

Mummy and her present... =)

9:26 PM

daddy eating cake and watching tv.. (only managed to catch his back... =P)

9:17 PM

xiaodi enjoying the birthday cake...

9:15 PM

xiaomei cutting up the cake..

9:12 PM

Mummy and her birthday cake...

9:09 PM

Mummy's birthday cake..

9:06 PM

Monday, January 15, 2007

It took about 4 tries before Baby finally managed to hold the camera in the right position so that we are in the middle.. haha

12:36 AM

The sleep pig.. still sleeping...

12:34 AM

The sleepy pig..

12:34 AM

My "fishy" bro and me.. lol..

12:30 AM


12:30 AM

Sashimi!! These are the leftovers.. Cannot stuff anymore in.. =P

12:30 AM

Look at the fish head.. it's "complimentary" but looks so eeks...

12:29 AM

My "act cute" sis and mum haha

12:28 AM

Mummy, Bro & Daddy

12:27 AM

Me & Baby @ Honjin Japanese Restaurant

12:26 AM

Argh.. I just finished about 50 pages of Ethics readings.. Totally boring man.. And I seriously do not understand all the virtues and weird ethical theories with Aristotle and stuff.. oh man.. how am i gonna survive another 13 weeks of Ethics horror???

Went shopping today.. Suppose to be looking out for our CNY clothes.. instead, baby and I had a shopping spree @ G2000 cos of the "power" sale they were having.. I bought 2 blazers, a skirt and a shirt.. Baby bought a shirt and a pants.. after which, we met mum, dad, bro and sis @ Honjin Japanese Restaurant for mum's birthday celebration dinner.. i was all hyped up and excited to "eat like mad, heck my diet" but then the selection there was really not too good.. besides sashimi (which i ate till i abit sick of it now), the rest were normal and ok only la.. selection not too wide.. and baby don't eat sashimi.. so there's practically nothing much to eat there.. yea.. even though it's $52++ one for one deal.. but I think it would have been better to eat at Sakae where there's more variety.. i love(d) salmon sashimi.. now thinking abt it makes me a little pukey... =P

pictures coming..

12:10 AM

Saturday, January 13, 2007

Group Picture... The next one will hopefully be in Summer 2008...

12:46 AM

Shirley and me...

12:45 AM

Robin, Mabel, Shirley and her boyfriend

12:45 AM

Lihui and Shirley

12:44 AM

Duke and Shirley

12:42 AM