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Saturday, August 08, 2009

Been a long time since I blogged (seems like my recent blog posts all start with this same phrase.. Haha..)

It was xiaomei's birthday yesterday so first of all.. HAPPY BIRTHDAY BABE! (I already wished her, so this is not considered late.. I'm just putting it in writing.. =P) We had dinner last weekend @ Watami ION Orchard to celebrate her birthday.. The food there was not bad.. Hee.. Ate quite alot.. Their food items are mostly small dishes meant for sharing.. So we ordered alot of small dishes.. Love their desserts! =D They had a promotion whereby they will give you 50% of your bill in cash vouchers for your next visit.. So dad gave me some and told me to bring baby there for food another day cos baby had to work and couldn't join us.. We also bought a Crumpler bag for xiaomei for her present and had swensen's ice-cream cake last night! Hope u enjoyed ur 22nd birthday girl.. =D

Baby and I headed to Watami on Wednesday to have dinner.. We had to queue like 1 hr plus to get seats.. = I think it was cos the promotion was still ongoing.. But the food made up for the wait.. We paid $10 for the whole dinner (got $50 cash vouchers) and had like 10 dishes of food.. So full!!

Baby and I headed to Swensens ION for their ice-cream buffet yesterday.. They are having a 1-for-1 promotion till September.. Really worth it to go! 50 flavours of ice-cream, tons of toppings and they also have waffles, cakes and fondue.. They even have cold stone there! I only managed to stuff 10 scoops of ice-cream and half a waffle.. Baby had the same too (but he had dinner before that so u know who's the one with the biggest stomach).. I think it's only worth it to go if it's 1-for-1 promotion.. If it's their original price ($18.90) then it's not so.. Unless u are a big ice-cream eater..

So excited about next month, cos I'm probably going to get new phone when my contract reaches 20 months.. Hehe.. Haven exactly decided which phone to get but am leaning towards HTC Touch Diamond 2 and Baby's leaning towards Blackberry Bold.. =D

Will be going to watch movie marathon laterz.. Hangover, GI Joe and then Where got ghost.. Hehe.. Baby's working right now (he is doing part-time ERA, so any buy/sell/rent pls intro, intro.. thanks! hee =D) and will be meeting him in the evening @ Vivo.. Haven watched movies lately cos baby has been pretty busy with his new committment.. But it's ok, it's for our future mahz.. =D

Alrighty, I'm gonna surf around and do stuff (dunno what) Haha.. Till the next time I post.. =D

1:11 PM

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Heyo all!

I'm back!! (Since 2 weeks ago).. =P

Haven had time to update abt our trip but we had a super duper smashing time over there.. Weather was worse than Singapore, but we could live with it.. Hee.. The photoshoot was especially tiring but I think the baby was in the worst situation.. Shirt, pants, jacket.. Lolx.. U know wat I mean.. But we had fun.. And the photos turned out great! So great that we over spent and selected so much more photos! Lolx..

Anywayz, we've uploaded our album design on our wedding webbie.. Have alookie! =)

11:41 PM

Saturday, July 04, 2009

Off to Taiwan in less than 12 hours! Woo-hoo..

Hehe.. Had my french mani and pedi done this afternoon.. Went to watch Ice Age 3 then met up with some pple for durian..

95% packed oredi.. Left those stuff that can only put in last minute like comb etc.. Will be heading to Taichung for our photoshoot first for 2 days then to Taipei to eat and shop and eat.. Lolx..

See ya all when I'm back! =)

12:43 AM

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Yipee!! 7 more days before we leave for our Taiwan trip.. Hehe.. So, so excited!!

We had our flu vaccine this morning.. Then we headed to Chapter 2 for our hair cut.. I also helped baby to dye his hair.. Hehe.. Sis will help me to dye mine tomorrow.. Cos my hair too long and thick, need professional to do.. Wahaha.. We also had our money exchanged to TWD @ Mustafa just an hour ago..

Tmr will be another busy day.. Going to send some stuff to grandma, then head to Plaza Singapura for Transformers.. Wanted to watch it today actually but all cinemas were almost fully booked.. Zzz.. So had to book for tmr instead.. Afte which, I will be heading to Liang Court for facial and infra body contouring treatment @ Amore Spa.. Then home for sis to change my hair colour..

After which, it's work for 4 days and then will be on leave on Friday to pack my stuff and also to do my manicure and pedicure.. Found a highly recommended home-based place @ Tampines and her charges are very reasonable! Hehe.. Was thinking of driving there myself but was afraid I might ruin my manicure (cos i'm freaking careless) so have timed my session so that baby can come fetch me after he ends work..

So happy, so happy!! Hehehe...

12:34 AM

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Huge cactus! Hee..

2:07 PM

2:05 PM

2:04 PM

@ the promenade after dinner..

2:03 PM

Yuzu & raspberry "verrine"

2:00 PM


Chocolate brownie
Macadamia nuts in them with vanilla ice cream.. *thumbs up*

1:59 PM

The waiter took this picture for us..
Not very steady hands I must say.. =P

1:57 PM

Wasabi cod
This wasn't one of the initial dish we ordered, but say other tables having it and got curious..
It was surprisingly good and baby had them as well (even tho he isn't keen on wasabi at all)

1:55 PM

lamb cutlet..
very nice!

1:53 PM

Saffron seafood risotto

1:52 PM

We ordered 4 different Tapas (it's a spanish thing, kinda like small servings of food meant for eating with drinks, but can also be combined to satisfy a full meal)..

Truffled Potato Salad

1:46 PM

1:44 PM

Our drinks!
Atomic No. 2 and Dew Drops..
They were basically fruit juices mixed with monin syrup..

1:42 PM

1:41 PM

1:34 PM

1:34 PM

1:32 PM

@ The Esplanade carpark

1:30 PM

Thanks for the wonderful dinner last night baby.. Love ya loadz..

Following up - Some pictures of our 107th month anniversary dinner @ 7atenine.. =)

1:29 PM

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Happy 107th month baby!

Off to 7atenine we go! =)

5:53 PM

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Heyo... Been a long time (again..) Hee..

Just some simple updates on my life recently..

I've finished this 3 months slimming program I was on and have lost 9kg! Hehe.. Darn happy cos I really lost quite abit of inches too.. =) I've just joined Amore hoping to continue losing weight and toning up by exercising.. Have been to 4 lessons this week.. Arms and legs are aching from the lack of exercise lolx.. But feels good.. Hope I manage to tone up before July so that can take prettier pics in Taiwan.. =)

Watched some movies recently - Blood, ghost of gf's past, Pelham 123 and I love you man.. All were not bad.. Waiting for Transformers to be released.. Hehe..

Baby's sitting right next to me now.. Staring @ my screen.. Wondering what I will write next.. Lolx..

I guess that's all for today.. Buai...

1:09 PM