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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

*hungry* want to eat reindeer..

9:57 PM

Me and baby..

9:51 PM

Rudolph the red nose reindeer..

9:37 PM

Like father, like son? Lol..

9:33 PM

Christmas log cake..

9:25 PM

Ken's last day @ Barcap dinner
From left: Vinayak, Michael, Alfred, Ken, Moonesh, Me, Kevin..

9:22 PM

Din realise I haven blogged for half a month liaoz.. =P Completely slipped off my mind.. Lol.. Hmmz.. Think it's time I changed my blog skin too.. Christmas has been over for a week oredi! Haha..

Eh.. Erm.. Hmm.. Can't really remember what I did past 2 weeks le la.. Haha.. Let's see..

Had work on Christmas eve.. We wanted to order Golden Pillow for lunch but guess what.. Nobody was picking up the phone!! I guess they were flooded with orders ba lol.. We tried KFC too but it was engaged! So much for doing last minute orders.. In the end, Alfred drove to Suntec and got us Carl's Junior and some munchies.. There was a small, small party at home too.. Had pizza, some fried stuff and a log cake.. We also did a mini presents exchange.. We had already picked the person were buying for a week earlier and our budget was $10..

On Christmas day, baby and I went to watch Ipman and Twilight.. Ipman was good.. Twilight was disappointing.. I like the theme of the story.. Vampires, romance, fantasy.. But the story was kinda draggy.. =P

I took leave on Boxing Day.. Hehe.. Stayed at home and ironed all my clothes.. Took me 5 hrs!!! Bro was sick so I stayed home to look after him.. Baby had to work and he went pool with his colleagues after work.. But he came after that to watch the Aston Villa match.. We went to watch Bedtime stories on Saturday which was quite good too and played mahjong from late afternoon till night.. I stayed over at baby's place and the next day, went prawning with baby's bro and mum.. Only got about 15 prawns after 2.5 hours.. Think the prawns weren't too hungry.. Lol.. After that, we went to Botak Jones @ Bedok and had a damn filling dinner..

4 relaxed days and I'm back to work.. =P I gotta work tmr tooz.. Boo Hooz.. No countdown for me tonight liaoz..

Ok la.. I'm stopping here.. Wanna watch Little Nonya.. Hehe..

8:51 PM

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Dione went on a shopping spree today! And ended up buying nothing much.. =P

Baby went on a trip with his IBM colleagues to Batam so I'm left all alone this weekend.. =(

Sent baby to Harbourfront early, early this morning then drove the car back.. First time driving alone.. Not too bad.. Hehe.. Reached home about 8+ then went to get somemore sleep.. Woke up @ 12pm, got ready and headed to town.. Was walking around Taka and Wisma whiles waiting for Yugui.. Haven't been to Orchard for a long, long, long time lorz.. Lol.. So many different things.. =P Yugui came around 3pm then we continued to walk, walk, shop, shop.. Yugui bought alot of stuff lor.. Shoes la, clothes la, inner wear la.. Haha.. Walk until our legs so pain..

We finally stopped @ Waraku for dinner.. Saw Peifang with her mama there too! "Hi Peifang!".. She was also queueing up for Waraku.. By the time Yugui and I got a table, they had already finished eating.. With full stomachs, we wanted to continue with our spree but then.. the shops were already starting to close.. Sianz.. Lol.. So we both headed home.. Am so glad I didn't drive to town.. Wah piang.. It was freaking congested.. =P

It was Ken's last day yesterday *sobz* and we had a farewell dinner for him.. Went to NUSS's Suntec City Guild House for BBQ Buffet.. *thumbs up* The price was very reasonable for the spread of food there.. Would love to bring baby there but too bad, we can't get it if we aren't members.. Sighz.. How come SMU dun have such things one huh..

Tomorrow we will be painting the house again.. Left one more room and the living room.. Must be prepared to have aching hands and legs again liaoz.. Sighz..

Hope u're enjoying urself in Batam baby.. Muaks!!

11:02 PM

Sunday, December 07, 2008

This is just to show the design of the watch face..
Pink + hearts + bling-bling..
All my favourites.. Hehe..

12:13 AM

Woo-Hoo.. *Bling-bling* Love it!

12:12 AM

All ready for the sale..
But never expected to have queued 7 hours!

12:09 AM

This is where we started the queue..
The opposite was our destination.. (Or we thought so)
There was an "internal" q-ing line that snaked for about 3 rounds before we finally got into the sale area!!

12:05 AM

Saturday, December 06, 2008

Pic taken @ Red Star Restaurant during Ah-Ma's birthday..
The dim sum here was supposed to be very good..
Note the word 'was'.. That was in my grandparent's time.. Lol..
Compared to Kum Boat @ Marina, they aren't as good..

11:59 PM


Baby and I were at Suntec City today and spent a whooping $10.70 on carpark (that's 10 hrs of parking)!! Let me explain why...

We were actually there for the Fossil Private Sale and also to walk-walk around.. The sale was from 12pm - 8pm.. Baby can to fetch me @ around 1230pm and I drove us to Suntec City.. We had lunch @ the food court after reaching and headed to the convention center.. We started q-ing @ 2:02pm and we only managed to get into the sales area @ around 5pm.. That's 3 hours.. We looked around and had to squeeze and shove to get our to the watch display area.. There were Fossil, D&G, DKNY, Marc Jacobs, Adidas, Burberry, Diesel and some other brands that I can't remember.. I must say that the prices were really good.. E.g. You could get a D&G watch for about $150 and it's original price was $500+.. Anywayz, 2 watches managed to catch my eye after an hour plus - one was a D&G watch and the other a Fossil watch.. Both were really nice and I really couldn't make up my mind.. So I told baby to jumble up the sales order form, let me chose one and not tell me what a chose and head to the cashier.. We then went to collect the watch which took us another hr of q-ing.. Then headed to the customer service to get the watch strap shortened.. Another one hr.. Fwah.. A total of 7 hours just to get a watch!! Poor baby was having back aches but had to tahan with me to q up.. Thanks baby! *muaks* I think it was quite ok la.. We saved about $100 on the watch we bought (by the way, i picked the Fossil one) Those who were there earlier managed to get Fossil watches @ $25, $30.. Next yr I know what time I should start q-ing up liaoz.. Wahahaha.. Maybe baby wun wana come along already.. =P

We then had dinner @ Mac.. Both of us were starving after the 7 hours.. Lol.. Baby had Mega McSpicy meal and I had a Big Mac meal.. =P We wanted to have McFlurry after but they were sold out of ice-cream @&%*!#@(!(#.. So we went to Carrefour and bout a tub of Ben & Jerry.. We got the flavour Chubby Hubby.. Co-incidently, the flavour had peanut butter and it's one of baby's favourite so I made fun of baby saying this flavour was made for him.. Hubby like peanut butter, eats alot of peanut butter ice-cream and became chubby... Lol..

After that I drove back home and baby drove himself home.. Hehe.. On Monday, I will be driving myself back home and driving myself to baby's place on Tuesday morning... Will be the first time I'm driving alone.. Have to be put to the test cos baby will be away in Batam next weekend and I wan him to let me drive myself without worrying sick about whether I'm safe not.. I know I can do it! =)

Tomorrow will be starting to paint the house for the new year.. Will be a tough day ahead.. But I think after the re-paint, I will feel happy cos my room hasn't been painted for such a long time.. Changing the colour of my room will also be a nice switch from the current green walls.. =P

11:42 PM

Christmas is coming! So decided to give my blog a holiday feel too.. =P

Everyone must be really happy having a looonnnnggg weekend..

Sigh.. Poor me have to work on Monday..

But nvm la.. Got off day on Tuesday.. Baby is off too.. Hehe..

Been driving quite awhile liao but still.. not so good at it.. Dunno when then can really improve.. Sighz.. Jiayou ba dione.. =)

12:24 AM