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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

it's been sucha hectic time dealing with school work, projects, tests, meetings and blah, blah, blah... Today's my first paper @ 630pm, another one on friday and it'll be all over @ 430pm.. Lol.. just for a month only.. then january.. it all begins again.. =P but i'm glad for the month's rest la (although must slowly start making preparations for FYP).. will be working in OCC (Office of Corp Comms) again.. hee.. earn some extra bucks..

ooo.. baby and i thinking of changing our hp in january.. now researching oredi.. we got 2 choices, N73 or K800i.. i like N73 more.. cos look nicer (and value dun drop too fast) but then saw alot of comments about it being very problematic.. something to do with their firmware.. even though keep upgrading.. now got music edition out.. newest firmware.. hope it gets better.. we'll see in january how lor.. anyone got suggestions?

godma is in hospital, her daughter just sms me last night to say that last week her life was in danger and now she pulled through.. ask me go visit her cos she cannot remember pple.. i go see her to trigger her memory will be good for her recovery.. sigh.. i hope she is ok.. she was my babysitter since i was a baby till i was about primary 5.. going to see her tmr evening.. really hope she gets better.. =)

k la.. think i'll end off here.. go prepare stuff and go for paper liaoz.. wish me luck!!!

4:31 PM

Thursday, November 23, 2006

wow... it's been so long since my last post man..

been so crazy over projects and assignements..

finally ended last week BUT there's still the exams next week.. sigh..

used a new skin.. hehe.. well.. shall blog again after the exams..

don't miss me too much hor? =)

2:26 AM