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Friday, August 31, 2007

Sending Robin off to Korea @ the airport..
From Yugui (Thanks!)

1:11 PM

FYP Team with Lian Chee, our supervisor..
From Yugui (Thanks!)

1:10 PM

Temasek Poly - Business IT gathering..
(From Shihui - Thanks!)

1:05 PM

Random picture of Lihui and Yugui...

1:03 PM

Look @ his ears!

1:02 PM

Cutie Boby...

12:51 PM

Scared still wana sit lol..
Xiaomei was screaming like mad whilst on her free spin..

12:51 PM

Ready for a free spin?

12:50 PM

The youngest rider in Jalan Berseh... Haha..

12:49 PM

Small head in big helmet...

12:48 PM

Baby's smile is the best medicine for me whenever I'm down.. =)

12:47 PM

Royal Fondue @ Golden Mile Food Center..
Doesn't taste very good despite all the recommendations on TV... =P

12:25 PM

At the airport..
Never see this type of sign before! =P

12:20 PM

Upload the pictures was too slow last night so decided to do it during CAT TA class.. Hehe..

Edit: I got kicked out of CAT class! Cos there wasn't enough places to sit.. Actually Meiyun got kicked out first.. Haha.. Never heard of man!

12:18 PM

Thursday, August 30, 2007

it's been a long, long time since i update my blog.. Hee..

Hmmz.. let's see..

Last weekend played mahjong.. Wah baby got '地胡' manz.. All of us were like shocked when darren threw his card and baby said '胡'.. I thought he was joking or something.. Haha.. I was momentarily shocked sia.. I nv '地胡' before lor.. I also want! Haha.. Baby was at the peak of his luck that day manz.. He won so much!! Hee..

Met up with Poly classmates on Sunday night (Janet, Shihui, Justin, Zijin, Ding Jun, Andy, Zhiwei and Yong Kwang) for a get-together. It was pretty good talking about old times and finding out how they were doing after 5 years. (In other words, 38ing.. =P) Glad that most of them are doing well and holding good jobs now.. =)

Whiles I was @ the gathering, Baby was playing monopoly with xiaodi @ home.. Haha.. They played on Saturday night when baby stayed over and xiaodi went bankrupt after playing for like 2 hours (whiles baby was happily receiving rent for his property with hotels and houses)! Xiaodi was very 不服气 so baby went over for a rematch on sunday night (also, it was easier for him to fetch me back) and guess wat, not only did xiaodi go bankrupt, even nelson (xiaomei's bf) also went bankrupt.. Lol.. Hmm maybe baby should start investing in real property hor.. Haha..

Went to watch 'Licensed to Wed' with baby on Monday.. It was quite a funny show la.. Haha.. Walked around and window shopped @ Marina too.. Yesterday also went window shopping with Baby @ Bugis Junction.. Got my new water bottle @ Adidas! Hee.. Baby bought a new pair of work shoes from 'Camel Active'.. The sales man say cos it's made of real cow hide so it's very durable and baby needs a durable one cos he now riding and those normal work shoes wear out pretty fast.. So even though the price was a little steep, think it's worth the investment.. =)

Something got me real pissed on Tuesday.. I opened my locker to find that the things inside it wasn't mine and all my stuff was THROWN right on top of the row of lockers!! Wat the hell, I called Kaichi which was the company responsible for the lockers on the SMU campus and seriously gave him one hell of a scolding.. Can you imagine? They actually assigned another person to my locker thinking it was empty.. Wat the hell?!? And that inconsiderate idiot actually threw my stuff on top of the locker!! I was stranded @ the IS building with piles of stuff in front of me and nowhere to leave them and I had to attend a class in 15 mins time. That guy from Kaichi even told me I needed to wait 1/2 hr for him to find an empty locker.. WTH! I demanded he gave me a locker within 10 mins but because I had doubts that he will call within 10 mins, I left my stuff in Karway's office first (Thanks Karway!) He did call me back within 10 mins but I had no time to move my stuff cos I was rushing for class.. I even asked him for the other person's name (that inconsiderate idiot) but he refused to disclose it to me.. Argh.. Really pissed me off tat day manz.. Anyway, tat's the past oredi.. At least now I know never to leave anything important in the lockers..

Ok.. Shall post some pictures now.. =)

11:01 PM

Thursday, August 23, 2007

U-hoo.. Lol.. I'm like so bored now.. Yesterday's TA-ing for PMSB I still had things to do like marking attendance and participation but today's TA-ing for CAT, got nothing for me to do! So I decided to blog hehe..

School has started for like 4 days le.. So far so good.. Got a good mix of slack modules and those abit heavier modules.. The only problem is the doing business in china module which is difficult cos it's taught in chinese! Yes, 华语.. Had difficulty catching up with what the prof is talking about (he's from China).. The last lesson I've attended that was conducted in Chinese was like.. 16 years old.. That's like freaking 8 years ago!! Lol but no choice, I need this module to graduate.. =P

Robin left for Korea yesterday, the whole gang of us went to see him off @ the airport last night.. Next will be Shirley then Yugui le.. *Sob sob*

I think I'm getting too used to Baby's bike oredi.. Lazy to take bus leh.. Even @ school also ask him come fetch me sometimes.. Haha.. But it's a win-win situation ma.. I get a free ride, he gets to ride his new bike.. Hehe..

Ok la.. I shall go find other things to do liaoz.. =P

4:34 PM

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Baby, his going-to-be-not-new bike and his new helmet...

12:25 AM

Baby with his new helmet...

12:24 AM

Baby and his new neighbour's dog, Kiki..
So cute right? 2 years old only! So guai also..
I want a dog too!!

12:23 AM

Me and Shirley..
Din really catch up with her cos bz with FYP..
When you come back in December we plan a month long shopping oki?! Haha..

12:21 AM

FYP Poster Part 3

12:20 AM

FYP Poster Part 2

12:19 AM

FYP Poster Part 1
Created by our Creative Director, Miss Tan Li Hui

12:18 AM

Err.. Dunno how to caption this.. Lol..
Sun too bright?!?

12:16 AM

Robin kenna outcast.. Haha..
The thorn amongst the roses...

12:15 AM

See who can jump the highest... =P

12:12 AM

Me and Yugui..
Will be missing her when she leaves for Xiamen...

12:09 AM

Me and Meiyun...

12:08 AM

Ooi.. Who push me???

12:06 AM

The 'Checklist Management' Team...
Yugui, Robin and Lihui...

12:04 AM

The 'Survey Management' Team...
Meiyun, Shuli and Me...

12:03 AM

Friday, August 17, 2007

My FYP Team

11:44 PM

Yipee Yipee Yipee!! Fyp is FINALLY over!!! Been waiting this moment ever since it started! We had our school presentation on Tuesday.. It was ok la, I suppose.. Considering we have never burnt a single weekend yet we managed to finish our project on time and fulfil all our client's requests.. I think we did pretty well.. Even Lian Chee (our supervisor) also said that we have very good project management skills (I hope that her compliments equates to an A-grade =P) We took quite alot of pictures meant for the presentation which I will post later.. But those that we took after the presentation are not with me so have to post later lor.. (Yugui! Send me the pictures!)

Have been working for the past 3 days... so technically, I haven't really gotten a good rest and school starts next Monday, 830am.. =P Never mind la, the faster I start school it means the nearer my graduation day is.. Another 3 months plus only.. Time passes really quickly man.. I'm already year 4 lor.. sounds freaking old manz.. Haha.. Robin and Yugui will be leaving for their exchange very soon.. Robin next Wed and Yugui on the 3rd Sept.. Projects will never be the same again without them around.. But I hope they enjoy their time over there @ Korea and China.. =) Shirley is also going back to Pittsburg next Sunday le.. It'll just be me, Lihui and Meiyun left in school... Eh u 3, remember to bring back lotsa presents for me hor.. Don't think just cos u all overseas then my birthday present can forget hor! =P

We bought our new helmets yesterday! Spent quite a bomb on our helmets.. =P $400 in total! But then again, helmets cannot scrimp and get cheapskate ones.. Cos I mean.. *Touch wood* If anything goes wrong, it has to protect ur head de.. I feel that baby's helmet he wear le very stylo mylo leh.. Lol..

Baby came to school after work to fetch me today and brought me to Marina to watch the fireworks display.. Missed it on National Day so Baby brought me there to make up for it.. Reached pretty early and got a pretty good view of the fireworks.. Xiaomei and Nelson also joined us.. Wah.. So nice.. Hehe.. Thanks baby!

Oh yea! I need help! Please let me know if you know of anyone giving away Chihuahua puppies ok!! Mum has agreed to let us have a dog IF it is a Chihuahua puppy!!

Ok la.. Shall post some pictures...

11:19 PM

Thursday, August 09, 2007

@ Marina Square.. See the amount of people?
See those teeny weeny people standing on the staircase?

11:17 PM

Husband, First Wife (which is me of course!) and Second Wife..

11:12 PM

Me and baby's new ride..

11:11 PM

4D anyone??

11:07 PM

The little lucky charm I gave Baby for his motorbike key..
'Pinky' will protect Baby on the road and ensure that he'll have a safe ride everytime.. =)

11:05 PM

Baby with his wifey (and wind-blown hair) Hehe..

11:02 PM

The previous pictures were taken in the night so the lighting was bad..
This was taken today.. Clearer picture of baby's wife..

10:59 PM

Just came back not long ago... Had my first ride on Baby's new wife today.. Went over in the late morning to baby's place so that baby could ride around the neighbourhood with me as pillion cos after all, it's the first time he's gonna pillion me so need to get used to riding with an extra weight behind him.. Hee.. The feeling was indescribable.. Hehe.. It was a little uncomfortable at first cos I couldn't find a comfortable sitting position but it got better after a while. I was very excited yesterday night but also a little scared cos it's the first time mah.. But then, I woke up in the morning and told myself there's nothing to be afraid of cos baby will take care of me and not let anything happen to me de.. He proved to be a very safe and steady rider today and I started to relax and 看风景' while he was riding.. Haha..

We met up with Xiaomei and Nelson @ Marina Square for the 2.50pm 'Rush Hour 3' movie.. It was really funny la.. Haha.. Although I felt that the plot was a little thin, not as meaty as the previous Rush Hours.. Nevertheless, the Chris-Tucker-and-Jacky combi continued to entertain me throughout the whole movie.. After the movie, we walked about @ Marina Square and Suntec City before having dinner @ Food Republic @ the Convention Center..

We planned to seek out a nice place to sit so that we could watch the fireworks but to our horror, there were like loadz of people already camped @ the Marina Square steps facing esplanade.. Even the staircases around were packed with people trying to catch a glimpse of the action @ the performance area (i doubt they can see anything though =P) Xiaomei and Nelson disappeared and apparently found some place where they could sort of see the fireworks but Baby and I decided to leave cos it was too crowded for our liking and imagine the huge traffic jam we will face after watching the fireworks.. So we left Marina Square (Woo Hoo.. Parking free for bikes.. Haha..) and headed to Bugis Junction where we played some billards nearby and then headed home.. The traffic was rather congested because people were still heading home from Marina Bay so what was supposed to be a 5 min (or even less) ride home became a 15 mins one.. *grumbles*

I think I'm gonna enjoy the future rides on the baby's bike.. Hee.. Not to worry, baby is a very safe rider and I'll be safe with him =)

Oki doki.. Somemore pics of his new wifey...

10:36 PM

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

I'm showing baby's new wife who's the boss.. Lol..

11:22 PM

Baby and his new wife...
So.. Is she prettier than me??

11:21 PM

Me, Baby, Xiaodi, Xiaomei and Nelson...

11:19 PM

The Tay siblings - Devin, Denise and Dione

11:16 PM

Family Photo...
Err.. Why Xiaomei never smile one??

11:12 PM

Me and Baby...

11:11 PM

Xiaomei with her birthday cake...

11:08 PM

Me & Baby @ New York New York...

11:06 PM

Baby @ New York New York..
But that's not his food, he's deboning my chicken for me..

11:01 PM

First of all.. Would like to say...


It's my little (actually not so little anymore) sister's 20th birthday today. Just had a cake cutting session. We also had a family dinner @ New York New York on Sunday for her birthday celebration. Bought her a bag for her prezzie but I think the best prezzie she got should be from her beloved boyfriend - Sony PSP!! Hee.. Hope she enjoyed her day today..

Ok, with that said, I've got something to announce.. *drum rolls*

Baby's bike has arrived! He collected his bike in the evening together with Dennis and managed to get Dennis to teach him some stuff about bikes. He can vroomed over to my place for the cake cutting and also for me to see his 2nd wife.. Lol.. Took some pictures with it and sat on it whiles he rode around the car park in @ my place.. Kinda scary since it's my first time.. Haha.. But I'm sure I'll get used to it.. =) Yipee.. It has come true! I have a chauffeur now.. Haha..

School starts in after about a week plus.. Can't wait for FYP to end soon.. =P

Oki.. Some pictures!

10:46 PM

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Yipee! I'll soon have a chauffeur at my beck and call.. Haha.. Baby just paid for his bike downpayment this evening.. He's buying a black Honda CBR150.. He was reviewing a few bike models and finally made a decision to buy this bike.. Thanks to Wende (Baby's cousin) who gave him lotsa valuable advice and Dennis (Baby's ex-supervisor in Regent and my ex-colleague in Shang) who introduced him to a bike shop that sold the bike at a better price than other shops.. The bike should be ready for collection either Saturday or Monday.. Baby is so excited about it that he cannot talk about anything else but his bike.. Looks like I've got strong competition for Baby's attention.. =P

Will be very very busy the following 2 weeks because of the last phase of our FYP. We've gotta update our documents (which we haven been faithfully doing for the past 2 months) as well as to prepare for the major and final presentation to the faculty. Next week, we've gotta go through our user acceptance test, source code walk through as well as coming up with the skeleton of our presentation. So might not be able to accompany Baby as much.. But lucky got a 2nd wife now to keep u company.. =P

Recently got excitement after excitement.. First is the excitement of our Phuket trip, then baby passed his 2b jsut 2 days after we returned, now is the arrival of Baby's 2nd wife, then it's the excitement of finally finishing my FYP, followed by the excitement of my last semester (means I can graduate at the end of the year) and last of all... the Bangkok trip in January! Haha.. Ok I know it's abit too early to be excited about it but I'm still excited. Will be going with Nancy and Taib.. Our (Me and Nancy) primary target there is to shop, shop, shop, shop and shop.. Wahaha.. But tix and hotel still not booked yet.. Just waiting for offers.. Anywayz still like a few months away.. =P

Ok, when I say I've got lotsa documentation to do for FYP, I really mean ALOT.. Going to start on some now.. =)

8:58 PM