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Thursday, May 28, 2009

my blog is so dead.. lolx.. lack of updates and lack of tags!! tag me more!! =P

went to watch Aliens vs Monsters 3D today @ The Cathay.. Damn cool.. Haha.. Nv watched a good 3D movie before so was pretty fascinated by it.. Hahaha.. The movie was funny.. Hehe.. Good way to relax after a hard day's work for both of us.. =P

1 more day to the weekend.. 5 more weeks to the Taiwan trip.. Woo-Hoo..

Anywayz, to those who are still reads my blog.. Do take care and drink more water! Build up your immune system and don't fall sick! Hopefully we don't get anymore H1N1 cases..

11:32 PM

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Think they abit tipsy liaoz.. Wanna kiss each other.. Lolx..

11:49 PM

黄飞鸿,叶子楣,李小龙... Lolx..

11:48 PM

Random picture..

11:47 PM

Another grp picture.. Dunno what the others trying to do.. Lolx..

11:45 PM

Group picture...

11:44 PM

11:43 PM

Ivy, Johnson and Mabel

11:40 PM

11:39 PM

11:38 PM

Our drinks.. Pussyfoot and another one which I can't remember..

11:37 PM

The bar..

11:34 PM

Another picture of the view..

11:31 PM

The view for the top.. Very nice..

11:29 PM

Swissotel Lobby..

11:27 PM

Bought a big flower jibbit for my Prima.. Lolx.. The right side one is a baby eeyore..

11:20 PM

One of the pearl pink one is mine.. Heez..

11:13 PM

So cute right.. Lolx.. Using it for my camera now.. =)

11:08 PM

It's the end of the weekend.. Again.. Back to work again.. =P 6 more weeks to our Taiwan trip! So excited.. Even the H1N1 cases there are not dampening my spirits.. But of course we'll be taking our precautions like getting the 3M N95 masks (which are sold out in Singapore.. pls let me know if u know where I can get them).. to put on when in the airport and stuff..

Was sick on Friday.. Had really bad diarrhea (prob cos of the curry the night before) and was stuck at home.. Only felt better (after many toilet runs) in the late afternoon.. So went to watch movie with baby @ Marina Square.. We watched Night @ the Museum 2.. Damn funny la.. Lolx.. I think it was better than the first one.. Hee..

On Saturday, baby and I woke really early and headed over to Expo.. To queue up for the Crocs Expo Sale.. Lolx.. We say the advert sent thru emails and was wondering if we shld go for it.. Then baby's mum said that she wanted to get a pair.. I saw reviews online saying the sale was really worth going.. So what the heck, we went to start q-ing @ 8am.. Lolx.. The sale started @ 10am.. Pple were running like crazy lorz! I must say their sale was pretty good.. $25 for the original Crocs, $20 for Prima and $25 for Alice.. It's like 50% off.. There were lotsa cute kids Crocs as well.. Disney princesses, superheroes, cartoon characters and all @ $25 only! Too bad no kid yet if not I'll grab a few pair for them.. Lolx.. Ended up getting a pair of brown Prima, a pair of pearl pink disney series crocs and baby and I each got a pair of orange original crocs as well.. We'll be wearing the pair during our PS in Taiwan with one of our style.. Got some jibbits to clip on too.. Heee.. Baby's mum also got 2 pairs for herself, some sandals for his bro and dad.. She also helped baby's cousins to get a few pairs so in total, we bought 14 pairs! Lolx.. So many.. They are my first Crocs and I must say there are really nice to wear.. Light and bouncy.. Haha..

After the sale, we headed home, played some monopoly (where baby won me again) then headed to Haji Lane to meet up with baby's colleague who's there to look at his tattoo design.. Baby and I are thinking of doing tattoo.. But still contemplating so wanted to go see-see and check out their portfolio and price etc.. Baby then drove me home so that I could get changed and stuff.. We then headed to Swissotel's New Asia Bar to meet up with his colleagues to chill out.. Second time there for me and the view is still as magnificent.. Lolx.. Left @ around 1230am (cos was feeling really sleepy)..

Baby stayed over and we headed to Vivo to watch 'The Conspiracy'.. The movie was not bad, somewhat similar to 'Eagle Eye'.. We had lunch @ Republic and guess who we saw there.. Lee Hsien Loong and Ho Ching! We were wondering how come got so many guys standing around the area we were sitting at.. Din realise until they were finishing their food and they were sitting only like one table away.. =P After which, baby went home to shower then we headed out again with his mum and bro to bai-bai.. Then had dinner @ Geylang.. Frog's legs porridge.. Yummy! Haven had that for the longest time liaoz.. Haha..

Went back to baby's place and chilled, watched some tv then came home ard 1030.. And that's the end of our weekend.. So fast.. =P Wellz, it's ok, 5 more days to the next one.. Lolx.. Will be here soon.. =) Some pictures..

10:34 PM

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Yeah! It's the weekend! Hehe..

Went to watch 'Angels & Demons' today.. Very good show! All the cinemas were like left with first or second row seats so we decided to go to GV Yishun to watch.. Lolx.. Baby came to fetch me from office then we drove all the way to Yishun.. We had dinner @ Northpoint at this Japanese themed food court.. Japanese food @ food court prices.. Actually it wasn't that cheap also la.. I had ramen which wasn't fantastic and baby had baked rice with cream sauce and teriyako chicken.. He said his was good (except for the onions and mushrooms which he hates)..

The movie finished @ 11pm.. Baby was about to drive me home when we realise that we were quite near our Sengkang home so we made a slight detour and headed over to look-see.. Our block is now @ its third level! Hehe.. If it's 2 weeks a level, then in another 3 months it'll reach our floor.. Woo Hoo.. *cross fingers*

Hasn't been a smooth week at work for me.. Still trying to grasp the new job responsibilities, can only end work earliest 630pm and some unhappy stuff happened as well.. Let's just hope it will get better as time goes by.. =) Really miss my old team though..

May ends in 2 week's time.. Then it's June and then it's July! How I wish July will come before June this year so that I can go to Taiwan soon! Haha.. Haven been on a holiday for quite awhile.. Think the last time was Genting last July.. Hope time passes faster!!

1:04 AM

Saturday, May 09, 2009

Been in the new team for a week already.. Not quite getting used to it.. Used to be able to knock off work sharp (around 4-6pm depending on daylight savings).. Now, everyday is like uncertain.. I stayed till like 730pm last night! The sky was already dark.. *sigh* Wellz, what to do, I have to tahan, at least another 4 months before I move to my last rotation.. Will have lesser time to meet baby during the weekdays leh.. Luckily, weekends no need to work.. =P I hope I dun get into any development teams for my next rotation... Heard their usual knock off time is 8pm.. Sometimes up till 12am, 1am! Ahhh..

Anywayz, went out with baby's colleagues after work yesterday.. It was one of his colleague's (Mabel) birthday.. They had dinner first and I joined them for KTV @ Party World Chinatown.. Sang till around 2am.. They were a bunch of crazy pple man.. Lolx.. Taking funny pictures and all.. After the singing session.. A few of us continued with the picture-taking around Club Street's shophouses.. Machiam like tourist.. =P Reached home around 3am + and went to bed 4am..

It's Mother's Day tommorrow.. Would like to wish all mummies 'Happy Mother's Day!' =)

1:32 PM

Friday, May 01, 2009

After much research, baby and I decided to get the Canon IXUS 870 IS instead..
The image quality surpasses the 100 IS and they got the 28mm wide angle lens..
We got it @ the Harvey Norman Warehouse Sale @ The Expo..
Got a buncha goodies from them too..
Can't wait to try out the camera but the batt is charging (till 11pm tonight).. =P

7:54 PM