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Thursday, April 30, 2009

10:23 PM

10:22 PM

Mixed Berry Yoghurt drink..
And my childhood favourite - Yakult!

10:20 PM

Many flavours of yoghurt..

10:19 PM

Looks very tempting right??
I love the mushroom ragout.. Nice!

10:17 PM

Early in the morning.. Before breakfast..

10:16 PM

Baby covered in bubbles..
Very enjoy hor...

10:14 PM

Monopoly tokens..
So cute right.. Sumo wrestler.. Lolx..

10:11 PM

10:10 PM

He was jealous nobody proposed to him..
So he made me pretend to.. Then he play hard to get.. Lolx...

10:08 PM

Enjoying the view.. Hee..

10:05 PM

Butt to butt..
*points to baby* he suggest one...

10:03 PM

As if the doors very heavy.. Lol..

10:01 PM

The view behind so nice..

9:59 PM

9:58 PM

The room seriously has lots of misc stands we can use as tripods.. Lolx..
That's why can take pictures like this.. Haha..

9:54 PM

Happy Birthday Baby..

9:53 PM

Very nice view of the Marina area...

9:49 PM

Out on the balcony..

9:48 PM

Good food, good view, good company..

9:46 PM

Candlelights and my two fingers.. Lolx..

9:44 PM

Baby and the in-room dining staff..

9:35 PM

The card that comes with the bouquet..

9:28 PM

The flowers, the ring, the loupe and the cert...

9:27 PM

The bouquet is bigger than both our heads!

9:25 PM

I love my ring!

9:24 PM

Baby says that the name of this bouquet is called 'Rosy Extravagence'
Pink roses mean 'Perfect Happiness' and white roses mean 'Charm & Innocence, Girlhood'

9:18 PM

My proposal ring from Love & Co LVCSignatori Series..
Love it to bits..

9:16 PM

99 roses.. I personally counted them! Lolx..

9:15 PM


9:12 PM

"Will you marry me?"

9:10 PM

First time in my life I receive so many flowers..

9:08 PM

I'm out of the bathroom.. Finally.. Lolx..

9:03 PM

Here, the proposal begins..
Baby with my 99 roses.. Hee..

9:01 PM

We bought a pair of 'engagement' diamond earrings as well..
One for each..

8:59 PM

All ready for dinner...

8:58 PM

New dress! From baby.. Hehe..

8:56 PM

Handsome baby!

8:54 PM

Our dinner 'costume'

8:53 PM

Our new toy..
*Blogger is doing it again!

8:51 PM

In the lift..

8:50 PM

Baby eyeing the hard liqour.. *Bish*

8:49 PM

It would have been perfect if the drinks in here were FOC! Lolx..

8:47 PM

As part of the package, we got 2 free bathrobes!

8:45 PM

The available bubble baths..
*I have no idea why but blogger keeps turning the image and I can't resolve it.. Argh..*

8:41 PM

The Fullerton Hotel Quay Room 603

8:40 PM

Travelator to the hotel..

8:38 PM

Arrival @ The Fullerton Hotel carpark..

8:35 PM

We are back from the 1 night stay @ The Fullerton Hotel.. It was a wonderful experience! Not only cos they had excellent service, excellent food, excellent room with an excellent view but it's also cos Baby proposed to me yesterday with a solitaire from Love & Co's LVCSignatori series.. =)

Well, as most pple know, baby and I are already in the midst of preparing for our big day next year.. It was a mutual decision to get married as the time was right so there wasn't any romantic proposal that came together with it.. Until yesterday.. =) It was really unexpected.. Below is an excerpt from our wedding blog regarding the proposal..

Zhengyuan proposed to me on the 29th April 2009 @ The Fullerton Hotel - Quay
Room 603. It was a big surprise for me because I truly wasn't expecting it! The
room package was meant to be for his birthday celebration which falls on
(surprise! surprise!) 29th April.. Just before our in-room dining dinner
arrived, he told me to go into the bathroom and stay there for awhile as he had
something to give me and he had to prepare for it.. I was in the bathroom for
barely 10 seconds and the doorbell rang.. I could hear whispering but could not
make out what was being said.. After another 30 seconds, he told me to come out
and he was holding this huge bouquet of flowers.. 99 roses in total.. Even then,
I wasn't suspecting anything cos I tot he just wanted to be romantic.. He gave
me the flowers and started stammering.. Saying things like we've been together
for so long.. Then suddenly he said.. "I dunno what to say.." It was soo sweet..
I truly thought he just wanted to surprise me with some flowers to thank me for
being by his side.. Afterall, it was his birthday and he was entitled to be
emotional.. =) Next thing I knew, he knelt down and brought out a solitaire! I
had the shock of my life and started to cry.. I was really, really touched.. And
of cos I said "Yes".. Then the funniest thing happened.. This kan cheong fella
actually dropped my ring! &@$%*%#* He fumbled a little and picked it up from
the carpet, smiled and put on the ring for me.. Who could resist such an
adorable guy?

The stay @ The Fullerton was truly fabulous.. I think only pictures can describe what I want say right now.. Haha.. Don't worry, there will be pics but this is rougly what we did for our 2D1N stay at the legendary Fullerton Hotel..

Baby came to pick me up @ around 145pm and we drove to The Fullerton Hotel.. It felt like I was going to work cos same direction ma.. Lolx.. Anywayz, we parked and made our way to the hotel reception.. Along the way, we started to camwhore (we took 320 pictures in total!), snapping every single thing we came across.. Lolx.. We checked in and their staff were really friendly.. We were guided to the lifts and the guy was pointing out the various restaurants in the lobby.. We stepped into the lift and made a boo-boo.. Lolx.. Our room was on the 6th floor but no matter how hard we tried, we could not get the lift to bring us to that floor.. We walked into 3 different lifts until we finally gave up and asked a staff on the 5th floor.. Lolx.. Turns out we had to slot our key card into the lift to be able to select the 6th level.. Two dummies! Haha..

We finally reached our room (after much embarassment) and we were truly wow-ed by the room.. The view was awesome! We were facing the Marina Promenade area and had a splendid view of the buildings around there.. I was excited for night to fall cos the pictures would definitely be very pretty.. Hehe.. We recced the room for like half an hour, had a bubble bath and finally settled down to select our menus for the night.. It was a choice between Asian, Chinese, Western and Muslim.. I took the Muslim set and baby took the Western set.. Baby was truly surprised by the service that Fullerton staff displayed even on the phone! After lazing around for awhile, we decided to take a walk in Suntec to grab some titbits and drinks (because each can of soft drink cost $8 in the mini fridge!).. We came back just in time to change and had 15 minutes before our dinner came.. *This is when the proposal event happened*

Dinner came @ 630pm sharp and the in-room dining staff set up our table just next to the balcony doors so we could enjoy the view while having our dinner.. Their manager also brought up a complimentary birthday cake for baby.. They left us after setting up the table and making sure we knew where to get our main courses and desserts.. It was a very romantic setting.. Baby even lit some candles to make it more 'candlelight dinner-y'.. Haha.. There was red wine but fearing the rashes that would pop up whenever I drank anything alcoholic, I didn't drink it.. Just held the glass to take pictures.. Hehe.. Baby drank a few glasses tho' =) The dinner was good and we were bloated by the time we reached dessert.. Haha.. After dessert, I sang a birthday song for baby and he blew out the candle.. The cake was good! I had 2 slices of it.. =P After all the food, we proceeded to the balcony for more picture-taking.. The view was really breath-taking.. Not that I have never seen the view but I guess it makes a big difference who you are with at that moment.. =)

We called up room service to clear our plates and also to bring up tea (for us to digest) and we proceeded to play Monopoly! Lolx.. The set was bought when we were @ Suntec City.. It was the Here and Now: The World Edition version.. They din have Singapore on it though! Maybe we are too tiny a dot.. =P We played for around 3 hours and at the end of it, I WON! Haha.. Baby was bankrupt (owed me like 60+ million!) Lousy! Hehe.. We had our last bubble bath for the night and went to bed.. The King sized bed was so soft and comfortable.. Slept like a baby.. Hee..

We both woke up @ 830 this morning, washed up and headed down for breakfast.. Wow.. The spread was like it wasn't breakfast, it was dinner! Haha.. And of course, we ate alot! We were told to sign our bill and we were shocked at the price they charge for it.. $45++ per person! Wow! Haha.. Luckily it was included in our room package.. But $45++? No wonder there was so much food.. Haha.. We headed back to the room and intended to go swimming after resting for awhile but ended up watching tv and dozing off on the big and comfortable bed.. Lolx.. One last bubble bath (luckly we had complimentary late checkout) and we packed up.. How quickly good times fly and it was time to check out.. Baby kept reminding me to ask about the complimentary carpark coupon.. I understood why when we were at the carpark gantry.. 24 hours of parking costs $55! Wow..

Well, the day is not over.. We headed to another very important appointment and that was to the HDB Hub to sign our lease for our flat! Hehe.. We are now one step closer to really owning our flat physically.. Hehe.. Chip Eng Seng (Coral Spring's contracter) please, please build faster so that we can get our keys sooner!!

Oki, time for pictures! =)

8:03 PM

Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Hehe.. Just wanted to grab your attention..

Happy 26th Birthday my Dearest!

Hope you'll enjoy yourself tomorrow!

*Muaks Muaks Muaks* Love you Loadz!

12:00 AM

Monday, April 27, 2009

Baby and I were thinking of getting a new cam.. This caught our eye.. Hehe.. Nice?

11:15 PM

Silver shoes for my PS.. Pretty? Hee...

11:12 PM