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Friday, January 30, 2009

Aaahhh... 2 more days and I'm back to work.. How come 10 days whizzed past without me knowing?? Well.. I guess it's just like what most pple say.. Good times flies.. Well, better enjoy while I can! =)

It was a pretty small gathering on Wednesday with the uni gang.. Not all could make cos of personal and work committments but there were still Yugui, Vivian, Shirley, Robin, Shuli, me, Karway and her hubby.. Karway catered Adam Rd's Nasi Lemak.. Nv had that before and it tasted very good! Then we had lou hei followed by fruits fondue.. Hehe.. We chit-chatted and then played sabotageur.. Very fun game! Hee.. Think baby will like it.. This kinda sabo, sabo game.. Haha.. We left at about 10pm.. I went home, took a bath, changed and headed to Pasir Ris to join baby and his bro for prawning.. Left the pond at about 1230am, headed back to baby's place and went to bed.. Baby had work the next morning and I headed home..

Went out with sis yesterday for some shopping.. Had lunch with dad @ Sakae Sushi @ Bugis first then we headed to town.. From Wisma to Taka to Lucky Plaza to Paragon to Cineleisure to Heeren to John Little to OG and back to Bugis Junction.. Lol.. Walk until my legs so tired.. We got bro to come to Somerset halfway to buy his birthday present.. We got him a pair of Adidas shoes.. We also got presents for our aunty and cousin for their upcoming birthdays..

Bro will be celebrating his birthday tomorrow and I will have to be home the whole day to help out.. In the afternoon, mum's frens will be here.. In the evening/night, dad's frens and some relatives.. Bz bz day.. Finally can get to rest abit on Sunday and will only be out for dinner for grandpa's birthday..

Haven watched movies for a long, long time.. So many shows I wana watch!

Ok.. Feeling hungry oredi.. Going to have my lunch.. Hehe..

12:03 PM

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Happy 'Niu' Year everyone!!

Been doing the usual house visitings the past 2 days.. Drove my family around yesteray then headed over to baby's place to fetch him and his mum to go to his grandma's place..

Today, baby was the chauffeur driving me and my family around.. Went back to his place after that and had bbq+steamboat.. Haven had that in a long time.. Shiok.. Haha.. They had lion dance @ their place too!

Will be heading to Karway's place tomorrow for CNY gathering with the uni gang.. Will be driving over there tmr so driving baby to work then he'll have to take public transport home after work.. =P Hee.. I think baby hasn't stepped into the MRT for like almost a year liaoz.. Thanks ar baby, xinku ni le.. =)

This year's CNY seems to be a little toned down compared to last few years.. Dun have the festive vibes for some reason..

Wellz, in any case, hope for a good year ahead! Same for all of you reading my blog! =)

Will post some pictures soon..

11:47 PM

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Dione has started her 12 day long CNY leave.. YIPEE!!

Hehe.. Went out really late with baby last night to meet up with his friend from our car club.. He was teaching us how to wax our car.. So we learnt and waxed till like 2 am.. =P The difference was freaking astonishing.. Our car was soooo smooth and glossed up after the wax.. Can even see baby's reflection vv clearly.. Hehe.. Baby has the pictures.. Will post them when I get it from him.. Just nice.. CNY is round the corner, make our car pretty, pretty to welcome the new year..

Will be going to Tampines Mall to walk walk around later then meet baby.. After the waxing session last night, baby still had to go to work today.. Must be very tired.. Will be driving back the car tonight and sending baby to work tomorrow then driving back and then going to his place in the afternoon cos they bought a new sofa set and baby's mum will need my help to double check that the set is not damaged and stuff..

Oki doki.. I'm going to bathe now.. Feels good to be home on a weekday.. Lol.. =)

2:38 PM

Monday, January 19, 2009

Ta-da.. My new Agnes B tote..
See that white thingy on the black strip at the top?
Those are stars.. Lol..
That's why they call it the Star Edition..

9:21 PM

So happy, so happy..

Baby got me an Agnes B Star Edition tote! This edition is only available in Japan and is not available in the Singapore boutiques.. He asked his friend who went to Japan for holiday to help him get.. Hehe..

*dance around* Been eyeing Agnes B for sometime oredi but it's quite expensive lehz.. And the designs/colours in Singapore is limited one.. Most commonly seen is the small black signature tote...

But now.. I have the star edition! Woo-Hoo.. It's bright and cheery red somemore.. Perfect for Chinese New Year.. 'Ang Gong Gong'.. Let me fa more cai this year.. Haha..

Love you to bits baby! *muaks*

9:13 PM

Sunday, January 18, 2009

New template.. DiZy's Wonderland..

Really like it alot.. Hehe..

Love this song too.. =)

1:50 AM

Me and Baby..

12:49 AM


12:47 AM

This flower so cute.. But dunno wat it is lehz..

12:46 AM

New accessory for our car..
Hope it will bring us good luck.. =)

12:44 AM

CNY deco @ Chinatown..

12:42 AM

Lol.. No prizes for guessing what they sell in there..

12:41 AM


12:40 AM

Pretty, pretty flowers..

12:36 AM

Chinatown also alot of pple..

12:35 AM

So many pple..

12:35 AM


12:34 AM


12:32 AM

The fishes were still flapping around on the ground..

12:29 AM

So many baskets of fishes..

12:28 AM

*yawn* Slept alot but still feeling sleepy... Maybe slept too much already.. Baby, me and both mums went to Senoko Fishing Port last night @ 2am.. Never been there before but heard the fishes there are really, really fresh.. True enough.. Most of the fishes, prawns, crabs and sotongs were still moving where we were there.. Can imagine how fresh it was.. Both mothers were really excited looking for good buys and ended up with plastic bags of fishes and prawns.. Lol.. Me and baby on the other hand were just interested in walking around, looking at the variety of fishes and going woo and wah over huge fishes or weird species we've never seen.. But because it was a wholesale place, the pple there weren't very friendly to customers like us who wanted to buy only 2 or 3 fishes, they were more interested to do business with those who bought them in big basket (probably market fish mongers) and yes, the smell there was very 'fishy'.. Reached home @ 4+ am and was extremely tired.. Only woke up when baby called me @ 2pm.. =P

After I got ready, Baby, me and both mums headed out again.. This time to Boon Keng to look for sofa for Baby's place but couldn't find anything to their liking then we headed to Chinatown.. It was pretty crowded, which was expected since next weekend is CNY eve already.. Baby ended up buying me $50 worth of Muah Chee and 年糕. Both my ultimate favourite.. Sighz.. Actually, the economy so bad.. I know we shouldn't spend so much on stuff like that.. But of course baby say if like to eat just buy.. Thanks baby.. *muaksmuaks* =) I'm really amazed by the flavours that they have for muah chee.. They are really tasty too!

We received news of our balloting results for Acadia already.. Sighz.. So, so far awayz... 400+ flats, our number was 1000+.. Next hope lies on Regalia liaoz.. Hope this time we get a good Q number..

Oh yea, correction to my previous post.. I said that's the most expensive piece of clothing I've ever bought.. Lol.. I opened my cupboard the other day and saw my Adidas and Puma jackets and realised wat I said was not true.. =P It is not the most expensive piece of clothing I have, just the most expensive dress.. Hehe.. I think I'm done for my CNY new clothes shopping.. Can't wait to wear my new clothes, new shoes and new watch.. =)

Alright, some pics and then I'm off to bed..

12:12 AM

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Been out shopping for CNY the past few days.. Hehe.. Baby bought 2 pairs of Levis, a pair of bermudas, a pair of Converse shoes and a bright red polo from Converse.. He didn't have to buy too many tops cos has 2 t-shirts I bought from London that he hasn't worn before.. Can you imagine, hanging in his cupboard for the past 3 months.. Lol.. Oh we also bought a pair of Adidas-lar (personal joke) t-shirts to wear for CNY eve.. Hehe.. As for me, I got a dress from Joop.. Wah piang.. This is the most expensive piece of clothing I ever had man.. Spent 90 bucks on a red halter dress.. But I like it very much hee.. Baby's bro was like wah.. so red.. Haha.. But then.. I kinda feel it's a good start to the new year.. Lol.. Yea, yea, superstitious.. But no harm wat.. Hehe.. Red is nice anywayz.. I already bought a pair of Charles and Keith heels last mth during their warehouse sale so bought a pair of Kappa pumps for the 2nd day.. Now just short of a skirt.. Always love CNY, excuse to buy new stuff.. Wahaha..Wanted to do a spree for Victoria Secrets but then scared they cannot reach in time.. Actually if use express shipping should be ok la.. Just dun wana take the chance of being clothing-less on CNY.. Lol..

Went out for dinner on Sunday with family to celebrate Mum's birthday which is on coming Friday.. We couldn't have it any other weekends cos sis will have to start working on Sundays.. We went to the Senki Japanese restaurant @ Killiney for dinner.. The sashimi was so good! *yummy* I'm starting to like swordfish sashimi too.. Lol.. I ate so much that I felt kinda sick after that.. But just 2 days later, I am now craving for it again! Lol.. Who can tell me I'm not sashimi crazy?? =P

Can't wait for my block leave to start next week.. Will be on leave for 12 days straight.. Yipee.. But happy times normally fly past really quickly.. Before I know it, I'll be back at work facing the computer.. But hey, why think about this man.. Just enjoy while I can.. Baby can't take leave during the same period cos it's the month end and he is required to handle the month end closing.. So no choice.. I also cannot take leave during February cos colleague is on leave and I need to be around to cover his duties.. So that leaves March.. We are already planning to take a week off together then.. Maybe travel to KL? See how ba.. We saw SIA having the promo for Japan tickets.. Each person oni $698! But had to book by 12 Jan and going Japan is not like a cheap trip, have to make sure we got leave, know where to go and expenses calculated properly.. So in the end we decided to skip it this time.. Really feel like going out of SG for a holiday.. Malaysia also happy.. Lol.. Rest and Relax mahz..

Results for Punggol Arcadia will be out soon.. *cross fingers* Hope there is very good news for us.. We also balloted for Punggol Regalia as backup but I would very much prefer Arcadia... Both of them are just across the street from each other so the location is the same.. But Arcadia looks much nice from the outside lehz.. Hee..

Oki.. Shall stop here.. Till the next time.. =)

10:14 PM