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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Heyo all!

I'm back!! (Since 2 weeks ago).. =P

Haven had time to update abt our trip but we had a super duper smashing time over there.. Weather was worse than Singapore, but we could live with it.. Hee.. The photoshoot was especially tiring but I think the baby was in the worst situation.. Shirt, pants, jacket.. Lolx.. U know wat I mean.. But we had fun.. And the photos turned out great! So great that we over spent and selected so much more photos! Lolx..

Anywayz, we've uploaded our album design on our wedding webbie.. Have alookie! =)

11:41 PM

Saturday, July 04, 2009

Off to Taiwan in less than 12 hours! Woo-hoo..

Hehe.. Had my french mani and pedi done this afternoon.. Went to watch Ice Age 3 then met up with some pple for durian..

95% packed oredi.. Left those stuff that can only put in last minute like comb etc.. Will be heading to Taichung for our photoshoot first for 2 days then to Taipei to eat and shop and eat.. Lolx..

See ya all when I'm back! =)

12:43 AM