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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Me and mum..

10:07 PM

Me and Xiaomei...

10:07 PM

Me and bro...

10:06 PM

Me and Dad..

10:05 PM

Me, Baby and Graddi..

10:05 PM

Me and Graddi...

10:04 PM

Xiaomei and Graddi...

10:04 PM

Me and baby @ the studio...

10:03 PM

on the coach back to SG..
bye-bye Genting..

10:02 PM

Last picture before we leave Genting...

10:02 PM

Cannot see the scenery..
Look at the mist!

10:01 PM

@ the lift lobby...

10:00 PM

Q-ing up for a ride..

9:59 PM

Ferris wheel..

9:59 PM

Me and baby waiting for a seat @ pizza hut..

9:57 PM

Me and baby..

9:48 PM

OSIM Cinema seats..

9:47 PM

Me and baby..

9:46 PM

Fish spa.. See those brownie things?
They are fishes that eats ur dead skin..
Freaking itchy la.. Haha..

9:44 PM

Baby attacked the bed first thing..

9:41 PM

Sleeping piggy..

9:40 PM

The machine behind me is the 'Hoops' machine we spent 100 Ringgit on!

9:39 PM

I like the cool, cool weather of Genting..
I just regret bringing only shorts with me.. =P

9:38 PM

Look at the mist!
This is why we couldn't go to the Outdoor Theme Park for 2 days!
*This is inside the building btw.. not outside!!

9:31 PM

Me? I more power..
I have tigers and lion..
White one somemore.. =P

9:30 PM

Lol.. Baby? A Magician? With 2 dogs?

9:23 PM

Look alike?
Nah.. Baby looks more handsome.. =P

9:22 PM

Baby fell asleep!!

9:21 PM

@ the hotel lobby..
*Note our excited expressions but sleepy eyes.. =P

9:20 PM

The Genting - 8th Yr Honeymoon pics starts from here..
Me and baby before we left for the coach station..

9:19 PM

@ Wild Wild Wet...

9:17 PM

@ Wild Wild Wet...

9:16 PM

The 3 Tay siblings..

9:15 PM

Xiaodi and Xiaomei...

9:14 PM

Happy Birthday Xiaomei!

9:13 PM

Xiaomei and her birthday cake..

9:12 PM

Nelson, Xiaomei and Xiaodi

9:11 PM

Me and Xiaomei

9:10 PM

Me and Baby...

9:08 PM

Our official 'fire fanner' of the night..

9:07 PM

Mountain of Marshmallows...

9:03 PM

Dad, Grandpa, Grandma, Mum and dad's friend's mum

9:00 PM

Alvin and his girlfriend..

8:59 PM

Me and Sis..

8:56 PM

dione made a silly mistake @ work today.. as my colleague says.. it's a 'rookie mistake'.. feel really dumb for making tt mistake cos it should never have happened.. sigh.. but it did already.. and there is nothing I can do abt it.. baby tell me i should just forget about it and just move on.. mistakes are bound to happen, just make sure it doesn't happen again.. rest assured i will be freaking careful from now on man..

anywayz, over the weekend, was @ Aranda Country Club.. it was sis's birthday chalet.. first night was on Friday, which was for us only and the second night was for her birthday bbq.. baby and i arrived pretty late on friday.. explored the chalet a little, had supper and went to bed.. Woke up around 930 the next morning cos baby had to get on wireless to check his office mail.. he had a very important shipment to handle and he had to check if everything was going well.. we had mac breakfast cos mac had wireless connection but the connection was quite bad and baby couldn't log on to his office network.. so we left for my place where he could use the wireless.. in any case, baby was supposed to help sis pick up food stuff from my house and drive it back to the chalet.. we arrived about an hour earlier so that baby could settle his work stuff.. we left my place with the car loaded with tonnes of food and went to pick up grandpa and grandma to the chalet.. once we were back, we headed to Wild Wild Wet.. Been years since baby and were there.. We still remembered a ticket costs like $20+ when we were there the last time.. Now it's only $10?!?! Had a great time there playing rides and stuff.. Managed to psycho sis to take the slide up ride.. In the end, I was more freaked out than her.. Lol.. Screamed like a mad woman.. We also managed to psycho bro to take the water slides.. he was very reluctant at first but he suddenly became so excited to take them.. haha.. we played till about 5pm and headed back to the chalet with sis's birthday cake and ice for the drinks.. took a quick shower and headed to the pit to help set up.. It has been a looonnngg time since I bbq-ed.. although it was hot and smoky, it was fun.. hehe.. had our fill then headed back to the chalet to rest.. after cake cutting, baby sent cousin Geraldine and Kimberly back home at the request of Aunt Jolin cos it was pretty dark around their area.. After reaching back the chalet, baby and i took a bath and played mj with 2 of sis's friends.. we played till about 530am in the morning, went to bed and woke up @ 9am to pack up and check out.. baby sent us home and then we brought bro back to baby's place where baby and bro played soccer (both on PS2 and the real soccer).. as for me, i fell asleep almost immediately after i reached baby's place.. =P baby had to entertain bro so he couldn't nap.. at about 300, baby bathed and changed and sent us back home again for us to change.. we were going to take my graduation studio pictures..

we reached picture me @ ue2 at 5pm and started taking our pictures.. initially, we intended to take the $188 package which comes with a framed up picture and a few other shots.. but in the end we spent $488! they didn't only take family shots, they also took individual shots, couple shots and siblings shots so there were so many pictures to choose from! We chose about 20+ pictures in the end which explains the huge increase in price for the amount to be paid.. =P This is how they earn money.. Take more shots = more nice shots = order more = pay more money = make more $$.. =P I can imagine this happening when we take our wedding shots as well.. =P after the photo-taking, we went to Killiney for dinner @ this japanese restaurant.. it was ala carte buffet and their food was pretty good.. dad knew the co-owner of the restaurant so the head chef there kept giving us complimentary food.. lol.. not surprisingly, our food came quite slow at first, the moment they knew who my dad knew.. lol.. the food came so quickly! and the portions seemed bigger too.. lol.. those who love japanese food should go try it! it's called Senki Japanese Restaurant @ Killiney Road.. =)

Headed home and was so tired.. Went to bed very early cos had 7am shift the next morning.. Will be on leave tmr to study for my advanced theory test.. Decided to take a day off to do my e-learning cos I dowan to fail the test and wait another 3 mths!!

Lots of pictures to post.. hehe.. stay tuned..

8:12 PM

Monday, July 21, 2008

I'm back from Genting! Did anyone miss me? Lol..

It was good relaxing 2.5 days trip.. Baby and I didn't really do much there.. Mainly walking around, playing some rides, eating, watching movies, playing hoops and spending time together..

Baby gave me a PSP for our 8th year anniversary.. And of course the colour had to be PINK! Hehe.. Love it so much, love baby even more.. Hehe.. I bought a box of chocolates from Chocolat Factory for baby.. I only managed to eat 2 pieces whereas baby gobbled up the rest! Lol.. So here was how our trip went..

We left @ 10pm on Friday night from Golden Mile.. I played my PSP for around an hour and went to sleep (Was on 7am shift that Friday morning).. Baby on the other hand, slept for about an hour and took over the PSP.. =P We arrived @ Genting around 5am in the morning and it was freaking cold!! It din help at all that clever me was wearing shorts.. =P We headed to our hotel to get a queue number and was told that we had to wait till 12pm before they started to check in guests.. 6 hours! Baby and I loitered around for 6 whole hours.. Lol.. We had breakfast, walked around the place, taking pictures, played hoops @ the arcade, had breakfast.. We lasted till about 11am and we settled down at Coffee Bean at our hotel's lobby where baby fell asleep on the table. I was also nodding off now and then.. Both of us were seriously deprived of sleep! We finally got to check in at 12pm and the moment we reached our room, we changed and went to sleep.. =P Woke up around 3pm and headed out for lunch and then to purchase tickets for Journey to the Center of the Earth at 11pm.. We walked around the shops and din find anything interesting.. We ended up going back to the room to watch tv (and play psp).. lol.. We left the room a little earlier to get Baskin and Robbins ice-cream before heading for our movie.. We bought the OSIM tickets.. Which literally means that we were sitting in massage chairs for the duration of the movie.. Lol.. First ever experience of this kind.. It was kinda relaxing but got a little too much towards the end of the movie.. Haha.. But the seats were definitely more comfy than the normal ones.. Wat's more it was only $8 SGD per ticket! After the movie, we headed back to the hotel and went to bed..

We woke up around 12pm the next day, had lunch @ pizza hut, had Baskin and Robbins ice cream (again) and headed to the outdoor theme park.. But then.. dissappointingly, it was a rainy day and we were advised not to get the tickets as some of the rides will be closed and there is no guarantee that the weather will get better.. So baby and I decided to just get the indoor park tickets.. We sat on the Ferris wheel, motion master and the euro express.. Then we got bored and decided to go back to the hotel and play cards.. Lol.. We headed out to Genting Hotel's Coffee Terrace to have their buffet dinner.. The spread was pretty good there.. Had our fill and our tummies were bursting.. We then headed to the casino and tried the slots machine.. Lol.. Lost $10 Ringgit.. =P Then we went to watch the Batman movie - The Dark Knight.. I think it's a pretty good show.. Good plot and good actors.. Baby and I continued playing cards till about 3am after the movie then went to bed..

We woke up @ 9am today and had breakfast at the hotel's cafe.. After which, we headed back to the room to pack up our stuff and checked out.. We went to the arcade to finish up ur credits on Hoops.. (In total we spent 100 Ringgit on this game) We also exchanged our 1771 tickets for a pink dino soft toy called Geno, a key chain and a notebook.. We then headed to Baskin and Robbins for our ice-cream (again and again!).. Their Maple Walnut flavour is really, really nice! Still thinking about it now.. =P Our coach left Genting @ 12pm and we arrived back at Golden Mile @ 7pm..

It was a very short getaway but I was glad that I could spend time with baby.. Just being together with him is enough for our 8th year anniversary celebration.. =) I love you baby and I'm looking forward to our 9th year anniversary next year! *muaks*

9:27 PM

Thursday, July 17, 2008

I love Graddi.. =)

11:40 PM

Graddi and his birth certificate..

11:39 PM

Me, baby and Graddi..

11:38 PM

Eh? Where is my motar board? Lol..

11:35 PM

Mum, Dad, Me and Baby with Graddi and his house.. Hehe..

11:33 PM

Mum, Dad and Me..

11:31 PM