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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Me and Baby...

12:43 AM

Yummy durian kueh.. Err can't really see the fillings la hor.. Haha..

12:41 AM

Trying to take a picture in a weird position.. =P

12:39 AM

More pretty, pretty sparkles..

12:38 AM

WAH.. Pretty, pretty sparkles..

12:36 AM

Baby looks like he wana set the big pineapple on fire! Lol..

12:34 AM

Lighting up the sparklers...

12:23 AM

Sparkling Sparklers...
The pink one is obviously mine.. =)

12:19 AM

The 3 Kids (Out of which, 2 are 长不大的小孩)

12:15 AM

校花校草was at SMU today looking for hunks and babes..
Couldn't get a very good view (see the stoopid pillar?) so I left after stretching my neck for like 5 mins.. =P

12:10 AM

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

U-hoo.. Updates.. Updates.. Updates..

Went for the MAS interview last Friday.. It was ok la.. Not too bad.. Next Friday got hotel event then we'll be notified whether we got thru to the final round of interview.. *cross fingers* Meanwhile I'm just applying, applying, applying and applying for jobs..

Managed to find an organisation to volunteer for to complete my hours.. =) Yipee! Thanks to Gek Cheng from SMU's Office of Career Services.. No need to worry about not being able to graduate le!! =P Can also file for graduation online oredi! I just haven clicked the button yet.. Lol.. Shall do it soon though.. =)

Met baby after school today and went to Suntec for dinner.. After which we walked around and baby bought 2 boxes of durian puffs for mum and dad.. Baby buys mooncakes every year for my parents but this year we decided to be different.. Mum makes mooncakes so our house is no short of mooncakes so we decided to buy durian puffs which are their favourite.. Hehe.. We played sparkles with Devin too.. Like small kids.. =P I would have loved to play with paper lanterns but couldn't get them anywhere.. =(

Time flies, it's Week 6 oredi! 2 months later, I'll be a graduate.. Will I be left jobless? Will I become a road sweeper? Lol.. Sigh.. Think I should not think so much and just enjoy the last 2 months of school life I have.. Shall worry about the rest later! =)

Oki.. Pictures..

11:59 PM

Monday, September 17, 2007

The great chef @ work..
Baby was frying potatoes and 年糕 for me..
Yummy! Thanks baby!!

12:14 AM

@ MacDonalds looking @ flights and hotels to Bangkok..

12:14 AM

Me and baby @ Expo...

12:13 AM

Nancy came over to baby's place cos she needed help to edit some pictures meant for Taib's birthday present..
But look @ what she is doing?!? Watching TV!! Whiles I was helping her edit the pictures!!

12:10 AM

Nancy, Baby and me..

12:09 AM

Me and Nancy...

12:06 AM

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Me and Nancy @ Sakae last weekend...

11:49 PM

Baby's mummy's birthday last month..
Just bluetooth-ed it from baby's phone today.. =P

11:47 PM

Donut Factory Donuts!!!
This time, I din have to queue 4 hours for them..
Thanks to Jennifer who was queuing up for them and offered to help us buy a dozen..
Thankew Jennifer!!!

11:45 PM

Damn! I always lose to baby in Monopoly..
This time, it was all because of Trafalgar Square..
ARGH!!! Total Bankrupt!!!

11:41 PM

Me and Baby...

11:40 PM

Me Lihui Yugui Shuli Meiyun
@ the airport @ 6am in the morning..

11:39 PM

Yugui left for Xiamen about 2 weeks ago..
We were @ the airport @ 6am in the morning to send her off..
Yugui 感动right? Hee..
Hope she adapting well over there.. Haven seen her online for a long time..

11:37 PM

HELLOZ!!! Long time no blog.. Hee.. Lazy (as usual) =P

Baby is sitting right beside me now, watch soccer. I asked him whether he wanted to say anything.. He 'bo hiu' me cos it's his favourite Aston Villa playing now... =P

Anywayz, been sucha long time that I dunno where to start.. Haha.. Anywayz, just some main highlights so far ba..

Been going for career talk after career talk.. Gan cheong to find a job sia.. Scared have to end up sweeping roadside.. *boo hoo* So far I only applied for 2 positions.. Will be going for an information session for HSBC's Mgmt Development Program and an interview @ MAS this Friday. Abit gan cheong cos after all it's my first big interview.. Gonna apply for lots of others too.. Gonna do the 'blanket approach', everything 通杀.. Lol..

Went with baby, Nancy and Taib to the NATAS fair on Friday.. Wanted to see whether got any packages for our Bangkok trip.. Ended up, we wasted $12 ($3 each for entry ticket) cos the packages were all pretty expensive lor.. It was at least $100 more expensive than booking online ourselves.. =P So we ended up @ MacDonalds where we selected our flight and hotel.. Thanks to daddy and his HSBC credit card, we managed to book $8 tix to Bangkok on Jetstar and we also just got our hotel confirmation for Asia Rooms.. Yipee!! We are all set to go next January.. Haha.. 3 more months.. Yes!

Err.. I also dunno wat to update le.. Simply cannot remember wat I have been doing the past week or so.. =P Shall post some pictures (some long overdued) =P

11:18 PM