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Monday, June 18, 2007

Me and Baby...

10:41 PM

Bryan and Baby...

10:38 PM

Jennifer, Crystal and me..

10:37 PM

Mango pudding with mango and mango ice cream..
Reminds me of HK's 许留山..
But the portions in HK was much bigger.. =P

10:34 PM

Magiee noodes with chicken (some special sauce) and egg..

10:32 PM

Magiee mee with egg, ham and 五香肉...

10:31 PM

Glutinous rice with chicken.. This one nice.. =)

10:30 PM

Prawn dumplings..

10:28 PM

Thick toast with peanut butter and condensed milk...

10:26 PM

Me and Baby...
This one is Baby holding the camera..
That's why we are in the frame.. Haha..

10:22 PM

Me and Baby..
I was holding the camera..
That explains why we are almost out of frame.. Haha..

10:16 PM

Baby, Xueqian, Bryan and Jennifer..

10:13 PM

The menu has 2 sides..
So much food to choose from..

10:10 PM

Baby will be back to work tomorrow! Crystal already gave him a warning.. She told him not to 被吓到 when he goes back to work tomorrow.. Haha..

I had a briefing for an event that I will be helping out next week... INFORMS Marketing Conference.. Will be working from Wed - Sat from 7am - 7pm.. Reminds me of the days working in Shang when the timing could stretch from 7am till 12am.. 17 hours! Can't imagine I managed to tahan those long hours.. Haha..

Finished the even @ about 1130 then went to meet baby @ Tampines to watch 'Fantastic 4'.. We walked around for a while then went to play billards @ Eunos.. After that we went to meet Bryan, Crystal, Jennifer and Xueqian for dinner @ 师奶茶餐厅 @ East Coast Road.. Bloated again man.. Reminds me of my trip to HK last year too.. Hee..

Oki Doki.. Pictures...

9:56 PM

Seven empty ice cream bowls/cups/glasses...
Seven bloated and rounded bellies.. Haha..

12:21 AM

Baby and his double berry ice cream...

12:20 AM

Me and baby...

12:19 AM

My 搞怪 little bro...

12:15 AM

Sis and her boyfriend, Nelson...

12:14 AM

Me and Baby..

12:10 AM

Daddy and Mummy...

12:05 AM

Baby's newly pierced ear hole.. Hee..

12:02 AM

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Happy Father's Day!

That's to all fathers in the world... =)

Had a great dinner today.. Brought daddy to Aston's specialities for Father's Day dinner.. A total of 7 of us went.. Me, Baby, Dad, Mum, Bro, Sis and her bf Nelson. We reached around 6pm and the queue was pretty long oredi.. Daddy had Wagyu Steak (dunno wats that) but it's some grade 5/6 beef (also dunno wat is that) but he said it it's different from the normal steak he eats.. Nicer.. Hee.. We ate our fill there and baby paid for dinner.. We then went to Parkway Parade to walk around.. Baby had to get his dad a Father's Day present and Sis's share for Father's Day was to get a present for Dad... Ended up we bought 2 G2000 shirts for dad... He was fighting to pay for it at the cashier with sis... Ended up the cashier took sis's money instead of dad's after she told the cashier it's a father's day gift, cannot let him pay.. Haha.. Baby bought a Goldlion wallet for his dad.. After which, we went to Swensens for ice-cream (daddy's treat).. When walking to the bus stop we also bought a whole load of fruits that I love.. Mango, Lychees, Mangosteens!!

Ok la.. shall post some pictures..

11:34 PM

New Kit Kat.. Hee..

1:47 AM


1:45 AM

Baby.. At the half lobster, half construction worker stage..

1:44 AM

Me and Baby...

1:42 AM

Our main dish..
Cajun chicken with mozarella cheese on fries..
The nicest thing about this dish is the coleslaw.. :P

1:40 AM

I hate jalepenos..
The only reason I'm eating them is cos of the cheese.. Hee

1:39 AM

Jalepenos with mozarella cheese..
Baby was 'confused' into getting this dish lol..

1:37 AM

Me and Peiling...

1:36 AM

Me and Dawne..

1:34 AM

Busy piggie is back to blog! Been really, really busy these days doing FYP and working lor.. But of course.. I was also very lazy la.. That's why din blog for like a week liaoz.. :P

Ok.. Err.. Let me recap what I did last week..

Baby booked out last Friday.. Suppose to be around 3pm can reach home le but then cos of some delays.. He only reached home like 7pm.. We had plans to go for a good dinner @ Sakae but then cos of the delay we din. Instead we had Pasta Mania then we went to pierce our ear (yes baby pierced his ear too) and to cut our hair.. Baby's hair was cut by the army barber so.. it was.. you know.. not that err nice.. :P I went to trim my hair too cos it was getting pretty messy oredi.. After that we went home le..

Last saturday - Baby had to work in the morning so we met up in the afternoon and had Sakae for lunch.. Very full man.. Lol.. After that we went to watch 'Ocean Thirteen'.. Still think the 'Ocean Eleven' was the best la.. Went home after that.. Couldn't stuff anymore dinner down oredi lol..

Monday - Went to Marina to watch the cartoon East Ocean something with Baby after my FYP.. It was L.A.M.E lor.. Wah piangz.. Worst movie I've ever watched man... I dun even think it's considered a movie la! :P Walked around Marina and baby bought a t-shirt from Puma..

Wednesday - Ended work early to meet baby.. Went to AMK Hub for a walk.. Our main purpose was to try out Botak Jones actually.. Heard it was really good.. But we were disappointed by the food.. It wasn't half as good as what people raved about in their reviews.. *shakes head* Watched 'Men in White' at Jubilee too cos the Cathay @ AMK Hub wasn't open yet.. This show, compared to the East whatever cartoon was much much better.. It was really, really funny la.. Laughed from the beginning till the end.. The plot wasn't really good but then the content was really hilarious.. Haha..

So these are the main highlights of the past week ba.. The rest was FYP, programming and working only.. Baby, on the other hand, has been really free the past week cos he's clearing his leave.. He went swimming every single day.. At the beginning, he looked like a lobster(kenna sun burn), then he started to look like construction worker (super tanned), now he looks like zebra (because skin peeling so got 2 different shades of skin colour). He also been meeting his colleagues for lunch and playing games and slacking around. Good for him to relak also la.. After working without break for so long.. But he's kinda dreading the day he goes back to work cos he's probably gonna face alot of stuff to do..

Ok la.. Shall end here.. some pictures..

12:56 AM

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Yeah! Baby is finally going to be back from reservist tomorrow.. Life has been soo boring without him around.. Miss him.. =(

Anywayz, nvm la.. he's back tomorrow so I'll just look forward to seeing him tomorrow! =)

Past week has been really boring lor.. Monday --> FYP whole day, Tuesday --> FYP whole day, Wednesday --> Work half day, FYP the other half, Today, FYP whole day.

Baby said we'll have a good dinner tomorrow.. Hee.. He needs to go cut his hair though.. He kenna caught on the first day cos his hair was too long.. So he gotta get his hair cut @ the barber in camp.. He say like cut until abit weird haha.. Then I bringing him to pierce his ear.. Hehe..

So looking forward till tomorrow.. Lazy to blog le.. Everyday keep typing and programming.. Come home just wana watch some dramas.. Haha.. Tataz..

11:10 PM

Monday, June 04, 2007

Baby preparing for his reservist...

1:20 AM

Baby's new speakers from the PC Show...

1:18 AM

Our self created sundae..
Mine (right) nicer right? More colourful.. Haha.. =P

1:15 AM

@ Sizzler - Daddy's Sirloin Steak (paiseh abit far and blur =P)

1:14 AM

@ Sizzler - Grilled Dory Fish...

1:12 AM

@ Sizzler - Baby's fish and fries...

1:09 AM

Sizzler - Our salad lol.. Dun dare to pile so high.. Scared cannot finish...

1:01 AM

Proof that the total really costs only $18.80!

1:00 AM

Baby @ Aston's Specialities...

12:58 AM

Basket of fries (Paiseh.. the pictures I take always orangy, orangy one.. =P)

12:56 AM

@ Aston's Specialities - Chargrilled chicken with baked potato and potato salad...

12:53 AM

@ Aston's Specialities - Black pepper chicken with bbq beans and baked potato...

12:51 AM

@ Aston's Specialities - Cream of mushroom soup...

12:49 AM

Bro made me play this game with him..
Very brain wrecking .. Haha.. Lost first 3 games to him..
Managed to win him back though!

12:46 AM


12:45 AM

Me and Baby...

12:43 AM

Me and Baby...

12:39 AM

Nice scenery hor? Err ok la.. Not so nice in the picture..
But it was nice at that point of time...

12:37 AM

Ezann (is that how u spell her name?) and Ben..
Having some baby gameshow.. She is so skinny!

12:34 AM

They even have Elvis and erm.. another guy with peacock feathers...

12:31 AM