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Monday, August 25, 2008

helloz.. helloz.. =)

baby is @ work now.. supposed to meet today but last min, he got lotsa work to do so i came back instead.. poor baby.. 8+ already still have to work.. JIAYOU!

we went to watch 'Death Race' over the weekend.. i think it's really good.. *hee* Though I don't really like the gory scenes *eeks* but overall, it rocks.. Haha..

Met Stella today after work to sample mooncakes @ Chevron House.. She wanted to look-see got wat new flavours cos she wana order so I tagged along.. I didn't really try except for some unique flavours which looked interesting.. and this particular mooncake caught my tastebuds!! Very nice! It's Aloe Vera and Avocado Snowskin Mooncake from Kia Hiang.. It's really, really, very, very good.. I walked past tasted one piece.. Walk past again tasted another piece.. *thumbs up* They've got different unique flavours like Blueberry Cheesecake which Stella says was very good (I bet baby will like it), chocolate with rum, durian etc.. I've never heard of Kia Hiang (sua-ku) but apparently, Stella told me it's not every known but their mooncakes are very popular.. She says their durian mooncakes are better than Goodwood Park's.. Not sure how true is that tho.. Hee..

3 more weeks till I fly.. Time passes so quickly.. Baby says.. It's a good sign, if the trip comes sooner, means it will also be over sooner then I'll be back.. Hmm.. True.. The other grads are already planning for their weekends.. One of their plans is to go to Amsterdam.. It costs around $350 for the air tix + accomodation for a night.. Decided not to go with them cos no interest in going therem there isn't really anything there I wana see.. I wana go Birmingham! My London colleague suggested I should also take a coach to Oxford and Bath cos it's nearby and cheap + no need stayover.. A day trip will do.. Hmmz.. We shall see.. I think London has enough sights to last 2 weekends probably.. Trying to psycho someone to go to Birmingham with me first.. =p Hehe..

The house will be very quiet starting tmr cos sis is going for a 4-day BKK trip and bro is going for a 3 days school camp.. It'll only be me, mum and day at home..

Ok I'm off do to some surfing.. Gotta sleep early for the next 3 weeks cos morning shift.. =P Tataz..

8:19 PM

Wednesday, August 20, 2008


We met up after work today and had Sakae Sushi for dinner (freaking full!!) then we watched 'Meet Dave' @ Suntec City.. Quite funny but the story abit "off" with a few loopholes.. =P I bought baby a box of truffle pralines from Royce.. Hehe.. I managed to try one piece when baby drove me back just now.. *thumbs up*

I wun be around to celebrate with baby next month.. *Sigh* Time flies.. It's only less than a month before I fly to London.. I know it's good exposure and good to learn stuff there.. But I really, really, really will miss baby and my family.. Especially when I think abt spending my birthday alone without them this year.. I know, I know.. I shouldn't think about all these.. Just think on the bright side.. Spending my birthday in London.. Not an everyday thing.. Right? I know this is what baby will tell me and I will try not to think too much.. =)

Ok.. Should be heading to bed oredi.. Nitey all..

P/S - I saw it ~ "Get ready for a killer ride"

10:42 PM

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Personally, I prefer City Tower Apartments from the pics.. Lol..

But we'll see how they actually look and how much they differ when I'm there..

12:07 AM

The kitchen...

12:06 AM

The bedroom...

12:06 AM

The living room...

12:04 AM

Limehouse, Mission Court
11 Oct - 18 Oct

12:03 AM

Friday, August 15, 2008

The bathroom..

11:44 PM

The living room aka lounge...

11:43 PM

The bedroom...

11:39 PM

City Tower Apartments
14th Sept - 11th Oct

11:36 PM

Updates.. Updates.. Updates..

November test dates are finally out for driving practical test @ CDC.. Booked mine for the 3rd Nov 2008.. Will be finishing my final evaluation tmr.. My next lesson after that will be in late October for some revision lessons le.. *cross fingers* Hope I one-time pass like baby..

Got my accomodation details for the London trip (Will post some pictures later on) already.. Got 2 different accomodation throughout my trip.. First one is for my training duration, and the other for the final week where I'm extending to work @ the London desk.. They look not too bad, but pictures can be deceiving lol.. But it's kinda big la.. 2 persons to one service apartment with 2 rooms, one living room, one kitchen and 2 bathrooms with free internet.. I think there's nothing I should complain about.. But we are distributed to different apartments in London and some apartments have gym, suana, courts and jaccuzzi lorz.. But I'm quite contented with mine la.. As long as got free internet.. Can keep in contact with baby and family over here..

Baby is right beside me now.. He's playing PSP.. Hehe.. We'll be going for lessons @ CDC tmr together.. Baby will be taking his first practical lesson for his Class 2A licence whiles I'm having my last.. Haha.. One beginning one end.. Hehe.. After which, we'll bring baby's mum out for makan @ Carousel.. Then off to Suntec to check out the edits of my graduation studio pics.. Baby got mahjong session tmr night.. And as for me.. I will finally start to clear off the pile of clothes I need to iron!! =P

Ok shall end here.. Feeling kinda sleepy.... and it's a Friday!! That's how working life is.. *tsk tsk*

P/S: Congrats to the Singapore Table Tennis Team! Finally a medal for Singapore @ the Olympics after half a century's wait..

11:22 PM

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Wah! I love this LV wallet! It's in my favourite colour too!
But then it costs freaking 400 pounds! That's like $1080 SGD!
Sighz.. So expensive..
Maybe when I strike the next $8 million Toto.. =P Lol..

7:48 PM

Saturday, August 09, 2008

Another team picture (without Rohit)
BTW, Aditya was my predecessor and my boss invited him to lunch..
He's quitting to go back to India to study..

10:48 AM

Coincidentally, all of us were in 'Blues and Whites' that day..

My boss said, "Like wear uniform like that" Haha..

10:42 AM

We had a farewell lunch for 3 guys on Thursday..
"Rohit the Intern" who is going back to school..
"Philip the Graduate" who is leaving for his next rotation..
"Tim the Developer" who is going back to London..
We had Oishi Pizza.. Some flavours were pretty weird lol..
But overall it was pretty ok..

10:37 AM

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

At baby's place now.. Waiting for him to finish bathing then head to the pasar malam for some foodie..

**He's out and standing behind me peeping at me blogging.. Hehe..

Anywayz.. I passed my Final Theory Test on Monday! Phew.. Was panicking when I hit the button to submit my answers.. Heng pass.. If not have to wait 3 months! Now waiting for the November test dates to be available so that I can book my practical test.. Cos October will be too rush for me..

**Lazy baby is now lying on the bed..

Ok shall end my short, short post here.. Lol.. *yawnz* Sleepy..

8:29 PM

Friday, August 01, 2008

dunno wat to say...

feel so much inside...

wat can i do..

10:54 PM