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Saturday, June 21, 2008

3 x Gerberas from colleagues..
It was 'Colleagues Appreciation Day' and little kids were selling flowers @ Barcap..
Good to know I'm being appreciated =)

12:00 AM

Friday, June 20, 2008

First picture taken with new lappie's webcam!

11:58 PM

Baby and I are addicted to 'Hoops' aka basketball @ the arcade.. Haha..

11:55 PM


Yupz, it's one more month to our 8th year anniversay. =) Time passes really quicky.. Few blink of my eyes and baby and I have been together for almost 8 years! Never regretted every single minute of it.. =)

Baby and I went to watch 'Get Smart' today.. Funny show.. Haha.. Will be watching 'Zohan' this weekend.. Have high expectations of this show cos the trailer like super duper funny.. Hee..

I'm collecting my new phone this Sunday! Someone was selling a brand new Nokia 6500 S (the same phone baby bought abt a mth ago) The seller got it from Starhub and he only wanted the plan, not the phone so he decided to sell it.. Told baby about the post and after asking the seller a few questions, baby decided to get it for me.. Sooo excited abt it.. Hehe.. Baby told me during dinner today that he had already planned a surprise on our anniversary next month.. He'll buy a new phone for me then on that day, he'll put his phone into the box and give it to me as a gift.. Then he'll be using his super old nokia phone and when I notice, I'll think he gave me the phone he was using and insist on returning it to him... Then he will bring out the new phone and surprise me.. Haha.. But he decided to get this one now and forgo the surprise cos this one is abit cheaper and it's from Starhub rather than retailers in town hubs.. Even though the plan wasn't able to come through.. Thanks baby for putting so much thought into it.. *muaks* =)

So glad the weekend is here.. Been doing 7am shift for the past 5 days.. Really tiring..

Ok off to play with my lappie then to bed.. =)

11:48 PM

Monday, June 16, 2008

Compaq Presario V3700 Series
  • Intel® Core™2 Duo processor T8300 2.40 GHz , 3 MB L2 Cache, 800 MHz FSB
  • 3072 MB RAM
  • 160 GB
  • 5-in-1 integrated Digital Media Reader
  • Bluetooth® wireless networking
  • DVD RW
  • Inbuilt Webcam
  • and some misc stuff I dun get also =P

8:15 PM

HP Pavilion a6400 PC series
  • Intel® Core™2 Quad processor Q6600 • 2.40 GHz, 8 MB Advanced Transfer Cache, 1066 MHz
  • NVIDIA® GeForce® 7100 nForce® 630i
  • 2048 MB RAM
  • 250 GB hard disk
  • 15in1 memory card reader
  • DVD RW
  • Wireless keyboard + mouse
  • and some misc stuff I dun really understand lol..

7:10 PM

u-hoo.. i'm home.. back pretty early today cos dad called to say mum wasn't feeling well.. she was on the mrt with my brother and she puked.. my bro said they had to alight at the next station and buy clothes to change then take a cab home.. she's feeling better and sleeping now though.. will have to do some housework later on.. =P

baby and i went to suntec on saturday.. we took 1/2 hour to find a parking lot!! every car park around marina sq was full.. raffles city shopping center was full.. millenia walk was full.. even shaw tower was full.. suntec wasn't exactly full.. we could see the that there were still 40+ lots in the mall but we simply couldn't find the entrance that was open! after making a few turns, baby managed to find the only entrance that wasn't blocked to suntec's carpark and it was really like hidden somewhere lorz.. =.=' we headed to harvey norman suntec to see if there were any desktops there which might interest us.. we saw the same desktop that was in our cosideration list selling at the same price as in the PC Show.. the other desktop we were considering was of another brand called 'Pluto'.. the specs were good and price cheaper but we've never heard of the shop.. seems to be one of those DIY shops.. so after a looooonnnngggg consideration (and phonecalls to check with frens who were not as noob as us in computers), baby decided to get the HP desktop from Harvey Norman.. as for me... i got a new lappie too!!! hehe.. i was eyeing this compaq lappie over @ harvey norman.. and of course, baby saw right through me.. after discussing and considering + bargaining with the salesperson for freebies, baby decided to get the lappie for me too! woo-hoo... we managed to squeeze out from the sales person 3 year onsite full warranty, anti virus software, a webcam (for baby's desktop), a mouse (for my laptop) and free delivery for the desktop.. they also threw in a high-tea for 2 @ Carousel.. super happy!! =)

after which, we had steamboat for dinner to celebrate father's day.. super crowded manz.. but i think everyone had their fill lol.. baby sent grandpa and grandma home, then we went for a carwash before headin to vivo for our midnight show.. we watch incredible hulk.. it was not bad.. monster looked damn ugly tho'.. haha.. baby stayed over in the night..

after we woke up, i told baby i wanted to watch the happening cos it was by M. night shyamalan.. was expecting to watch a good show with a twist in the story (like sixth sense and the village) but i was super disappointed.. the show was really crap lor.. not only did it not have a twist in the story.. it was so freaking disgusting seeing how people killed themselves la (i din see most of the killing scenes cos too scared then baby had to cover my eyes) .. it's like a sick show.. i suppose the only thing i can get out of it is that we are becoming a threat to the planet and the plants are starting to be defensive.. so go green everyone.. but it isn't worth it to pay $10 to get this message.. u see it all around on signboards..

we returned home and started to clear up baby's computer table cos his desktop will arrive on wednesday.. was intending to pass over his desktop to his bro to use first cos his bro's computer completely cannot on.. so meanwhile he can use baby's one first until he gets a new one.. but who knows, after plugging the computer to his bro's power point and installing his bro's wireless adaptor, the computer kept started to restart itself over and over again (the same problem with his bro's pc).. plugging it back in baby's room also had the same result.. in the end, can use become spoilt.. =.='

baby and i have decided not to go to genting already.. cos of the major expense we spent over the weekend, we shouldn't be spending too much liaoz.. so for our anniversary next month, baby will come up with another plan.. "Plan C" he calls it.. haha.. looking forward to your "Plan C"!

Ok.. shall stop here.. Going for dinner soon.. Oh yea, did I mention? I LOVE MY NEW LAPPIE!!! Hee...

6:45 PM

Friday, June 13, 2008

my blog has a new look!! found a wallpaper off the net and did some twitchings to it.. heez.. changed a new tagbox too.. this one looks nicer i feel... =P

it's the pc show 2008! baby and I went to have a look yesterday and it was freaking crowded! will be going over again tomorrow cos baby's gonna get a new desktop.. his current one is going kaput soon.. so slow and keeps hanging even after reformatting and buying a new RAM.. so we did some surveying, came back to research and then tmr we'll go back to buy.. i saw the red vaio... so nice lor! but they say vaio is 中看不中用 one and it's so ex somemore.. can easily get a not bad one below 1.5k from compaq and compaq is pretty good.. my laptop lasted for 5 yrs liaoz! I have a feelin it's gonna kaput soon too.. Starting to get cranky and hang and have weird errors liaoz.. will do a reformat soon.. just hope it can hold till i come back from london.. or else i will lose all contacts with sg when i'm over there.. cannot chat with baby liaoz.. not good.. =

the iphone is coming to sg! i heard that apple has slashed the prices and an 8gb i-phone is only USD 199 which is about SGD300+ if we add all the misc taxes and fees and crap.. as much as it looks nice, it's a touch screen phone.. which reminds me of the stoopid phone i have with me now.. lol.. so yea.. =P even baby cringes when he hears 'touch-pad' or 'touch-screen'.. lol..

tmr will be a packed day.. gonna go apply my PDL in the morning, then to suntec to get baby's computer, got a few errands to run then head to father's day dinner and probably a midnight movie (incredible hulk / the happening)..

ok.. i am going to slack awhile before going to bed.. yea i know it's a friday but tmr gotta wake up early and it's a full day.. so yea.. hee.. buai-ee...

10:38 PM

Monday, June 09, 2008

Baby and his toy, my ride.. lol

9:08 PM

Couldn't get all into the picture but there are about 30 Axios parked here..

9:07 PM

Birthday Cake..
Cheesecake from Hilton Singapore..

9:06 PM

*clap clap* baby won a prize!!

9:04 PM

Out of nowhere came this Mini Cooper with Red Bull design during the Club Axio GTG..
They were actually there to promote their new red bull and giving away free samples.. Lol..

8:59 PM

baby was on mc last friday.. not feeling well in the morning so went to see doc.. after resting for the day he felt better so he came to fetch me after work and we headed to Suntec to watch , 'Kungfu Panda'.. baby din expect me to end work so early (5pm) so he booked the 750pm movie.. so we had dinner and hanged around.. we ended up spendinn 10 bucks on the basketball game at the arcade.. Lol.. So fun lor.. Trying to break the records.. But hand also very suan la.. Lol.. Baby say can train biceps.. Haha.. The movie was very funny.. Definitely worth watching! Hee..

Woke up pretty late on Saturday.. Baby came to fetch me then we went to Changi Village for Hainanese Chicken Rice.. I think I'm addicted to it liaoz lor.. It's cheap and very nice.. Their side dishes like toufu and sotong balls are very good too.. Those chicken rice lovers should go give it a try! Mum called after we had lunch and started nagging @ me cos I forgot to bring the rice dumplings she bought for baby and family.. =P Baby had to drive all the way from Changi back to my place to collect the rice dumplings.. Although he willingly drove back but I feel so bad make him drive here and there.. Thanks for being so sweet baby! After collecting the rice dumplings, we headed to Bedok to baby's friend's shop to get T10 lights for our car's pilot lights.. We bought blue one.. Now very nice lor.. Hehe.. Haven taken a picture of it yet, will post when I have..

For dinner, baby drove me to this hawker center near Bedok camp for Hokkien Mee.. the food there was pretty good, we had double cheese roti john and baby queued up for cheng tng for me too.. for some reason the queue was very long for this stall so i expected it to be very nice.. it isn't very nice.. but it was not bad and their ingredients were quite special..we da-bao-ed beancurd back home too.. stay over @ baby's place that night.. watch the channel 8 chinese movie.. but i fell asleep before the Huang Fei Hong show ended.. lol..

woke up next morning and we heading to the Club Axio 1st Anniversary GTG @ East Coast Park.. Club Axio is this online forum baby joined as a member which has members all owning Axios joining.. there were about 30 plus Axios @ ECP yesterday.. It was quite interest looking @ the modifications or detailing others had done to their Axios.. They had games, food, technical demo on how to change tyre and lucky draw.. In different games and lucky draw, baby won this pair of wind screen wipers, a t-shirt, small model of our Axio and some card holder.. Not bad considering we din pay a single cent to participate in this.. From 1pm we stayed till around 6pm then headed to Bedok South for dinner.. Saw the advertisement on e-blackboard on tv.. heard it's kinda similar to Botak Jones so went to give it a try.. Their variety isn't as much as Botak Jones but their fish are quite fresh.. Somemore got 25% discount now.. An ok place to eat if we are around the area but not worth going there just to eat la..

K la.. post some pictures then go do my own thing liaoz.. =P

8:26 PM

Thursday, June 05, 2008

a blurry pic of me and baby..

8:29 PM

finally... after countless clues...
he found it!! lol..

8:28 PM

Even the doggies came to kpoh...

8:28 PM

... so mummy came in to help...

8:27 PM

Baby hid his birthday present in his room..
He cannot find.. Lol..

8:26 PM

Happy Birthday!!

8:24 PM

It was baby's bro's birthday yesterday..
Had a simple mini celebration @ home..
Do they look alike?

8:23 PM

Me and my SGP colleagues + 1 LDN colleague
The cameraman's hands not very stable =P

8:19 PM

Xiaomei Geraldine Kimberly Aunt Yizhen Me Mummy
Group picture @ cousin Kevin's wedding..

8:08 PM

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

YEAH!!! dione passed her basic theory test... woo-hoo..

was really kan cheong before the test cos i've already booked like 12 practical lessons from end june - end july.. if i suay suay fail means all have to cancel and reschedule.. -.-' but heng nv fail... haha.. but advanced theory quite late.. in early august.. dun think i'll be able to get my licence before i head to london liaoz.. but nvm lor.. slowly take..

baby bought a new handphone! so nice!! nokia 6500 slide.. the black one really look very class lor.. v chio.. totally regretted buying the stoopid samsung u700.. samsung phone really sucks.. especially their so called 'touch pad' wah piang.. feel like throwing the phone down the building haha... =P lucky baby managed to get rid of his.. cos just recently spoilt and kenna repaired only so better hurry change if not spoil again jialat.. as for me.. shall wait and see how ba..

baby and i might be going genting for our 8th year anniversary.. wanted to just get away for the weekend.. wana save $$ so cannot go too far and pay too much.. genting good enuff la, good weather, can watch movie, can walk walk, take rides... enjoy er ren shi jie lol..

kevin (my colleague) who is from mauritiaus says that a sea-side bungalow with a big swimming pool costs only 250k!! In SG can oni get 3-room flat lor! lol.. i told baby let's save alot of $$ then retire to mauritiaus... wahaha...

=P ok la shall stop here hehe...

9:22 PM