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Sunday, November 30, 2008

Has been a very relaxed weekend.. Yesterday, baby had to go to work in the afternoon so we went for a swim in the morning then baby sent me back to his place and off he went to work.. He was stuck in the office from 12pm till 1030pm in the night! Poor baby... We were actually planning to go back to my place to watch the Aston Villa match but it was too late when he arrived home so I stayed over baby's place and we watched tv instead.. We went for a Club Axio event today and had our car washed and vaccumed for $6.. Quite cheap but it wasn't done very well.. =P I guess what u pay for is wat u get.. Then baby drove me to the Charles and Keith warehouse sale.. Think cos we went on the last day so most of the sizes were gone.. Managed to get a pair of heels though.. Hee..

So fast, it's december oredi.. Claire (my London director) has gone back to London and another London colleague is now here in Singapore.. Just the day before Claire left, we went out for drinks.. First @ Harry's at Boat Quay then to Iguana @ Clarkequay and finally to Brewerks.. I didn't drink any alcohol cos I'm allergic but I'm amazed at the kind of drinkers they are.. Lol.. Just kept drinking and drinking and they dun look the least bit drunk.. =P Anywayz.. I hope she managed to get new staff for the team.. Else we will be so dead when January comes.. I want my CNY leave too!

Met Ellena and Mark for dinner on Friday.. Yugui was supposed to come too but she wasn't feeling too well so she didn't come in the end.. It has been ages since I met them.. Had a nice chat over dinner.. Really miss my SMU schoolmates.. Hope to be able to meet them soon!

Waiting for our pizza delivery now.. Hehe.. Lazy to go out and eat la.. Wanted to go to Botak Jones but decided to have pizza instead.. =P

6:36 PM

Saturday, November 22, 2008

It's been a long time since I've updated.. Too lazy to update after work nowadays.. Lol.. Tired out from all the work cos there are 3 colleagues quitting so I gotta learn their stuff so that can cover them when they are gone.. Sigh so sad.. Suddenly 3 of them quit.. Worst still, I might have to forgo my Chinese New Year leave (I planned to clear my leave then.. around 2 weeks) cos there won't be enough ppl to work.. Sighz.. Just crossing my fingers and hoping new colleagues come in quickly and pick up the stuff quickly too..

Anyways.. Just some brief updates..

- Balloted for Ponggol Acardia already.. Results will be out in January.. Crossing our fingers and hoping we'll be able to get it..

- Went out for dinner with Nancy, Sabrina and Kaili on Wednesday.. As usual, we ended up having steamboat (again) Lol.. Nancy also passed her driving already.. Hehe..

- Been driving quite abit these days.. Getting better with parking and driving on the roads.. But baby says I still not alert enough.. Will have to work on that.. But I'm sure I'll get better.. =)

I guess that's all ba.. Boring life.. Lol.. Just going to work then sleep, wake up, go to work then sleep againz.. =P But I'm getting 2 days of leave on Mon and Tues.. Yipee.. Can rest and relax for 2 days.. Then back to work like crazee again on Wednesday.. =P Jiayou ba dione..

11:34 PM

Sunday, November 09, 2008

With 2 rods, we caught 34 prawns in total!


11:20 PM

My 2nd catch!

11:19 PM

My first catch!

11:18 PM

Baby's first catch.. Woo-Hoo..

11:17 PM

People say fishing cultivates patience..
I'm sure prawning does too.. Haha..

11:15 PM

Prawn bait - chicken liver..

11:13 PM

Baby and the prawning rods..
Can tell he is all excited to start.. Lol..

11:10 PM


11:08 PM

Steak with BBQ sauce..

11:07 PM

Steak with garlic mushrooms and hog tails.. Nice!

11:05 PM

Our drinks.. Can't remember what they are lol..

10:58 PM

Cream of mushroom soup..

10:57 PM

Me & baby..

10:56 PM

Baby and bro..

10:55 PM

Mum and dad..

10:54 PM

Daddy brought us to Hog's Breath Cafe for steak after I passed my driving..
The steak there is really good! But the portion is HUGE.. Lol..
I suggest anyone going there to eat should have the lite cut..

10:34 PM

Baby and I went to HDB Hub yesterday @ Toa Payoh to enquire about getting flats.. We joined the recent half yearly ballot and our queue number was 3000++! Sianz.. So we went to ask if there were any walk-in selection available.. Think we will need to start looking @ resale flats instead oredi.. Really got so many pple wana buy new flats meh? Zzzz...

Went prawning today with baby's bro and mum today.. It was very fun! I have gone fishing with baby before and I think prawning is more fun.. We had to wait so darn long for the fish to be baited but today, in 3 hours, we caught 34 prawns in total! Hehe.. I caught 5 of them (but I missed about 6 - 7 catches =P) I guess it has to do with ur luck on that day also la.. We saw others who also prawned for 3 hours but only caught 2 - 3 prawns.. Would like to go again.. Hehe.. But this kinda activity, cannot always go la.. Quite expensive leh..

Ok.. some pics..

10:28 PM

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Woo Hoo!! I got my Class 3A license already! Hehe.. Passed my TP on Monday.. It was quite a scare cos I tot I would fail the test.. Made some mistakes during the circuit when I was out of the road but heng pass ah.. Lol.. Started driving on the first day I got my license.. The feeling was very different from driving during lessons.. Maybe cos during lessons I had the 'L' plate hanging behind me so other cars kinda gimme some 'face' dun come so near me.. Lol.. But the 'P' plate doesn't hold such great power.. =P Gotta learn to get used to the roads and also parking.. I like the expressway though.. Hee.. No need to worry about traffic lights and pedestrians, just drive.. Hehe.. Baby has been my patient advisor sitting beside me as my passenger (my only one so far) and guiding me along the way.. "here must be careful cos got side road", "check whether got car", "look far ahead".. Hopefully, after his guidance for another few more times, I will be confident enough to drive on my own..

Next is Nancy, whose test is next Wednesday.. Good Luck Babe!! Remember to check, check and check!!

10:22 PM